I want an Awesome gift for my husband for Christmas. I would really lke to suprise him this year. I would like to get him a good pair of binoculars that he can see the stars with. I am on a budget, ( I really need to keep this gift around $150, less if possible) .
Btw, I looked into a telescope and found that unless you have over $200 you are better off looking at binoculars.
I dont know much of Anything about binoculars. If anyone does, and would like to help educate me I would really appreciate it.
Thanks in Advance
If I got for the better model that needs a tripod, will a regular tripod for a camera/camcorder work? We already have one of those, and it says it will hold up to 4 lbs.
Are Deitz or Remington good names for what I am trying to do? They are 7X50's and selling used for $60 on craigslist. Is this a good deal? I know I can get a Nikon 10X50 on Amazon for $74, w/free shipping. Thanks