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    Default For Seawolfe


    Hi, Seawolfe:

    I hate to waste a thread just to get you a message, but it may be my only way to communicate. I have been to many forums, but while this one has the most bells and whistles of any I have ever seen, it is also the least intuitive, by far. For a while, I had to get used to the idea that whatever I said had to be viewed by a moderator before being posted. Then, when my last two posts showed up immediately, I assumed (ASS-U-ME-d) someone had determined that I was warm and fuzzy enough not to need a sitter.

    This morning, I was stupid enough to compose (onscreen, as opposed to in Word) a memo to Rocdoc and you. Pressing the “Reply” button for Rocdoc, I found my message disappeared and when I replied to you, I found it did not pick up your quote but just placed my message at the end of a longer line of messages. Without the quote, my message would only appear confusing to those who saw it. As Aristotle was prone to say ... “Huh?!”

    SO, I will respond in a thread. I dare not respond in a private message because I have no way of knowing whether or not the message will get through. Then, when I am through here, I will RECOMPOSE the memo to Rocdoc. I’m trying hard to figure out this new forum’s format and I may eventually get it. Yesterday, I tried to attach a small graphic. Yet, it was not posted. Did I foul up? Was it in violation of the terms of service? No one bothered to tell me if it was. For now, however, my favorite quote comes to mind:

    “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”—Winston Churchill


    You gave your location as “South of Seattle and south east of Tacoma.” Why didn’t you just say Puyallup? (We moved here from North of Seattle and East of Everett.) And with your Marine Corps insignia, I would say you are a Marine or ... are just showing off! With the handle of “Seawolfe” and giving your Lat. / Long., may I deduce you are a mariner (sailor) as opposed to Mariner (capital “M”) baseball player? Are you a member of the TAS or a friend of Al George? Also, since you did use your Lat. / Long., may I assume you visited Captain’s Nautical Supplies (1897-2014) to buy charts and navigational instruments? I was there for 21 years when the Shrock family was the owner.

    Anyway, you may contact me directly at


    Former ComNavInstRepStaSea ... Bill

    PS PLEASE tell me how to reach someone who can tell me what I can and Can't say abou my bino book.
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