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Thread: Celestron 20x80 Skymaster Pro binoculars

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    Default Re: Celestron 20x80 Skymaster Pro binoculars

    Quote Originally Posted by aeajr View Post
    OK, help me understand. Most of what we see in space though our binoculars and telescopes looks black and white, right? So, if we get a little color distortion, does that really matter?

    Remember I am totally new at this so I am just trying to understand.

    Certainly for bird watching or the like, where colors matter, this could be important. But we are talking about stars, the moon and Jupiter. If there is a little color distortion at the edges, does it really impact the experience.

    Just trying to understand what matters and what does not.
    Thanks. That puts it into perspective. Naturally we all want the best optics we can afford but is it worth 2X 3X the cost to go from 90% to 95% to 100% of the quality we would all like to have.

    From other hobbies I have learned that, to get the best performance you sometimes have to spend 5X to get an extra 10% performance. Sometimes pretty good is good enough and a LOT less expensive. So I try to understand what really matters.

    To illustrate, I fly RC Gliders for fun and in competition. My contest glides cost over $2000, ready to launch and the radio I use to fly them cost $400. I need about $500 to $1000 worth of ground equipment to get that glider launched in the manner we fly in contests.

    I also have a foam glider that costs $250 for everything, including the launching system. It flies great and gets a LOT of air time. Will it compete with the $2000 gliders I fly in a contest situation? Hell no! Can I launch it like my contest glides? Heck no! But does it provide a ton of enjoyment at 1/15 the price? Absolutely, and I can enjoy flying that glider all day long.

    So it is probably true in terms of binoculars and telescopes also. To get that extra 10 or 20% of performance, however you measure performance, I would likely have to spend 2X, 3X or 4X the cost of the more "average" offerings. But are the average offerings good enough to provide a lot of enjoyment? Can they get me into the hobby in such a way that I can enjoy it without breaking the bank? That is what I am trying to understand.

    If I get really into this, then the money will roll and I will be doing the same thing in astronomy that I have done in RC. But I did not start with those competition gliders. I started with those foam gliders and I still love them!
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    Default Re: Celestron 20x80 Skymaster Pro binoculars

    The average offerings can definitely give you enjoyment and at the same time you will learn the basics of astronomy. Down the road you will have a good solid knowledge base that will help greatly in any upgrade purchases.
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