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Thread: double vision in binocular

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    Default Re: double vision in binocular

    I also have occasionally had this double vision problem when viewing stars - a bright star might separate and the second image some times could wander to different distances from the first making me believe it was muscular and down to both eyes fighting for dominance or one set of eye muscles becoming a bit lazy/fatigued. A quick check is to ask another person to look at a bright star with the binos in question.

    The reason i believe this does not occur in the day time is that the brain constructs its picture by merging the two sets of information sent from the two eyes. When looking in daytime, logic largely dictates the number of objects you see, but at night when looking at stars the brain has no sensible reference as to how many stars there are near a particular point - hence double stars.

    Of course binos out of collimation will also give double stars (I have a large cheap pair that are out of collimation) but in this case each star always stays a fixed distance from its double , .
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    Default Re : double vision in binocular

    I'd like to endorse J. Gardavsky's posts. I had trouble with double vision in binoculars, but didn't think much of it until eventually I began seeing double even without binoculars--usually in dim light when my eyes were tired. For everyday vision I purchased a pair of prescription glasses with a small "prism" correction. To be able to use my binoculars I deliberately "misadjusted" their alignment to suit my own eyes. That worked fine, though now my binoculars are unsuitable for other users.

    I made the change in two pairs of porro-prism binoculars. My pocket-size pair of binoculars had a built-in way to adjust the position of one of the eyepieces. In a larger pair of binoculars I loosened the retaining ring on one of the objective lenses and rotated a wedge-shaped ring to adjust the position of the objective. Both procedures worked fine, and in neither case did I need to adjust the prisms. I can't guarantee similar results for other people.

    In my case the troublesome misalignment of my eyes is in the vertical direction. (I suspect, though I can't say for sure, that it's the same for most people having trouble with double vision in binoculars. Our eyes are accustomed to adjusting their horizontal directions independently because that's necessary for convergence on objects at varying distances. I suspect our eyes are not as good at adjusting their vertical directions independently.) When I adjusted my binoculars I'm sure I changed the horizontal alignment somewhat too, but this was no problem because my eyes compensated for that change without my even being aware of it.

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    Default Re: double vision in binocular

    Hello all,

    I have been quite systematically training my eyes because of the 'double vision' I have suffering quite a lot in summer - fall 2012. What has really helped has been that sort of, let's say, rolling the eyes up and down, and left and right, and closing and opening the eyes in a rapid sequence, in order to strengthen the eye muscles. Another training has been to watch the terrestrial scenes through the binoculars a couple of times a day, and to force the muscles to merge the views through the binoculars.

    Since a couple of months, the problem with the double vision seems to be gone to a large extent making the life comfortable, and I have no double vision when aligning my eye axes with the optics of the binoculars. I am feeling again so happy, that I have purchased the Swarovski 8.5x42 EL binoculars last week.

    Back to the medical doctors in 2012. My doctor of ophtalmology (the medical science of eyes) has sent my to the ophtalmoly gym - I have never heard before that there is such a gym. The result of the lengthy investigations has been: she would prescribe me some special wedged glasses. Thanks. I'll find another doctor.

    Hoping to have helped with my experience,

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    Default Re: double vision in binocular


    Glad to hear you are able to get relief and correction with something as simple as exercise for the eye. The exercise for the wallet is also good! Congratulations on the new binoculars.

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