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    Default Why matter is more then antimatter in the Universe?-Our Theory

    Our observable Universe consists of more matter than antimatter.Butin the Big Bang moment, in standard model universe started it’s voyage with equal numbers of matter and antimatters. Electron and Positron were created and were in constant annihilation, liberating burst of energy and radiation. Thanks to creator(if any) that our observable universe is made of matter only. we don’t see or don’t find antimatter in our observable universe [there was a tiny deviation of one extra particle of matter for every 10 billion antimatter particles].In 1967, Andrei Sakharov (the Nobel prize winner1975) pointed explained that CP violation is the cause of such an asymmetry in the universe .In shakarov’s CP violation theory & spontanious symmetry breaking theory, the quark becomes an anti-quark while the anti-quark becomes a quark[dancing Quarks], thus transforming the kaon[combination of a quark and an antiquark? possible?] into its anti kaon. In this way the kaon particle flips between itself and its anti-self. But if the right conditions are met, the symmetry between matter and antimatter will be broken.Nambu , Kobayashi and Maskawa’s(Nobelprize winner of 2008 in Physics)

    also indicated that it should be possible to study a major violation of symmetry in B-meson particles. It is known that neutral βs meson (β-anti quark &s anti quark) spontaneously transform into its antimatter particles. The current theory of particle physics states that βs meson oscillates very quickly. As a result of their oscillation an very difficult to detect what happens to antimatter. on the properties of subatomic particles βs meson(βsubs) suggest that particles oscillates between matter and antimatter in one of nature’s fastest rapid free process more than 17 trillion times per second. How did our universe of matter survived is a big puzzle.
    We have three questions & they are 1) Are 1st 2nd and 3rd family quarks (U,D,C,S,T,B) in the quarks family or Neutrinos in lepton family were the ultimate elementary particles in the Big Bang after planks moment? These entire particles range has their own masses in Gev. Or a Zero mass particle was the ultimate Particles and the Higgs particle gave mass to these particles and forces we found in universe with messengers particles like photon, W Z boson & gluon– particle
    2) In regard how matter survived over antimatter my Youngest brother Rupak Bhattacharya (35 yrs)of 7/51 purbapalli, Sodepur, has a theory “might it be a possible mechanism which permitted region of matter and antimatter separately, even without appreciable mixing after plank’s moment?. His theory says is might it be possible that…..

    in Our theories of "Bhattacharya Model of Universe"
    Why There's More Matter Than Antimatter in the Universe - Bad Astronomy and Universe Today Forum
    What was Before the Big Bang? An Identical, Reversed Universe - Bad Astronomy and Universe Today Forum

    Antimatter & Antiuniverse - Bad Astronomy and Universe Today Forum

    “After the Plank epoch, when age of universe was t ≤10-43S and temperature of universe was T≥109Gev , the interactions between matter and antimatter[ at their first quarks level] became unimportant. This was because of that rate for gravitational interaction was much less then expansion rate of universe. Although interactions between matter and antimatter particles kept each of them separately in a thermal equilibrium, and thus probably two worlds were created. These Two worlds did not feel each others existence at very microscopic level. During primordial nucleosynthesis of early universe, which started -1S after the initial Big Bang moment, yield of the Big Bang depended on the expansion rate of Universe. The expansion density PT= P+Ps by R0/R= [(δπGN/3)(P+Ps)]1/2 where P and Ps= density of matter and Antimatter, R= Cosmic scale factors. During this early epoch t universe was radiation dominated with P=g (Ï€2/30)T4 where g counts the effective number of degrees of freedom particles[R Bhattacharya & P Bhattacharya]. The temperature of the particle world and that of anti particle world were not the same. The inflation occurred in two worlds in both sectors but not necessarily simultaneously. The inflation involved was a random event in nucleation of a bubble or in formation of a fluctuation region. At the beginning of inflation universe was in false vacuum state for both worlds. The bubble nucleated for one world, first say for antimatter world. As bubble grew exponentially in physical size, both the temperature of matter and antimatter decreased exponentially. At this time the ratio of entropy remained constant. When the antiparticle vacuum energy was converted into radiation, the antiparticle temperature raised and entropy decreased. Eventually a bubble of fluctuation region formed for the matter world within the antimatter bubble. During the second phase of inflation, new bubble grew exponentially. When the vacuum energy of ordinary matter world converted into radiation, the temperature of particle world raised to a temperature, which was exponentially larger than the temperature of the antiparticle world. Thus the entropy was reduced further. To an exponentially small value and the matter dominated the visible universe”
    3)In the Big Bang moment, all fields were homogeneous & symmetrical then why the symmetry needed itself violation? To provide masses in zero mass particles with higg’s boson?. Why electron acquired it’s mass, why not photon

    [I asked the same questions to this year Nobel laureates in physics for "Nobel MInds programme" of Nobel foundationorg or in "Quiz this years NObel Laureatees "and in "Your questions about Nobel prize in Physics -2008" and to prof. NambuYou tube channel of Nobel under title NObel Comitee Discusses 2008 Nobel prize in physics
    YouTube - Nobel Committee discusses 2008 Nobel Prize in Physics
    you can also give the answer to my comment in Youtube channel of NObel

    professor pranab kUmar Bhatacharya

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    Thread locked. See my comments on later posts of yours. Go back to BAUT if they will have you

    The most remarkable thing apart from disclosing the name and address of your younger brother to the world is that you have spelt your own name three different ways in three posts. Now I can't read or write Hindi or whatever your written native language is, but I reckon I know my own name.

    Go figure (and go elsewhere)



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