Read here: Light Vortex Astronomy: TUTORIAL (NEBULAE): PixInsight Workflow for Narrowband LRGB (with H-

This is my latest tutorial for PixInsight, producing my entire workflow for narrowband post-processing (S-II, H-a and O-III) to make an LRGB image. As usual, this tutorial workflow goes from the raw calibrated monochrome images to the final result with everything in-between. S-II and H-a are blended for Red, H-a and O-III are blended for Green and O-III is used purely for Blue. For Luminance, H-a data is used. Post-processing is very similar to my other HaRGB tutorial workflow but with distinct differences in colour-combining and noise reduction. This tutorial workflow is also applicable to anyone interested in pure LRGB (non-narrowband) image post-processing as besides colour-combining, the techniques very much apply. It is particularly useful for post-processing images of nebulae.