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    Default ASTRO: Hind's Variable Nebula, a huge molecular cloud and 9 asteroids-- no waiting

    Not what I had hoped for but at least its better than my last post of
    the Hercules galaxy cluster with all the flat problem. Moonlight nailed
    this one even though it wasn't a very big moon.

    The one clear night I had in December also had some moon but I tried
    this one anyway. Lots of gradients to deal with and I'm not all that
    sure what was gradient and what was real as I dug really deep into the
    data to bring out the huge molecular cloud that T Tauri was likely born
    in and has no escaped. Still getting most of its light from
    gravitational collapse as it hasn't started fusing hydrogen yet, it
    isn't hot enough to give off ultra violet light and thus cause the cloud
    to glow the normal pink color. So it's a dirty brown in my shot though
    I've seen some showing it blue. My blue data was very weak so I'm lost
    how it could come out blue without some jiggering of the color balance.
    Or maybe some haze moved in and reduced my blue severely, I just
    don't know. I need to try again on some moonless night. Indeed, after
    seeing the moon problems I planned on retaking it but that was more than
    2 months ago and now it is over in the part of the sky that's lousy this
    time of the year due to lake fog. SO I decided to process it anyway.

    I was shocked to find 9 asteroids in the shot, my previous record was 5.
    Only 8 of which are known. One is unknown, the one in the lower left
    corner. Some are faint, one below 20th magnitude and most of the rest
    nearly so. See if you can spot them all. I'll post a separate posting
    with them identified. Obviously after more than 2 months have passed
    there's no hope of recovering my discovery. That's the second that's
    gotten away from me. This time I could blame myself for not looking
    closely for one but since it was cloudy the rest of the month and the
    moon was out much of that time I will just blame the clouds for it
    getting away.

    Because the molecular cloud is super faint, it barely registered on my
    first try for this guy in 2006, I binned 3x3 to get 27 micron pixels to
    catch as much light as possible and gave up some resolution.

    14" LX200R @ f/10, L=7x10, RGB=2x10 (needed more), STL-11000XM, Paramount ME


    Correct domain name is arvig and it is net not com. Prefix is correct.
    Third character is a zero rather than a capital "Oh".

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    Default ASTRO: Hind's Variable Nebula, a huge molecular cloud and 9 asteroids -- no waiting

    Beautiful image Rick. These asteroids are a real nuisance though with their
    coloured tracks ;-)


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