Hi Carsten

When I bought my modified camera they told me that in winXP the parallel
port is incompatible for long exposure, ie, exposure longer than 2 seconds.
It is because winXP (unlike win 98) continuously sweep all those port (I
think every 1 to 2 seconds). So you can still capture image but not longer
than 2 seconds.
My modified ToUcam have a switch to change between normal and long exposure
They both works in winXP, the problem is that in long exposure mode for
exposure longer than 2 seconds the image will be cleared by the sweeping
action on winXP.
I also use the K3CCDTools. If you input a 5 seconds exposure time you will
get a blank image. You only will get a good picture if you use exposure of
less than 2 seconds.
Have you try a exposure of say 5 seconds?

Carlos Saraiva

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