Messier 78 is my white whale, I have been trying to image it for years only to have to accept clear skies turning quickly to clouds, or high thin clouds. There is only so much DBE and Pixinsight can do with bad data but I will eventually have a clear night and an image that I am happy with. I have subs from when it was clear so I can build on those now and plate solve to the location each year and build a good set. The other issue with these were I had to build synthetic flats for everything but the L subs, computer gremlins got me too.
This is LRGB only, 5 mins(x9) subs using my QSI and 80mm. I managed to take 2 15 mins subs with Ha but not enough SNR to even try to add to this. I am still learning how to process LRGB effectively but that will have to wait for good data.
Messier 78.jpg