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Hi Carol,
I Have been thinking about this post and I believe you should be able to get a terrific prime focus wide field shot with the SW120ED...if you are so inclined. On the Dob you would want to use a good wide field EP for projection shooting, but I think the 120 is your best bet. Hope all is well on your end, give a shout if there is anything I can help you with.
Clear Skies, Brian
Hi Brian,

I only managed to get a quick glimpse of Jupiter in the 120! I'm still trying to get the goto to work! I'm not stressing about it as I know I'll get there
I did try some lunar prime focus in the 120 but couldn't achieve focus, I now know I should have removed the diagonal! I'm waiting for clear skies to try again, I intend to use the canon with the adapter and barlow. Here's hoping that I'll work.

The night of imaging with the dob (30thAug) was my way of destressing from the fruitless night I'd had with the 120 the previous night! My intention is to use the dob for visual & the 120 for imaging. Taking a wee step back from the 120 and the EQ mount has been good for me and I'm now keen to get back out with it again. I'm so looking forward to just observing for a night or two. Then I'll attach the camera & see what sort of images I can get. I'm gonna have lots of fun with our wee Jupiter project.

Best wishes