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M110 Photographed in Telescopes from 0 to 50mm / 0 inches to 2 inches

M110 Photographed in Telescopes from 50 to 110mm / 2 inches to 4 inches

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M110 Photographed in Telescopes from 200mm to 250mm / 8 inches to 10 inches

M110 Photographed in Telescopes 250mm to 300mm / 10 to 12 inches

Messier Object: M110
Date: 09/26/2010
Location: Murrieta, Ca
Light Zone/Bortle Zone: 6
Telescope Name: 254N
Telescope Model: SkyWatcher
Telescope Size: 10 inch

Imaged By: ghswen

M110 Photographed in Telescopes Larger than 300mm / Larger than 12 inches

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