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    Default M106

    M106 or Messier 106, is a spiral galaxy in Canes Venatici. It is also known as NGC 4258. M106 was discovered in 1781 by Pierre Mechain. It's about 22.25 million light years away. It is suspected that prt of it is falling into a supermassive black hole. It is similar in size and luminosity to M31.

    For other DSO objects, see Messier objects, Messier photos, and Messier observing reports.

    M106 Discussion Threads on the Forum

    Read about discussions and observing comment postings on M106
    M106 Forum Discussions

    M106 Sketches

    See other sketches on how M106 appears in various sizes of binoculars and telescopes. Click here M106 sketches

    M106 Observing Reports

    M106 observing report

    M106 Astrophotographs

    M106 photos
    Attached Images Attached Images



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