I used https://transit-finder.com/ a few weeks ago, but both my DSLR (shoot for still image, burst mode for 5 secs, 7 frame/sec) and P900 (for video, 3 mins) gave me nothing. I was not quite sure if I used the website correctly or not.

It is expected to have a ISS transit over the moon this afternoon near my home, and I am going to shoot it if weather permitted. The major concern about the time prediction given by the website is the time zone it used. There is a thread in the forum a year ago where someone asked a similar question, and the maintainer of transit-finder confirmed that the time had been adjusted to the time zone setting on the device. This statement is now also highlighted below the query results on the website.

For the transit this afternoon, at my location (latitude, longitude, elevation) = (39.44598, -77.52547, 195), below is the prediction I obtained from the website:

Wednesday 2019-11-27 16:13:29.35 • Lunar transit

ISS angular size: 22.00″; distance: 1255.71 km
Angular separation: 9.9′; azimuth: 224.5°; altitude: 14.1°
Center line distance: 3.73 km; visibility path width: 11.92 km
Transit duration: 2.86 s; transit chord length: 24.8′

R.A.: 17h 20m; Dec: -22° 14′; parallactic angle: -33.5°
ISS velocity: 8.7 ′/s (angular); 3.18 km/s (transverse)
ISS velocity: -6.67 km/s (radial); 7.39 km/s (total);
Direction of motion relative to zenith: 15.1°
Moon angular size: 31.7′; 86.5 times larger than the ISS
Moon phase: 1.8%; angular separation from Sun: 15.6°
Sun altitude: 5.0°; the ISS will be illuminated

However, when I followed this post, I went to Clear Outside for weather prediction and ISS transit forcast. You can see the clear outside predicted the ISS will be visible 17:50:50-17:55:30 (UTC-5.00). The predicted time from transit-finder, 16:13:29 is complete out of this range. This makes me very confused. Can someone help me with this issue? Thank you.