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Hi Terry,

When you moved the OTA further back in the rings, didn't this change the balance point for that OTA? If so, how did you account for that?

Just curious,
Hi JT,

As long as the OTA isn't moved too far from the balance point, I find that it's not a problem with an alt-azimuth mount, either manual or GOTO, as long as the mount isn't flimsy. Probably more of an issue with an EQ though.

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The amount of stray light getting through holes is small, but then it takes only a few seconds to tape them over.
OK Andrey, I'll get black dot stickers to cover them up...

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This makes quite a difference! I found out that a nice sitting position is so much more comfortable and lets you observe far more relaxed. As a result one sees more. Even the youngest observer (15 years old) at my local astronomy club had to admit it!
Yup, John - from a folding seat it's much more comfortable. Although I might put a blanket on the ground and sit cross-legged when I start using my StarBlast 6 on the ground (comes with a large tabletop mount).