Weather: Patchy skies very little pollution
Light Pollution: dark - very little
Time: 9:00pm EST - 1:00am EST
Equipment: Celestron 130EQ, Orion Shorty 2x BL, Orion 15mm WAL 1.25, STD 10mm & 20mm Celestron EPs.


Location was Jenniferchristine's recommended Ormeau Dark site, Thanks Jen

Got a look-in at Venus tonight, it was low on the NE horizon and without any filters was a little difficult to focus on and see as it was too bright. Jupiter was out again and looking good as always, I had a look at the Tarantula Nebula for about half an hour what an amazing cluster there is so much to look at here I think I will have to take another look here in the future with a little more magnification., from there I went on a Bino hunt but ended up at ACrux, I would really like to find a Binary double, What is our closest anyone know? Moving on I found Lambda Centauri Cluster - IC 2944 and A Cen, What struck me as funny is the cluster name "The running Chicken Nebula" It does actually look like a running chicken! This cluster would produce some NICE photo's so it's on the List for AP when I get a camera set up. By the time I had finished looking around, Mars was out, it was ok but again Filters are really a necessity for viewing atm. at about 00:40am Saturn came out! My first look at Saturn EVER! I am continually suppressed at how this telescope performs I could clearly see the rings of Saturn, Rhea and Phoebe!

So it's off to the shops today to get some filters and I need a lens some where between 10mm and 15mm for that little extra zoom. If anyone has advise on this please put your 2c worth in

Thanks for reading