NGC 6357 is an open cluster with nebula located in constellation of Scorpius. It was discovered by John Herschel in 1837.
Also known as Lobster Nebul, the cluster is at Right Ascencion of 17h 24m 43.5S and
Declinação -34° 12' 05"
It is distant fron Earth about 4.5 light years, having apparent dimension of 35 arc-minutes.
NGC 6357 has estimated age of 4.6 bilhões years and has 998 billion stars.
This image is a stack of:
Ha - 12 subs of 1200 seconds each
S2 - 12 subs of 1200 seconds each
O3 - 16 subs of 1200 seconds each
Telescope: Esprit 120mm f/7
Camera: ST-8300M
Mount: NEQ-6
Guide method: OAG