NGC 6302 is a bi-polar planetary nebula located at Scorpion constellation, distant 3800 light years and with a physical size of 2 light years, what give us a FOV of 3 x 1.4 arc minutes. The structure of the nebula is one the most intricated ever observed as far as planetary nebula is concerned.
Spectral analysis has been shown that the center star is one of the hottest object known in our galaxy, with surface's temperature ranging 200.000 K, what implies that the star has formed from a big star.

The center star is a white dwarf, and just was observed recently, through the HST. This star has an actual mass of 0.64x solar mass. It is sorrounded by a dense disk on the equatorial area coomposed by dust and gas.

This nebula has very peculiar features to be observed like ionized walls, nodes and edges. Some of these features can be observed from the image posted.

Image details:
10 sub-frames of 600sec
12 sub-frames of Ha of 1200 sec
12 sub-frames of blue 900 sec
10 sub- of green of 480 sec.