NGC 6164 and NGC 6165 are the two brightest bulge of the bipolar nebula around HD 148937. Although the nebula was believed initially to represent a planetary nebula, it is now understood to represent a shell-like ejected nebula, formed by the winds of its young central star. Wind blown nebulae are usually considered the outcome of Wolf-Rayet type stars (WR), evolved O-type stars that have left the main sequence, molding their surroundings by way of fierce stellar winds. In the case of the S-shaped bipolar nebula NGC 6164-5, the central star is not a WR star, but a young O-type supergiant of 40 solar masses. The amazing blue central star, known as HD 148937, is the brightest member of a triple system of stars in orbit around each other. This extremely hot star is losing mass from its outer layers continuously, but sometimes more powerful outbursts give rise to the symmetrical shell-like ejected nebula. The true age of the star is not known although estimates of its age vary from a pre-main sequence age of 350 000 years to a more evolved age of one to two million years. HD 148937 is a peculiar type of Of star with exotic emission lines (carbon emission lines (CIII) equal in strength to Nitrogen (NIII)) and other peculiar spectra indicative of significant mass loss. Only five such stars are known to exist, three in our galaxy and two in Small Magellanic Cloud. The two catalogue numbers, NGC 6164 and NGC 6165, refer to the nebula shells as separate objects. The nebula is in Norma at a distance of about 4 200 light years.

The Image:
This image is a bi-color capture, with the blue channel synthetic, according to the following:
Blue = O3 + 0.33*Ha.
The stack was formed by:
20x900sec Ha
25x900sec O3
To have a better image twice this stack would be necessary. I will do this second batch of stack and update the image when I have time.
The telescpe used was the Skywatcher Quattro CF 10 f/4, which still keeps surprising me.
The camera was the StarLightExpress Trius SX-694
Focuser: electrical fcuser from Star light Instruments