This is the same image as the last one, just imaged using my ST8300M. The capture scheme was:

Ha: 16x15 minutes
L: 10x10 minutes 1x1
RGB: 16x 8 minutes 2x2

Scope: TMB 92mm f/5.5
Focal Reducer/Flatenner: Teleview TRF2008 x0.8

OAG and Filter Wheel from SBIG
Pre-processing and post-processinig in Pixinsight

Sky eventually cloudy

A star forming nebula distant from Earth by 2.5 thousands light years, has its nickname due to its shape looking like a Christmas Tree. This star forming region has a population of about 400 stars, embedded basically in ionized hydrogen, although there exist in the same region a melecular cloud made up by ammonia, carbon and other organic components.