This beautiful region close to M-8, is a complex of emission, reflexion and dark nebulae. As such, several objects catalogued in the NGC and IC catalogues can be found. For example, IC 1274 is the bright, circular nebula at the right bottom of the image.This is one of the most impotant object in the complex, due to the rate of star formation in its neighborhood. Just above is the fainter circular nebula IC 1275. Between the two is situated a wide dark nebula Barnard 91. The dark filaments of Bernard 91 can be seen spreading out across the reflection nebula embedded in IC 1247.
At the top right is a bright filament close tot the a relection area, known as NGC 6559. The thin dark lane to its lower left is Barnard 303. The nebulosity around Barnard 303 is IC 4685.
Some other patches of dark nebulae can be seen around the image.

Some Databook Information For IC 1274
Right Ascension: 18:09:50 (h:m:s)
Declination: -23:38:54 (deg:m:s)
Distance: ~ 5.000ly
Apparent Dimension: 5 x 6 (arc min)

Image Details:
Luminance: 15x900sec bin 1x1
Ha: 16x1200sec bin 1x1
Blue: 16x600sec bin 2x2
Red: 12x600sec bin 2x2
Green: 12x600sec bin 2x2

Telescope: Skywatcher Esprit 120mm f/7
CCD: ST-8300M
CCD Guiding: Lodestar
Capture and guiding software: MaxIm DL
Mount: EQ-6 Pro

Processing: PixInsight
Bias, Darks and Flats applied