This was my first attempt at a colour version of this subject, I had previously tried it with Ha only but I wanted to see what sort of a result I would get using the OIII and SII filters as well so along with 2 hours of Ha data (12x10 minutes) one week I added another 2 hours for each for the other filters the following week. When colour combining I found that the traditional HST and CFHT palettes associated with narrow band imaging gave very garish colours and I wanted to try and get close to the traditional reddish colour associated with this subject so I chose my own palette of Ha for Red, SII for Green and OIII for Blue and chose a weighting of 2:3:2 for the respective channels. I am very pleased with the result in that the nebula behind B33 - Horse head which is IC434 looks like it is on fire and some of the fainter stuff has come out a nice smoky green. Using narrow band filters allows me to image despite light pollution and it also brings out better detail. Thanks for looking