Hi all, I have recently embarked on eradicating dew from my observing sessions, this year has been particularly bad. I tried dew shields on my 16"dobsonian truss scope and still suffered. I have been making dew heaters from kanthel wire, electrical tape, insulation and attaching usb cables and a power bank velcroed onto the ota. They work amazingly! No more dew on the secondary, one for the red dot finder and a wrap around heater for my eyepieces. So far they are unregulated and I may add an inline pwm controller if needed. I have also added a second fan to the primary which blows across the face. Temperature stabilization is much quicker and now more dew! The fans I run off a 12v golf buggy battery. Did I mention the mobile equatoral platform I also built which gives me 1 1/4 hours of tracking? Observing just got so much better. clear skies all.