I finally got my Celestron CGEM 925 last Thursday (I love it), and I already had a couple of stargazing sessions. Alignment was pretty simple, and I already observed a few DSOs like M13, M2, Andromeda, and the Ring Nebula (No planets yet). I am mostly observing from a LP sky/site; the DSOs are visible but pretty faint, and the higher the EP magnification the fainter they are. This coming week I am getting a camera T-adapter and two LP filters (Celestron UHC/LPR and Cel. OIII Narrowband), so I can start some AP; I hope they are going to help with both visual and image quality.
I am assuming that DSOs appear brighter on pictures than on visual observing...I am also thinking to get a focal reducer that would take down my scope from an F/10 to an F/6.3...would that help visual and image? What other accessories would come handy in my situation?
Thank you