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    Exclamation More Changes to Forum Rules

    Dear Members

    We don't really like having to add to the rules, but I guess that when we wrote "the rules" some 6 months ago we were only handling some 30 to 40 posts per day and we thought that we had it all covered. Now the forum has grown to more like 300 to 400 posts per day and so more complex issues have arisen.

    Of course, the following changed rules are no reflection on any individual, we have just found that these are necessary to keep on smooth sailing.

    Please read the following and we really want to thank you all for your ongoing support


    (on behalf of the Admin/Mod team)

    .................................................. .................................................. .....

    Safe Astronomy:

    Astronomy Forum will not accept posts that relate to any unsafe use or modification of any equipment. Examples would be the modification of a solar telescope, or the use of a banned laser pointer.

    Specifically in regard to lasers, discussion is restricted to the use of only green lasers of 5mW or less

    Vendors and Advertising:

    If you are the principal, shareholder or employee of a company that sells astronomy-related products you are welcome to participate, but you must not use this forum as a form of free advertising of any products that you handle. Moreover, you must not use this forum as a platform to downgrade or denigrate any of your competitors’ products.

    The term Vendor refers to any person who sells a product, or offers a product for sale, or who has their product offered for sale by a third party

    The term advertising refers to any form of advertising which includes any links in the text body of a post, and also any links in a user's signature, or embedded links in photographs, diagrams etc that lead to any web site that is a point of sale, for those or other products offered by the user

    Basically we will not permit anyone to use Astronomy as a place to advertise anything for their personal gain.

    You may, however, use a watermark in any photographs, artwork etc to establish your copyright, but the actual photograph, artwork, diagram etc must not direct link to a point of sale or website that offers that photograph, art work etc for sale.

    The only exceptions to the above shall be any sponsors of Astronomy, and their signature or user title shall clearly identify them as such.

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