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    Default NexStar 8GPS For Sale

    I hate to do this, but I simply do not have a choice. I need to sell my Celestron NexStar 8GPS telescope. I purchased this brand new from Celestron 4 or 5 years ago thinking it would be a breeze to use. I was wrong. I never could figure out how to use it correctly. And then the kids started coming and I simply do not have time. The wife says I have to sell no matter what.
    This scope is quite honestly like brand new. It has probably only been used a total of 6 hours, and that was to take pictures of the moon because it was the only thing I could find.
    It has the heavy duty tripod and the accessory kit from Celestron, and the updated handset.

    I paid around $2,500 but know it is no longer worth this even though it is in Brand New condition. Make me an offer please. I will consider all offers seriously. Please send an email here I can provide pictures upon request. Thanks.


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    $2500 for a Nexstar? I think you may have the model wrong as for $2500 you'd have the better model Celestron.

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    The GPS8 inch scope was an earlier model of the current CPC800...which sells for $1900.00 in the real world at most dealers and has a 2 year warranty a used 8 inch CPC should go for no more then $1500

    Your GPS however is in my opinion a slightly better scope then the latest model (the CPC) it has better gears which will last for 2 lifetimes vs the CPC gears which will only outlast you..not you grand kids plus it used real steel bearing in the base rather then nylon bearings...

    Now to be frank..IF the HC is version 4.xx or higher it is fully upgradable via the Web and is the current HC offered by Celestron.. BUT you do not use a GPS alignment (heck it is not even an option) with the new HC...

    Cost of a new HC is about $150... so realistically I do not think the telescope could be sold for much more then $1000...,. ALTHOUGH I will admit that for $1000 it is one heck of a very very good telescope...especially if it had the new version 4.xx HC...

    Bob G.

    PS...I honestly can not understand why you could not use it or align it and get dead on GoTo's...definitely not hard to do ...

    Bob G.
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