Hi everyone,

My father was an avid astronomer and collected quite a range of equipment through the 80's and 90's. I've now inherited some of this equipment, but since I am an avid of another hobby, ie. Filmmaking, I'm looking to sell some of this unused astronomy equipment in order to invest on some film glass of my own.

24mm Wide Field Plössl
40mm Plössl
55mm plössl
and the beast,
20mm Nagler Type 2

All items are in very good condition with no fungus,scratch or haze, lens have been stored in a Televue foam padded eyepiece case. Only thing to note, are the front and end caps on some of the eyepieces. Some of them I feel don't belonged to the eyepiece as they aren't a perfect fit.

I am running no reserve ebay auctions for each single eyepiece, but would be open for offers. Both for each single eyepiece or the kit as a whole (I would rather keep the kit together)

Here are the item numbers (You can view them by plugging them in on ebay.com search query):

24mm - 220578904313
40mm - 220578907688
55mm - 220578911199
20mm Nagler Type 2 - 220578914197

Auctions end Sunday 3rd

I don't know if this forum tolerates Ebay auctions, but please do let me know moderators and I will edit the classified.

Thank you for reading and feel free to ask any questions.

p.s. btw I would just like to add that I am posting this same ad on other astronomy websites, should you come across it.