I bought everything new from an authorized dealer about a year ago and only used the scope 3 times and the Tele Vue eyepieces once, it's brand new and works perfectly. I also have the following eyepieces that go with it, the Tele Vue eyepieces were only used once. This scope is too big to move around so it has been sitting in the spare bedroom (covered) and is in perfect condition.

CPC-1100 with hand controller, GPS, and tripod
Astro-Tech 2" Dielectric SCT Diagonal (I also have the Celestron)
Tele Vue Nagler type 4, 17mm
Tele Vue Nagler type 4, 12mm
Tele Vue Panoptic 35mm
Astro-Tech Paradigm 12mm
TMB Optical Planetary 9mm
Orion Ultrablock light pollution filter 2"
Orion moon filter 13% transmission 2"
Orion moon filter 13% transmission 1.25"

Everything is in perfect condition and has been used 3 times or less. The price is firm and is for sale in Houston only.
I paid $4500 for everything and will sell it for $3000. Once again I will only sell this in the Houston area.

If you have any questions please call me at 713-542-1130
or email me at liebel0557@sbcglobal.net