Good morning ladies and gentlemen.

As we count down to the Transit of Venus, many of us were not able to get a filter cell made in time. Yesterday I assembled three filter cells for my Orion ED80 refractor. I built three in case of errors in assembly. I had enough Baader Astrosolar Safety Film to complete two units.

The cells are constructed from 1.5mm "Sintra" brand PVC substrate, commonly used in the sign industry. It snugly fits over the dew shield extension of the telescope.

The I.D. is 12.95 cm, or 129.5mm (I love the Metric System)

Special features include two layers of protective vinyl on the ring face. First opaque black to assure complete opacity, and then silver vinyl for heat rejection. The retainer has a long piece of sintra at the joint to assure structural integrity.

If anybody here was remiss in making a solar filter cell in time and needs one and lives in the Los Angeles area. I can offer my spare filter cell to you at a fair price. Please contact me via direct email at matthewota at yahoo dot com for pickup in person. I live near Torrance Airport in the South Bay. You can get it today, I will be at Caesar Chavez Park in Long Beach, or tomorrow at my office in Carson, CA or at my home Monday night.

Price is $70 cash, which is the equivalent price as charged by Astrozap for the same size filter cell