New Burgess Optical TMB Planetary Eyepiece - 6mm - US$ 45.00 (Include the air shipment to US)

60 degree field of view, twist-up eyecups, lots of eye relief.

The Burgess Optical / TMB Planetary eyepieces offer a 60 degree field of view with a tack sharp view and lots of eyerelief. Just what is needed for extended gazing at our close neighbors. And, just what you would expect from a Thomas Back designed eyepiece.

Designed by Thomas Back of TMB Optical
Fully internally baffled
Every Air to Glass surface has Multi Broadband coatings!
Internal spacers have flat anodizing and micro-baffless to reduce reflections.
Twist-up eyecups with flexible eyecups on top.

I will pay the register all shipment to US. For the other area, we need to talk the shipment cost.
I accept the Paypal only, protect you and me. Thanks.