Just a quick update: out with the old, in with the new. Amazon picked up the "old" scope (all of three weeks old) and delivered the new one today. Everything checks out just fine on the new scope; hopefully there are no problems on Amazon's end with the old one so I get my account credited.

First light on the 7% crescent moon was gorgeous, as was "the new moon wi' the auld moon in her arm." I could make out Tycho on the old moon, which was pretty neato. And Mars was setting just nearby, so I looked at it as well. Not much going on there, though.

I am definitely liking my new 15mm Paradigm Dual ED. The entire moon fits in beautifully with a nice smidge all around to spare, and at 103x, looks terrific. I believe that it will end up being the main EP in the diagonal for most of what I'm looking at.

Thanks again to everyone for your help.