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Wwgeb's goal seems to be to get the adjustments set in iCap so that when the video is brought into Registax, the balance is already perfect or nearly so. I was out last night imaging the moon, and made some more colour adjustments in iCap, and it's looking a lot closer now.
You know he has another video that shows how to get the green color (or any color really) out both in the iCap & RegiStack 6 software.
Here's a link:

Lose the green NexImage 5 - YouTube

I watched both videos quite a few times then I split screened his other video with RegiStax 6 on the other half so I could follow his tips word for word.
He is right about one thing: One has to keep tinkering with the settings as the software don't really have any type of how-to guide.
Glad your making those good adjustments, I believe both of us will know RegiStax 6etty good eventually.
That's the fun & the challenge of our hobby!!