Looked on my iphone and saw that Saturn and Mars would be up in the west shortly
after dark... got both of them , Saturn for about an hour! Can't wait till my
new Plossl eyepieces get here ( Thursday???) so I might be able to set some
clarity to the images... probably need to calibrate the poor old Tasco too. Saw
three meteors, tracked two satellites and lined up Polaris. Now I need to get a
new star chart!!!
Picking up a 6" reflector on Wednesday,... that might be an improvement over my
4.5" Tasco, but still haven't decided on what to get for my next good scope. I
keep eyeballing this...
Meade LXD75 SN-8AT Schmidt-Newtonian Telescope with AutoStar,
But not sure if it will really be the right one, I want to do some
astrophotography also (big shutter bug).
Well, enough for now.