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If you are sure you are going to stay in the hobby, and plan to get another telescope later on, you can consider spending more money right now on a really good eyepiece that you can also use on your next, more powerful telescope.
I would not suggest a really high power. For optimum views in your scope 8mm is short enough especially if you have a quality Barlow. But you will be amazed at the difference in the view that you get with a quality 8 mm wide-angle eyepiece, compared to the 4 and 10 that came with your kit.
Don't be surprised to hear of people spending far more on eyepieces than on the telescope itself. I paid about 700 dollars US for my ETX125, then bought a Meade 8.8 mm UWA, used, for nearly 300 dollars and an illuminated reticle 8 mm astrometric eyepiece for another 100, and a used 12.6 mm Meade series 4000 superplossl for 35 bucks...that was an OK deal, but I rarely use this eyepiece. And a Celestron Ultima 2x Barlow for another hundred or so. And I need Yet Another, High Quality short focal length eyepiece to match the capabilities of the WO90 apochromat. I figure another 2 or three hundred for that piece of fancy glass.
The 8.8 UWA gives a feeling of falling into the field, even in the ETX. That telescope came with the Meade 26 mm Series 4000 SuperPlossl, which is actually a nice low-cost eyepiece for wide field views and is underrated, IMHO.

So what I'm saying is, consider either the Baader zoom mentioned above, or a 6 or 8 mm, wide angle, long eye relief item from one of the major names like TeleVue.

You can always sell your car and move to a cheaper apartment, cut out one meal a day...but an eyepiece should be "perfectly user transparent": when you are looking through it, you should not even have to think about it, just like there's nothing at all between you and the stars...
i have been in the astronomy for a little over a year, thats when i got my saxon 130mm. last night i was looking at the Sombrero galaxy m104 but i was very faint i tryed going to the 10mm ep but it was not much better.

so what would be the best EP to look at or iam i better of getting a bigger scope..