I had fun with my new Celestron 114 (4.5") reflector (no drives) and my Mavica digital camera the last couple nights; you can see the results by following the link below. I merely put the camera lens right up to the eyepiece, jockeyed it around to get the best focus, and took a few shots. Nothing spectacular, of course, but I'm pleased with the results.

Note that in the shot of Jupiter's moons, they did not show up at all on the viewfinder or when I loaded the image (JPG, unfortunately) into a paint program. Luckily, I decided to try increasing the contrast, and they showed up nicely.

I'd like to try some multiple-exposure digital imaging, where you process a set of images into one (in lieu of long-exposure), but that does require a motor drive. I'm looking at perhaps the Meade 10" on eq mount ($700) next.