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    Default Finding filters for both f7 and f2 for the edge 11 and asi294mc, all in one options o

    Having acquired an upgrade to my 8se in the 11 edge and a used hyperstar v3 along with the color asi294mc, i'm trying to figure out which set of filters i should get to start off with.

    I had initially ordered the Orion Skyglow 1.25" filter for f7 at least (direct attach to the camera, 1.25"s). I stumbled onto threads about using the combo O3, Hb, Ha, light pollution blocking Optolong L-enhance filter which appears to do Ha at 10nm (i was considering an optolong or astronomik at 6 or 7nm for ha only) this to help with full moon times. It seems to be half the price as buying 2 separate ones? I've seen it mentioned the optolong uhc filter as well, but maybe just for generic imaging not specific to nebula as a night pollution alternative to the orion skyglow? There is also the L-pro, confused on which does what.

    I think many are getting good results with this filter? But would it also be appropriate once i switch to the mono asi1600 camera?

    Couple this with f2 considerations.

    I read somewhere that the zwo filter wheel might be able to take 36mm unmounted filters which would reduce any vignetting at f2, though i know of some that use 1.25 + the zwo Mini wheel at f2 with success but take flats. Anyone have any experience at f2 with the mini wheel and can comment if it takes 36mm? Maybe not the mini version, in which case i'd probably opt for 1.25" for now at f2 as well, meaning the high speed baaders Ha there which are more expensive?

    In any case, just doing a straight color shot without the L enhance, i would probably still need some model IR cut filter?

    Thanks for any suggestions here
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