Hey all, hope your all doing great. I don't post very often I know but I'm a compulsive lurker and can't
seem to break the habit.

Anyway Ive been imaging using my Edge 1100 for a few years now and occasionally I'll piggyback my DSLR on it , auto guiding is a bit of a pain on an OAG with this setup and no focal reducer but I manage (manage not to pull too many hairs out that is).

And so I'm thinking of buying a fast Refractor and do a bit of wider field imaging.

So after looking at a few different makes and models, comparing them in simulators and such, Not an easy task given how many different kinds exist. Ive decided on one in particular but would like to hear your opinion on it.

A Meade Series 6000 80mm and a Meade .8 Reducer and Flattener

I was hoping to mount it on my CGEM DX with a CGE adapter, hopefully the mount will be up to the challenge...

For guiding could I possibly use my OAG or a separate guide scope may be better?

By my own logic having an 80mm Refractor isn't too small since I have my SCT I use to image the smaller galaxies and nebula already anyway.

Anyway tell me what you think, should i go out and get the Meade 6000 or find something else?

Thanks in advance, Clear Skies.