I ran into an old HS buddy and we immediately had something in common, astronomy. He was new to astrophotography, recently buying an 8" Celestron 8SE and then a Nikon D5300 DSLR. I mentioned I've always used the Canon brand and heard early on that Canon was the more popular camera for deep sky imaging and one reason was the absence or minimal internal camera processing of raw files. He indicated he went with the D5300 because he has been a Nikon user his whole life and I suppose I can say the same thing in my case about the Canon.

He mentioned something I know nothing about, Nikon's NEF raw file format. In summary, it's supposed to limit any in-camera processing. Is this something new and are certain Nikon models void of internal processing of images in raw format?

As a sidenote, I have no intention of changing camera brands, I'm too heavily invested in Canon lenses and I'm happy with my two DSLRs as well, I use the 60Da for astronomy and currently looking to upgrade my "daytime" Rebel T4i. I've been tossing and turning between the 80D and 77D I can get the 77D for about $250 cheaper and the end result as far as photos are concerned are the same. Both cameras have identical sensors, megapixels, AF cross points, etc. Obviously there are differences, but I'm just a novice photographer and either way, both cameras will suit my needs.