When I first got my scope there was some interest in Dr Clay's use of a counter weight on the OTA for the finder.

This kind of balance only matters for AP

One problem is that it is screwed on the OTA..
Removing it takes time.. and any time you screw something into a soft metal OTA you risk damaging the threads.

I wanted a quick release version, he used a 30mm finder ring. I could not find 30mm rings in quick release....

I ended up creating my own... from a quick release stalk (Agena Astro), a 30mm rifle site ring (Ebay) and three used threaded weights (ebay)
Put another QR base on the matching side of the scope.

Difference from the original weight I can add and remove it to make it match what is on the other side closer.
I can also mix and match Finder + Guide, Finder + weight, Guide + weight (my mist common set up)

And when its time to pack.. the weight comes off... and I don't worry about it much on a visual only session.

For now I am using a zip tie hold the base weight on.. but they are threaded in the center so I will eventually add a long screw and washer on the end to hold the base weight.