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    What Astronomy Eyepieces should I get for my Telescope?

    There is always a lot of discussion from people on what eyepieces to get with their new telescopes.

    ... read more
    Gabby76 03-12-2017, 05:49 PM

    Solar Imaging 101

    Solar Imaging 101
    by John (Lowjiber)

    What’s needed to begin the “Dark Art” of solar imaging?

    If you’ve come this far, you are either wondering, “Just what do those solar-heads do?”, or you have decided to add solar imaging to your astronomy resume. Either is fine, and what follows is an opinionated description of how I do it. However opinionated it may be, rest assured that the overall techniques and equipment touched upon herein are in a large part the norm among the solar imaging community.

    I’m going to describe imaging in the Hydrogen-alpha (Ha) wavelength of 656.28 nm because, opposed to White Light (WL) images, we want to capture details like prominences, filaments, and other solar features that go beyond the granulation... read more
    ghswen 03-10-2017, 04:37 PM

    The Road to Your First Telescope - A Newbie Astronomers Perspective

    I am still new to this hobby and just now getting my first scope(s) up and running, so this is not advice from a wise old... read more
    aeajr 03-10-2017, 02:14 PM
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    by Published on 07-16-2015 05:43 PM




    Orion does a pretty decent job of packing and protecting the bits that count, like the OTA.
    Mine arrived with boxes that looked the worse for wear although the contents were 100% safe and secured.
    No special gymnastics is required to open and unpack all the goodies, a decent pair of scissors or a sharp knife ...
    by Published on 06-28-2012 04:21 AM

    Astrotrac First Light Review Introduction

    I received my Astrotrac for testing a few days ago but could not use it since I could not find my Manfrotto plate for my 840RC2 head so I had to order another one. See below several parts are required otherwise you will not be able to use this unit - one is a non-standard part and is very hard to find.

    In the Box ...

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