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  1. EAA - ASI294MC (Uncooled) for planetary?
  2. Saving the Dark | Astronomy, Light Pollution Documentary
  3. Advice on the setup.
  4. New member looking for advice
  5. Jupiter bands through 4.5 inch reflector by Iphone SE camera and 82A filter
  6. Some videos of lunar flyover in 3D 625 mm QHY5-III 178M
  7. 3/15/2019 Moon
  8. Some experiments with image intensifiers and cams...
  9. Some EEA observations with a "vintage" setup...
  10. ST80/M44 and my EAA Setup
  11. Comet 46P video
  12. Comet Iwamoto Y1 video
  13. webcam IR
  14. requirements seeking advice
  15. ASI290mc vs ASI385mc vs ASI178mc
  16. Upload pictures
  17. A One-Person Perspective on what we do - and sort of why
  18. Filming the moon with ZWO 120mc-s
  19. Testing my Wifi, SharpCap, two scopes & cameras....yes it works
  20. A Fluke
  21. Couple more Comets
  22. Short Night yet...
  23. 1st Comet 46P/Wirtanen
  24. New Direction
  25. Revolution R2 with APO doublet refractor
  26. Revolution R2 and my ETX125 Observer
  27. Galaxy S9 for live video?
  28. Thinking of trading in the Atik Infinity
  29. improving images taken with very short exposures (EAA/Videoastronomy)
  30. NGC 185 galaxy in Cassiopeia with 15" subex
  31. M110 (ngc 205)
  32. ES102, Sirius AZ-EQ PRO, and 3 EAA Images
  33. Copy of my EAA talk at the club last night
  34. Anyone Livestream with a ZWO cam?
  35. The Caroline´s rose
  36. ST80 / M15 on SLT
  37. R2 and power supply
  38. Question about EAA and Tracking
  39. Advice on suitable camera for dob
  40. R2 (or R1) on finder only?
  41. Blue Snow Ball last night
  42. What can we photograph from the backyard with EAA and basic equipment?
  43. NGC 147 dwarf galaxy
  44. Messier 15 old and difficult
  45. Excited to Try EAA
  46. Stephan's quintet
  47. Revolution ONE
  48. A fillm of friday's lunar eclipse
  49. Use for the "FISHEYE"...
  50. Do I need a focal reducer
  51. Palomar 11 in 2 seconds
  52. Short Exposure/High Gain/Stacking For Good Results
  53. The Omega nebula in 4 seconds
  54. Short Wave Infrared Cameras
  55. Case Air Wireless and BYEOS
  56. NGC 6781 with 15"
  57. The Veils with Bresser AR105+Infinity
  58. Baader Moon & Sky Glow filter with zwo camera
  59. NGC 7129 and Weintraub 1
  60. Dipping My Toes in the Water
  61. Messier 29 CEA in Cygnus
  62. Looking for a Good FPS Planetary Webcam that works with Windows 10
  63. Bit of a quandary
  64. Which ZWO should I get ASI224MC or ASI290MC?
  65. USB 3.0 express card powered vs unpowered for ZWO ASI224MC
  66. Meade LX70 for EAA?
  67. ATIK Infinity C for short exposition astrophoto
  68. 10" Dobwith ASI120MC-S, ASI224MC or ASI290MC?
  69. Color issues
  70. Video Stacking with Camcorder?
  71. Beginner Questions about Video AP
  72. M5 C90 (USA ) Meade FR3.3
  73. Sony IMX287 for short exposition astrophoto
  74. NGC 6366 GC with IMX287
  75. Theta Cygni: The Tree Kings
  76. Imaging Help with ZWO Video Cameras
  77. NGC 7129 a nice and small cluster with nebulosity
  78. Video Astronomy Name Outdated--Time for a New Name?
  79. M3 with SLT/ST80
  80. A good night for NRTV
  81. Video Astronomy with the 12" Dob
  82. NGC 5879 IMX287 vs IMX224
  83. NGC 5907 with IMX287
  84. SEGINUS A7 tipe star in Virgo
  85. Doubts about norms of publication of photographs
  86. How to make a Time lapse using Sharpcap
  87. Can't Reach Focus with DSO-1 and AVS Varioreducer at .028
  88. Video Astronomy Night
  89. Let's Plan on it! 2019 NRTV/Visual/Imaging Messier Marathon
  90. How about a NRTV Messier Marathon in 2019?
  91. Anybody use an R2 with an Orion ST120 refractor?
  92. Can Dslrs be used for NRTV ?
  93. EAA and the Globulars in M87
  94. Using a Filter Wheel for the first time
  95. First Light EAA & C8
  96. Drowning in the DEW
  97. TeamViewer, Ciel, and the SLT
  98. First Light EAA system and ES102 ED (Long)
  99. Finally it looks like "first light" for my EAA system!
  100. Reflector/EAA: how do you focus?
  101. Still Raining......but I accomplished
  102. Nrtv
  103. DeepSky reference field for going deep with EAA
  104. Finalized the gear needed for EAA from my yard.....
  105. EAA for public star parties
  106. Sharpcap for NRTV ~ my suggestion to improve
  107. Zwo and ES102/C8.....my Herschel Project
  108. Time lapse possible with 224 camera using ToupSky?
  109. New ASI294MC Pro
  110. Atik Infinity and MacBooks
  111. Setting up Platesolving with Sharpcap
  112. Late evening UPS delivery
  113. New EAA camera on the way, soon as I choose which one
  114. Video astronomy primer
  115. Beautiful night last night
  116. A night with the 130SLT
  117. Sharpcap Quick Start Guide
  118. Moon shot
  119. ASI224MC & Sharpcap 3.0 livestacking for Dummies
  120. A night for video astronomy
  121. Sharpcap 3.1 Beta
  122. mallincam and revolution imaginer alternatives
  123. Another call for advice
  124. Advice requested for a NRTV setup
  125. Advice for setting up for EAA/Video Astronomy
  126. Applying darks when doind EAA with Sharpcap
  127. Mallincam DS vs Atik Infinity
  128. Dark-sky park Poloniny | Slovakia
  129. Field flattener
  130. Solar Eclipse
  131. A Little Video of the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn with a Cheap Webcam
  132. Convertng still images to video
  133. M 73: Asterism or cluster?
  134. Eclipse w/ video?
  135. Picked up a new ASI224MC
  136. Star Party hiccups
  137. Revolution R2 imager troubles
  138. Mallincam 1.25 inch nosepiece
  139. Video Astronomy captures
  140. cheap VA with Nexstar 8 SE?
  141. Shahkbayzan 10 galaxies with a 80mm APO
  142. First Light LRGB set
  143. NexImage V - Y800 or RGB32 format
  144. SharpCap How To Instructions by "Turfpit" Available
  145. Atik 4's owners: Atik is asking for help
  146. EAA Questions
  147. Video Grabber that works with Mac and Camtwist
  148. Beginner at astro imaging. Need help
  149. VIDEO ASTRONOMY REPORT: April 15 2017.
  150. Comet 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak GIF made from last nights images.
  151. Camera options for Video/EA astronomy
  152. Star Trails Time lapse video using a GoPro hero 5 Black.
  153. Help me decide, 80mm or 102mm
  154. Focal reducer - effect on the optical train
  155. 1st DSO image with the Revoultion Imager
  156. Is an 80mm apo enough to do astrovideo?
  157. Orion Timelapse
  158. Need a new laptop?
  159. Video Compilation first time try
  160. VIDEO ASTRONOMY: Moonlight edition.
  161. Some narrowband video astronomy with Starlight Live
  162. Revolution Imager during the day.
  163. Need help understanding the field of view with my setup
  164. Whirlpool on SCB2001 and Nexstar 8SE
  165. Great deal on a Revolution system
  166. ASI224MC First Light - And unfortunate events
  167. New Atik Infinity Camera
  168. Video astronomy report 17/02/2017.
  169. Some ZWO Cameras Sold in 2016 Had Obsolete Circuitry
  170. Revolution Imager. Would you buy it again?
  171. Zoom lens to NRTV camera
  172. The Middle Way
  173. Webcam with Dobsonian telescope.
  174. EAA - Getting ready to dip the toe in.
  175. Extreme Newbie Question
  176. A little help for the newbie?
  177. First light for Mallincam.
  178. Got my new Revolution Imager2 kit today
  179. Entry Level - VA on $300 +/ - .... Which camera?
  180. Sharpcap 2.10 will include plate solving
  181. Photos/videos with Dob
  182. ZWO CMOS IN - CCDs and SDI OUT
  183. No Christmas gift? No problem, Give yourself a video kit for New Year's!
  184. Fun with a Skyraider AG
  185. New Lodestar X2 & narrowband filters
  186. Video astronomy with a guide camera
  187. New book out on Video Astronomy!
  188. First Successful Night with Remote Control Rig
  189. Friday Session
  190. focal reducer for my DSO-1
  191. Another beginner question about filters with my Infinity
  192. Second light with Infinity
  193. Sharpcap darks and black lines
  194. New Optec focal reducer for my Infinity is here...
  195. ICX825 based camera test results
  196. Question about Sharpcap setting
  197. LRGB with the Mono Atik Infinity
  198. First Attempt with an LPI-G Color (First Astronomy Attempt Ever)
  199. First attempt with ASI224MC
  200. I want to control and view a Canon 60da with an I pad
  201. Atik Infinity... I heard it coming
  202. Look at my Telescope and observation site
  203. A trip to the electronics store today?
  204. ZWO ASI290 MM First Light
  205. Mallincam Micro EX
  206. Finally able to actually get my toes wet
  207. Atik Infinity
  208. ASI224 and DSO, need tutorial
  209. ASI224....which software please?
  210. New video astronomy computer
  211. Revolution Imager... included screen or laptop
  212. Question regarding the ZWO ASI224MC
  213. Dipping my toes... Revolution Imager on it's way
  214. Orion Skyview Pro 8" telescope on the AVX at a dark site
  215. Orion LCD DVR question
  216. Back focus?
  217. First try at Milk-way animation
  218. Rain!!
  219. Orion Skyview Pro video setup
  220. Imaging with my cheap Celestron Travel Scope
  221. Sharpcap 2.9's Polar Alignment Feature
  222. Nebulae and Cluster in Sagittarius
  223. Some captures from last night
  224. M27 Dumbbell, Different ways to process
  225. New to video, need some direction!
  226. Revolution Imager with EXT 80
  227. M13 and M57 yes, M101 no
  228. DSO-1 Advice
  229. Peltier Cooling ZWO Cams for Solar Imaging
  230. RS-232 on Revolution Imager ?
  231. Camera Damage from Inadvertant IR During White Light Solar Session
  232. Won a Starlight Express Ultrastar
  233. Can an ASI224MC be used for basic EAA?
  234. Case study of an inexpensive low-end Windows tablet for video astronomy
  235. Mars, Saturn and Arcturus Celestron PowerSeeker 80EQ
  236. Am I expecting too much?
  237. Win 10 Tablet Instead of a TV Monitor
  238. Mars polar cap???
  239. filters for my DSO-1
  240. question about sharpcap 2.8
  241. MP4 conversion
  242. Mercury Transit Time Lapse
  243. Mercury Transit Live
  244. what capture software are you using
  245. Astro Video Setup
  246. Europa Transit of Jupiter Video
  247. Some early results with SkyRaider DS2.3+
  248. Some Globulars from Sunday
  249. Broadcasting On Line
  250. Video Jupiter, Skywatcher Mak 127/1500 GoTo - web cam