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  1. Preferred No-Polaris Alignment Sequence (CEM25P)
  2. CEM60EC always parks at horizon
  3. Re: Auto Guiding and the iOptron Cubes..How to
  4. SAO catalog on iOptron Hand controller?
  5. CEM60 auto zero position
  6. Ieq45 pro gps and alignment issues
  7. New CEM60 owner trying to figure out wiring
  8. CEM60 PEC & Guiding
  9. Can not connect to SkyTools Pro3
  10. SkyFi and SkySafari with iOptron ieq45 Pro Dual AZ
  11. CEM60 Guiding Rate
  12. iOptron CEM25 - wich tripod?
  13. setting latitude
  14. CEM25 RA housing warm?
  15. CEM60 or CEM120
  16. Broke 12V port port on Ioptron 30
  17. Great deal on a CEM60....but...always a but.
  18. Excited
  19. iOptron Skytracker Pro question on lower lattitude alignment
  20. PHD2 not getting merdian flip (side-of-pier) from iOptron ASCOM driver
  21. ioptron minitower pro
  22. ieq45 or25 to uprade from AVX
  23. ZEQ25GT DEC Delay
  24. Some basic questions re alignment and goto
  25. Smokin deal on a CEM60 but........
  26. When to use a counterweight extension on iEQ45 Pro?
  27. ioptron power supply connection
  28. Is this for real !
  29. IOptron ZEQ25 Replacement Lat. Locking T-bolt
  30. Great deal on a Zmount!
  31. Smart Eq pro & PHD2 guiding.... i need some help on this one...:)
  32. Another great deal on a CEM25 mount.
  33. Great deal on CEM25
  34. Alignment issues
  35. Balancing a CEM60
  36. Any users auto guiding with a current model of cube mount
  37. Cheap Weights for CEM60
  38. Ioptron's COmmander
  39. A Great Deal!
  40. Where are iOptron products manufactured
  41. Possible to track ISS with SmartEQ Pro?
  42. Great deal on a Zmount!!
  43. IEQ45 pro new firmware
  44. CEM60, New Firmware Available
  45. Great deal on a CEM60 rig
  46. iOptron & QHY Customer Service = Happy Customer
  47. Great deal on a CEM60!
  48. Links / References for All Things CEM60?
  49. Ioptron Az Mount Pro
  50. A real deal!
  51. CEM60 zero position automatically?
  52. Loaded for bear or how not to load an alt az mount
  53. Mount iOptron SmartEQ Pro
  54. go2nova star catalog integrity check failed
  55. Ioptron tripod azimuth adjustment pin thread size.
  56. ZEQ25 tune up addendum to Paul Chasse's ZEQ25 tune up
  57. Solution: IOptron ZEQ25 Polar Scope LED blowing or shorting out
  58. Kudo's to Ioptron Customer Service
  59. Cant connect Laptop to CEM60 mount
  60. CEM25 makes strange noise. Please help
  61. CEM 25 - RA Issue? or Just Me?
  62. Great deal!!
  63. About CEM25's Latitude Locking T -bolt
  64. ZEQ 25 autoguider port?
  65. New CEM25 owner here, anyone out there have this mount?
  66. Problem with Guiding "Spikes"
  67. CEM60 guiding rate
  68. Tri-Pier help needed
  69. Great deal on a Zmount folks.
  70. IOptron ZEQ25GT - Problem not Switching on
  71. Great deal on a IEQ30 mount.
  72. new CEM60 - HELP !!
  73. CEM60-EC RA drift issue
  74. Autoguiding my iEQ45 Pro problem solved
  75. CEM60 auxilliary USB connector
  76. iOptron CEM60 mod to altitude adjustment knob
  77. CEM25 and laptop not talking
  78. CEM60 gear switches
  79. CEM25 with autoguider vs CEM25EC?
  80. ZEQ25 & C9.25 unguided (with some iPhone app help)
  81. Computer not finding my CEM60 that I have hooked up
  82. My first attempt autoguiding with slightly overloaded SmartEQ Pro!
  83. Problems with new Smarteq orienting
  84. Firmware Rollback?
  85. ZEQ25/CEM25 Case requirements
  86. Setting up a side by side rig on a Zmount
  87. Running cables through the CEM60
  88. iOptron starfi best wifi unit?
  89. IEQ45 pro az and tri-pier issues
  90. Correction: Firmware Error is for the CEM25EC
  91. V5astro mods
  92. New Polemaster alignment camera now available for our mounts.
  93. New CEM120 mount listed on OPT site
  94. CEM60 polar scope adjustment
  95. iOptron firmware updates
  96. CEM60 counterweight screws
  97. ZEQ25GT firmware upgrade error
  98. 12" zeq pier i built
  99. iEQ45Pro Periodic error recording advice needed please
  100. CEM25 or IEQ30 Pro?
  101. CEM25 owners
  102. iOptron and the Polar iterate align option
  103. Slop in RA of my ieq45pro
  104. Skytracker setup on their tripod
  105. ZEQ25 Computer Software
  106. ZEQ25GT misbehaving. Slewing and snapping back to Zero
  107. Loose telescope mounting head
  108. Locks on R.A and DEC Adjustment?
  109. No luck downloading FTDI software for usb to RS232 converter
  110. SmartEQ Pro: 1440mm too much to ask of this mount?
  111. ZEQ25 to CEM25 upgrades now available
  112. MT Pro w/ES 127ed?
  113. Q on SmartEQ Pro
  114. Most weight sucsesssfully used on your ZEQ25 series.
  115. ZEQ25GT RA play with engaged gear switch
  116. ZEQ25GT PhD graph
  117. Zeq25 polar scope axis not aligned with the mount axis
  118. Cube Pro Pc control Help needed.
  119. Finally, some practice with the SmartEQ Pro, I chose M31. Weirdness ensued.
  120. New: CEM25 and CEM25EC
  121. ZEQ25 alignment during the day for solar use, how?
  122. Go2Nova Handcontroller RJ9 to DB9 pinout?
  123. CEM60 Periodic Error 3.49 arcseconds peak to peak!
  124. First ever fully successful DA on the ZEQ
  125. iEQ45Pro sanity check
  126. ZEQ25GT won't stop after slewing
  127. iEQ45 PRO aluminium case
  128. iEQ45 PRO Polar scope question.
  129. oh dear god..No wonder my drift alignments are always out !
  130. iEQ45PRO just arrived! (help needed)
  131. Succesful CEM60 meridian flip with SGPro
  132. iEQ45 PRO Polar align scope question.
  133. ZEQ Polar Align method
  134. iOptron SmartEQ Pro - Can't see through polar scope!
  135. iOptron Mod For Cheap and easy Bluetooth Control for SmartEQ Pro - $10 to $15 [VIDEO]
  136. MTII and Handedness
  137. SmartEQ Pro - When figuring minutes behind UT, do I count DST or not?
  138. Zeq25 on a 16" Sirius pier.
  139. My Smart EQ Pro Dec. motor died
  140. Ioptron "Anti Backlash" settings ZEQ25
  141. iOptron Commander 3.11 a bit of a let down.
  142. New CEM60/CEM60eC firmware available
  143. iOptron SmartEQ portable GOTO GEM missing controller cable
  144. Polar scope focusing on the iOptron SmartEQ Pro
  145. CEM 120 announcement
  146. CEM60 delivery, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and maybe 4th light ...
  147. Ioptron ASCOM driver for Zeq25gt
  148. iEQ45 Pro on order
  149. Need new feet for iOptron 2" tripod
  150. cut a gasket from a PTFE cooking sheet to sit between the scope and mount?
  151. CEM60 Polar scope or my eyes question
  152. Help !!! Firmware update problem
  153. PEC training a CEM60 - fail
  154. ZEQ25 Mini Pier is out!!
  155. Ioptron Support
  156. New Ascom and Firmware available for CEM60/iEQ45 Pro and iEQ30 Pro mounts.
  157. Ioptron the cube -E series problem.
  158. Ioptron smart eq goto mount
  159. iOptron ieq30 tripod size question
  160. CEM60-EC PE Curve
  161. Slewing help needed on CubePro
  162. SmartEQ cannot slew to planets
  163. iEQ PA error
  164. Minitower autoguide
  165. Minitower USB protocol
  166. Nice 5 minute subs with my Zmount
  167. Minitower Pro Tracking Problem
  168. Help Please iOptron SmartEQ Pro Questions
  169. ZEQ25 encoder cap fell off.....
  170. COMET LOVEJOY TAKE 4 using the ZMOUNT
  171. iOptron and EQMOD Possibility?
  172. Skyguider Polar Scope Retical Alignment Help
  173. Help needed with drift alignment on SkyTracker
  174. Double Trouble
  175. ZEQ25 Hand Controller Problem
  176. iOptron Cube Pro - Common Noise Levels
  177. IOptron .NET Drivers don't work
  178. A good Optron mount for a small ED80 refractor.
  179. Comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy finally captured with my Zmount.
  180. Need a adapter to mount a camera directly onto the CubePro's mount
  181. iOptron ASCOM v3.2 - it's out!
  182. SkyX / CEM60-EC
  183. Stellarium to ZEQ25 marriage
  184. ieq25, 3200, or 3100 for use with a DSLR?
  185. iOptron 3200 SmartEQ Pro vs. 3500 SkyDrive
  186. ZEQ25 for DSLR AP questions
  187. Should I give up?
  188. I think I'm going to like the CEM60!
  189. Skytracker beyond 200mm
  190. Problems parking CEM60 via ASCOM
  191. Cem 60 Alignment Issues
  192. How to adjust polar scope alignment in a CEM60
  193. iOptron SmartEQ Pro advice ?
  194. ZEQ25GT tracking errors and correction issue.
  195. iOptron - Versa 108 ED APO Doublet Refractor
  196. It's here!!! CEM60
  197. Tutorial video on how to control a iOptron mount with Stellarium
  198. CEM60 tips
  199. Autoguiding an ioptron mount with Meade DSI
  200. Ieq 45 guiding problem
  201. CEM60 periodic error
  202. CEM60 firmware upgrade problems - solved!
  203. CEM60 - setting park position
  204. ZEQ25GT firmware upgrade error
  205. Decision time - IEQ45 Pro or CEM60?
  206. Reasons why CEM60 doing poor GOTO's?
  207. Dan's pier plate for CEM60
  208. Goto Probem with iOptron iEQ45-Pro
  209. Bubble Level on IOptron IEQ45 PRO
  210. Discussion Thread for "Aligning and Autoguiding iOptron EQ mounts"
  211. smart eq to pro upgrade,what gears are metal
  212. ZEQ25 RA and DEC slop and zero position
  213. Ioptron 45 vs Skywatcher AZ EQ 6
  214. Fine Tuning iEQ45
  215. CEM60 availability
  216. Re: Ioptron ZEQ25gt Side-By-Mounting
  217. iOptron Ball Head
  218. iEQ45 RA clutch prob's
  219. zeq25 cable questions
  220. Want to run my cube by my computer
  221. Made a few bits for my Z!
  222. It came home!
  223. iOptron customer service
  224. ZEQ25GT RA Tracking Problem
  225. ZEQ25 Problem
  226. Another SmartEQ help me post..
  227. New SmartEQ owner
  228. iOptron SmartEQ for tracking with DSLR
  229. Ascom /PHD guiding iEq45 problem
  230. ZEQ25GT Cold Issue
  231. Zeq25 Az knob upgrade, cheap, helpful
  232. A tool for aiding the iOptron in polar alignment (AKA the "mousetrap")
  233. Discussion: Polar Aligning with a iOptron Polar Scope
  234. Polar Aligning with a iOptron Polar Scope
  235. ioptron cube pro max payload
  236. Computer control for iOptron IEQ30
  237. Mini Tower Pro Problems and Fixes
  238. Thread sizes on ZEQ
  239. What do 'arc seconds' mean for mounts?
  240. Steady as a Rock the Zmount Be!
  241. Skyfi,skysafari and mini tower pro 8401 hand contoller
  242. rs232 to usb adapter
  243. missing ZEQ25 paperwork
  244. Mc90 ???
  245. Thinking about getting a ZEQ25GT
  246. V5 AstroWorks replacement knobs for the ZEQ25GT test report.
  247. Using PEC with the ZEQ25
  248. Ioptron Polar Scope alignment
  249. ZEQ25 - nothing but problems
  250. ZEQ25 POTH Multitasking