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  1. What does this message mean please
  2. No avatar photo
  3. why is AF not secure
  4. lifelock hack notice my email found on dark web from hack of your site
  5. Forum Data Breach?
  6. "SUPPORT" email dectivated?
  7. wiki
  8. "necroposting"
  9. Forum donation settings
  10. And another forum woe - its certificate has expired
  11. A different look today
  12. BB code error
  13. Invalid Username
  14. Another Upgrade?
  15. Rating Threads (With Stars)
  16. After submitting a post, how long does it usually take for it to be displayed online?
  17. Problem with payment reguarding Bronze support
  18. Delete old posts?
  19. Trouble Posting
  20. Wiki
  21. Are the trolls sneaking in?
  22. Blue (hyperlinked) terms showing up in very small font
  23. Any estimate on solving the photo upload issue?
  24. New posts not showing on list.
  25. More images disappearing from threads
  26. Groups unavailable?
  27. Word Scope and Telescope not allowed in Solar Viewing Group
  28. Being tracked here.
  29. Posting images not working
  30. Question on dispalying multiple images in a single post
  31. Thanks for fixing the layout
  32. New forum appearance for me
  33. New format
  34. Image posting in thread
  35. Is it time to complain yet?
  36. Please delete my account
  37. Wtf !
  38. clearing notifications boxt
  39. Invalid Notifications
  40. Help with posting
  41. Statistics on Forum posts?
  42. How to best read forum on a phone?
  43. Not sure why my thread was closed
  44. SSL Certificate for Forum
  45. Where to report a broken link in the Wiki
  46. Ever gonna fix this?
  47. Satellite Observing Forum
  48. Account deletion
  49. Intro paragraph
  50. General/Amateur Astronomy forums closed?
  51. e-mail notification
  52. Editing the profile
  53. Donation to AF without PayPal
  54. How do I edit my signature please, I have forgotten
  55. Unexpected recurring payment schedule
  56. VigLink shopping???
  57. A wiki for things other than Messiers?
  58. new forum suggestion
  59. A way to improve AF
  60. How do I add an Article to the Forum
  61. Info bar still there after donation and 30+ posts
  62. inactive user info bar
  63. How to see Sent "Private Messages"
  64. how many posts until i am off moderation?
  65. General Astronomy Forum
  66. Donate to get rid of ads
  67. Bronze Suggestion
  68. Where is Keith bc?
  69. Threads started in Sun forum don't seem to show up in new posts search
  70. Pictures
  71. Question about Post Signature Size
  72. Message too short error message
  73. Smart Phone app for the forum...
  74. Question about Info bar! I have 30+ posts, but it's still there!
  75. Info bar
  76. Finding Forum Difficult To Use - Visually And Content Wise
  77. Still seeing message about being inactive
  78. Mobile App?
  79. How Do You Delete Images From The Forum's "File Upload Manager"?
  80. Date and time format in the forum
  81. Not Sure
  82. Astronomy Forum?
  83. Too many sub-forums
  84. Icons
  85. Content progress is good. Engagement, could it be better?
  86. "Go to first new post" button no longer working?
  87. Photos upload : Fatal error: Allowed memory size
  88. Profile Signature - Size Limit??
  89. Forum question...
  90. How to say Thanks
  91. What is with all the sub sections like M78 reporting, etc.?
  92. Advertisements?
  93. Is There Anyway To Clear My Astronomy Photo Upload Queue?
  94. Forum Down?
  95. Advertisements
  96. Supporters Who Have Paid But Have Not Been Upgraded Post Here
  97. You must wait 30 seconds...
  98. Is there any way...
  99. Display and username change
  100. Is it just me??
  101. Necroposting?
  102. My blog is in reverse order again??
  103. Implement SSL - https
  104. Too many options!!
  105. More DB errors today? (Thanksgiving)
  106. database error loading forum pages
  107. How can I edit the title of a post (or can moderator make edit if auth req'd)?
  108. Down Again?
  109. Did the site go down last night again, or was that me?
  110. Cant use this site on my phone anymore...
  111. This website never completes downloading...
  112. Enable HTML or BB Link function in signature?
  113. Site still a bit quirky
  114. Problem with AF.net loading
  115. How about an Astrochemistry Forum?
  116. Is the site bugged?
  117. ads blocking posts
  118. Private messaging not working
  119. iPad app???
  120. Image size?
  121. Beginner's subforum going around in circles ?
  122. Search Not Working
  123. Am I stupid? Noticications and "new" likes received...
  124. Search engine errors
  125. Astrophotography Request Forum?
  126. How do I view my threads?
  127. How do I view my threads?
  128. How to edit a posted message
  129. How to switch off the pop up stop in this forum
  130. Currently on-line users
  131. Can't find my sent PM..
  132. I dont see my post ?
  133. Slow Down
  134. Stars next to thread title
  135. star party/event thread?
  136. new replies not at the end of the thread?
  137. Total members
  138. Trying to upload pics for new album and they are too big!!
  139. How do I clear notifications?
  140. How do I not get email notifications of posts?
  141. creating and maintaining a blog - how to?
  142. Notifications - how to clear?
  143. Notification alerts won't go away.
  144. Forum date format setting
  145. Remove ads, boost PM box, and more...donating
  146. Why do threads and forums not stay marked as read? Very hard to follow site
  147. Why cant I edit my posts??
  148. Forum Donations
  149. You must wait...
  150. Attaching file in private messages?
  151. Editing previous posts?
  152. Number of post before need no prior approval
  153. Notifications?
  154. question for Admins, Astrophotography Forum
  155. What's New, see more...
  156. Profile glitch
  157. Notification issues..
  158. Why vertical wording
  159. Large blank page
  160. Can't respond to a private message!
  161. Trouble viewing forum threads??
  162. Where are "the rules"?
  163. Avatar photo
  164. Live Chat or Shoutbox?
  165. Having trouble viewing profile
  166. Dark Ages Post
  167. Archive private messages?
  168. First post on each page of thread has no text
  169. Like and Thanks.
  170. Notifications not disappearing/Profile Pic?
  171. Starting Messier 40 Photos
  172. Can't reply to my own post
  173. Blank page ?
  174. RSS Feed Subscriptions
  175. Events Section???
  176. Username change
  177. email notifications missing
  178. Suggest this improvement to this forum
  179. Has the AF interface slowed down?
  180. Getting an error code
  181. Delete Post button not working
  182. Need account assistance
  183. Changes to Forum?
  184. A question regarding posting links
  185. OMG, I've been banned and been relocated to China
  186. Calling All Moderators!
  187. Unable to download files
  188. Missing M30 Award Icons
  189. Finding my way round the Forum
  190. what did I do,.,No tool bar
  191. The difference between Astronomy Forum and forums about other subjects
  192. replying to threads
  193. Slow Typing/errors here at AF?
  194. Some help please to delete double post
  195. Page Lag Loading Problems
  196. Admin help
  197. Issue for newbies
  198. Anyone else having issues with images on the forum?
  199. Signing in from smaller screens is painful due to Luigi.
  200. Threads being marked as read/unread in seemingly random ways...
  201. 35 posts, uh-huh? 50 posts, yeah, sure...
  202. Mixing up replies.
  203. Notification Bar is driving Chrome NUTS - one CPU Core @ 100%
  204. Almost impossible to sign up from mobile
  205. Attaching files to Private Messages or replies to PMs
  206. Posting a message in a group forum.
  207. OH my lord.....
  208. Sign up problems
  209. UPloading problems
  210. notifications
  211. rorum
  212. Can't login to site on moto g
  213. Vendor Bashing
  214. why am i getting this
  215. Double-posts happening to others?
  216. Notifications
  217. post problems
  218. Reported posting times
  219. How to search for more than one word?
  220. Forum Froze My Browser
  221. Logging in every 10 min
  222. I'm back!
  223. Wacky forum behavior
  224. Asked And Answered!
  225. Can't view attached pictures with IE 11
  226. Spanish (??) language titles on buttons
  227. Colour choices in the new "Astrobook" bar.
  228. Thread Notifications for Thread Activity after My Reply but not for Threads I Started
  229. Notifications won't clear?
  230. What Happened?
  231. This isn't really a forum
  232. Attachments? Is there any way to delete old ones from "Manage Attachments"?
  233. Is the notification system ever going to get fixed?
  234. AF Crashes
  235. "What did I see?" forum?
  236. Trouble seeing posts
  237. Noticed AF went offline today. Any knowledge?
  238. Dark Forum Skin!?
  239. Hi Mods, my "Notification" fields are blank...
  240. Is Forum having issue updating Recently Updated marking in Forum Thread Lists ??
  241. How do I...?
  242. I'm getting this warning message when posting to this forum
  243. Unable to see first post in any thread on IOS
  244. Active Links In Signature Block
  245. New bar
  246. Where can I edit a post?
  247. Telescope Forum
  248. It's only temporary but....
  249. tried to upload photos but......
  250. Still got irritating little man