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  1. Liquid mirror
  2. Buidling a wooden tripod.
  3. unconventional 20''
  4. my travel 10'' dobson in a laptop bag
  5. Distortion Free Newtonian
  6. What size is thread in drawtube of Explore Scientific 2inch RP focuser?
  7. Laser assisted polar alignment on the equator
  8. APPS polar Alignment
  9. new 10inch parabolic mirror
  10. DIY Dew Heater Version #1 Failure - Need Advice!
  11. DIY Dew Controller
  12. What mirror to grind?
  13. DIY TEC cooler for ZWO CMOS camera
  14. Modular counterweight
  15. Want to build a refractor?
  16. I want to add degrees to my dob telescope
  17. doing another mirror -- 10 inch for astrophotography project
  18. Wanted Spider Mount 8" 231 mm tube
  19. Dew heater band diy
  20. How I set up my battery box.
  21. Modifying a Dual Axis Motor controller
  22. D.I.Y telescope items, any use to anyone?
  23. About two products that can do a real mirror surface
  24. Zhumell Z12 on a Wedge?!
  25. DIY Guide Scope
  26. Anyone did try some protective coatings against oxidations over the silver surface ?
  27. Were I can find the formula to calculate the primary focal for a ready made maksutov
  28. DIY Pier from the scrap pile
  29. How much it could worth ?
  30. Using power tools for mirror making.
  31. DIY wooden case for scope?
  32. Home assembled 6" F5 Newt
  33. Focuser for 6" F5 Newt.
  34. Build - A 12" Dobsonian with OnStep control
  35. Binocular build.
  36. Positioning of mirror, recommended books?
  37. Power supply for complete rig
  38. Grinding tin mirror without a tool.
  39. 3D Printing Astronomy Equipment
  40. Making a Galilean Telescope....
  41. Inexpensive replacement Telrad base plate screw
  42. Possibly interesting observation regarding lighting choice
  43. Captive connectors for making truss systems
  44. Lens cell - is it suitable for telescope?
  45. EXOS Nano with barndoor drive
  46. Substitute for expencive telescope mirrors.
  47. DIY Dobsonian for Astromaster 130
  48. Powerbox project
  49. Good and bad news about my compact mount
  50. Idea: mini-telrad?
  51. Clamp for collapsible truss
  52. Attempting DIY focal reducer for SCT
  53. Disassembly of a ED refractor
  54. Power socket mod heq5
  55. Meade field tripod leg replacement and/or modification?
  56. need some balancing information for special system
  57. Regulated or switched power supply?
  58. The Eagleheaf Design/Build Thread: A 10" f/5 DIY Dobsonian
  59. Negative coma
  60. DIY *portable* EQ tracking mount for astrophotograhy
  61. [Easy!] Attaching a GSO 10:1 Newt focuser to C925, C11, C14
  62. Dobsonian-How to choose mirror size
  63. P-Mount Build (plywood)
  64. Possibly going to push an Observatory and more for my City
  65. Barn Door Tracker
  66. A semi-permanent pier
  67. Diy Dewalt drill case as eyepiece / accessories carry case
  68. DIY telescope
  69. Equatorial pipe mount
  70. Latitude-mod
  71. Box for EQ6 mount - reclaiming bits and pieces
  72. Surplus Shed Objectives - 5" and 6".
  73. Compact mount for astrophotography
  74. Need help with gearing for my 8 inch zummel telescope.
  75. Need help making a eq1 RA-only autoguider
  76. Rocker box not square.
  77. 3D Printed Hartmann Mask for Astromaster 130eq
  78. $10 ETX tripod adapter
  79. Leveling a Non-adjustable Tripod
  80. DIY Counterweight
  81. cheap & effective autoguiding setup DYI
  82. Small homemade battery box
  83. My motorised focuser for Astromaster 130
  84. Received my electroluminans-panel today
  85. My DIY light panel for flats
  86. DIY EQ fork mount, using OnStep for guiding, feasability question
  87. How to gently clean a real dusty mirror
  88. Inexpensive 127mm achromatic objective to build out
  89. New Dobbie mount for an existing OTA
  90. Power supply for astro imaging
  91. Sourcing a Jones-Bird corrector doublet?
  92. "Junkyard" mini-Mak
  93. Making a compact mount for wide field astrophoto
  94. steel pier with arm
  95. Z12 Setting Circle
  96. A new/ old tool for planetary and double star observing
  97. Neat trip planned next month
  98. Tinkering with my First Telescope
  99. Questions about telescope making
  100. Building my first telescope, a build log. Please cretique!
  101. High Visibility Paint
  102. make an eyepiece holder for leica 77
  103. Making a telescope case.
  104. A couple more up grades
  105. Finally bought a new focuser to replace on the Coulter Odyssey Compact
  106. I want/need a manual for building a telescope
  107. Help needed for re-constructing my 8 inch F/2.9 Newtonian?!
  108. Transforming an old Coulter Odyssey Compact 10.1
  109. My "new" solar scope
  110. AZ mounting board
  111. Crayford focuser single speed to dual speed.
  112. Solar telescope ideas
  113. Ioptron tri-pier column adapter for mounting USB hub
  114. My 3" Copyscope
  115. Truss telescope design questions
  116. SE Scotland Members - Lathe needed
  117. What lens should I buy
  118. Mirror cell manufactured by? Use or replace?
  119. old mirrors how to fix/refurbish
  120. fixing goto scopes or convert to manual AZ mounts?
  121. Beginner in need of help:
  122. Dobsonian mount for my 114az
  123. Under construction: a 65mm f/10 reflector
  124. Open source remote controlled flip Bahtinov mask and lamp
  125. Design Ideas from newbie, comments wanted
  126. Mirror materials, why not stainless steel?
  127. 9 Micron Fiber Optic Artificial Star
  128. Mirrors or diagonals for more comfortable viewing through Binocs?
  129. DIY solar mylar photography filters
  130. Has anyone tried using achromatic close-up lens for a camera as a finder or objective
  131. What size sonotube is supposed to be used for an 8in mirror?
  132. cross hair eyepiece ?
  133. barn door tracker motor controller
  134. 2nd mirror cell thread
  135. John Dobson how-to
  136. 6in Dall-Kirkham
  137. Homemade pier
  138. 3D printed Tri-Bahtinov mask
  139. Diy solar filter
  140. DIY solar filter
  141. Extra 6in Mirror Kit and what to do with it
  142. Optical tube length
  143. Dob mount for coulter 13.1
  144. anyone using their own DIY guide camera based on.....
  145. 16.5" f3.5 dob build
  146. Homemade Dobsonian 8 inch
  147. 10 inch f5 or so I am told mirror gift
  148. Questions on sub-diameter tile tools
  149. Steampunking my SCT - a slow evolution
  150. Feet for a dob base
  151. Adjustable bearings
  152. First Test - Even Lower Cost Mk2 Dual Axis Autoguider
  153. Optimizing an off-axis reflector system?
  154. Slow motion
  155. Stepper motors...
  156. Tricking up rigidity on a DIY wedge
  157. DSLR Cool Box Testing
  158. ATM Workshop
  159. My $1 scope case (well, sorta $1...)
  160. Video How To - Skywatcher NEQ6 Rowan Astronomy Belt Modification
  161. DSLR Cool Box, I gave in...
  162. Does anyone make or machine precision worm gears?
  163. DIY 1.25" Coma Corrector
  164. pitch lap
  165. DIY Low Cost EQ2 Guiding
  166. EQ6 Polar Scope dimenshions...
  167. Telrad power
  168. 16" mirror grinding problem
  169. barn door tracker
  170. I'm planning building an EQ platform
  171. EP from old Minolta camera lens
  172. Lightweight tubing for a newt ?
  173. eq1 RA-only autoguider
  174. Alternative to the Celestron SkyPortal WiFi Adapter
  175. Old camera lens on FUJIFILM X-A1
  176. My automated focuser project
  177. Installing auto focuser on Orion 8" f4 newt astrograph
  178. Homemade anti vibration pads
  179. Cheap and dirty Dob EQ Platform - it works!
  180. Integrated Filter Slide/Wheel
  181. The Plagiarized Bin Bashed Bino Beam
  182. 11-inch Ultima alt. brake repair
  183. Telrad Frost Control
  184. Threaded inserts... how too?
  185. Building a German Equatorial Mount
  186. Basket Case Atlas...Time to overhaul
  187. Waiting on the new 9.25" SCT so I rolled some aluminum
  188. Can I chuck a blue-sky thought to you diyers
  189. Made me a tripod dolly
  190. Looking for Celestron part: altitude lock clamp for old 11" SCT
  191. Sketching station (aka "The pilot kneeboard sketching tools holder thing")
  192. Counterweights...
  193. Truss Pole Covering
  194. Who has made their own shroud?
  195. Home maid variable aperture stop...
  196. Vixen dovetail, patent?
  197. What determines when a prism reflect or disperses
  198. Will a mirror or a prism to help my son see better.
  199. How to remove sheared bolt
  200. Replacement motor board for DS
  201. Functional Steampunk glasses-mounted telescope
  202. making worm gears
  203. Shortening A Draw Tube
  204. DIY Viewing Hood (aka Über Hoodie)
  205. TwinStar 150-1400 F9.3 Focuser Upgrade Build Log
  206. All terrain port-o-dob
  207. DIY digital setting circles
  208. How Do You Organize
  209. A problem of Balance
  210. QSI 12 volt power cable
  211. Single lens for DIY refractors
  212. 6" f/6 design
  213. Help with Figuring!
  214. Twilight I eyepiece tray
  215. DIY Orion Atlas ALt/AZ Knobs
  216. DIY Electric Motor Focuser
  217. DIY Scope Cart / Scope Buggy
  218. DIY mount for riflescope as a finderscope
  219. Green Laser Pointer and DIY Explore Scientific Mount
  220. DIY Dobsonian mount for a 114mm reflector
  221. $15 DIY rails for SCT, but not without major issues.
  222. O-ring size - TPO 6" f/9 Richey-Chretien OTA
  223. Light shield for my dob
  224. Learning something new
  225. HELP dont understand foucault test
  226. chips in mirrors edge
  227. Bevelling a mirror?
  228. Cleaning the sensitive bits
  229. Is it cheaper to
  230. My Arduino telescope focuser
  231. Respay advise
  232. Stuck on primary mirror
  233. Twilight I foot pad fix
  234. DIY collimation cap 1.25 or 2 inch?
  235. 80mm PVC f6.6 Refractor Build
  236. Fighting TELRAD Dew!
  237. grinding tool radius?
  238. New Base on wheels for my Dobs
  239. First telescope
  240. 150/750 focusing tube standard dimensions
  241. My first DIY Alt-Az Mount
  242. DIY eyepiece case finished...
  243. Motorized focuser
  244. Denver Observer's Chair
  245. New Old Glass and a long term project.
  246. Refractor Lenses From Antares and Focal Lengths
  247. Telescope Making With John Dobson
  248. ALT bearing radius
  249. Lightweight Tubes for a 6"
  250. Motor Controllers for Custom Mount