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  1. Buying a new telescope, looking for recommendations
  2. Celestron 130 SLT - Unable to align
  3. W.O. GT81 (2013) and ZWO EAF? anyone tried this?
  4. Nexstar 6SE
  5. 506 cable for ETX-70AT
  6. Bresser Messier not here?
  7. Choice of short tube refractor telescope
  8. Konus motormax 90 as first telescope? What do you think about it?
  9. Views about the Explore Scientific ED 115mm refractor sought. . .
  10. Anyone ever attached a Meade ETX90 OTA to a Celestron SLT mount?
  11. orion astroview on cg4 mount
  12. Telescope with video output
  13. How to collimate an achromatic refractor (Meade Adventure)
  14. 6se, 6 eveolution vs 8se 8 evolution
  15. new mount on order!
  16. new telescope day! mini review
  17. Skywatcher ED80 Esprit Reducer ?
  18. Recomendations for a reflector telescope for imaging
  19. 4" refractors
  20. Celestron 6 Inch F/8 Achromatic Vs. Explore Scientific AR 6 Inch F/6.5 Achromatic
  21. Any Recommended Retailers?
  22. Collumation with Threadlock?
  23. A warning for April 6/7 of this year
  24. Meade LX70
  25. Clearance needed with a Newtonian tube with AZ pro
  26. WO GT81 APO adapter question
  27. Meade LXD75 with autoguiding trough PHD2
  28. First scope decision, validation required
  29. Cleaning small amounts of dust off of optics using canned "air"?
  30. Refracctor Lens Cleaning
  31. Orion CT80 and 80ST and the Meade Infinity 80mm
  32. DIY Dew Heater
  33. eq6 direct cable (shoestring)
  34. Skywatcher Dobson Focus Problem
  35. Need assistance please with first telescope telescope
  36. Sloppy Rack & Pinion Focuser
  37. Star Diagonal
  38. Ultimate outreach scope
  39. AutoStar #497 issue & solution???
  40. Have decided it is time to upgrade
  41. My first time trying to collimate
  42. Steam Punk Telescope
  43. What size screws do I need for my SCT?
  44. cheapest/best 100 or 90mm refractor?
  45. AT2FF with SCT?
  46. Guidescope question!
  47. New guidescope
  48. Warning: Use caution dealing w/ Zhumell Z8 Deluxe Dobsonian Reflector from Amazon
  49. First light with 8" SCT with Advanced VX mount
  50. Tariffs?
  51. Bausch & Lomb Maksutov-Cassegrain f/10 D80mm F800mm
  52. B&L Criterion 4000
  53. DS-114 setup issues
  54. Should I Use Astromart?
  55. broken o-ring for finder scope--replacement ideas?
  56. JIS screw drivers
  57. SV Little Rascal first light
  58. Comet Hunter coming my way
  59. CPC800 help needed on grey areas for newbie
  60. Counterweight caper
  61. My new "Super Finder" telescope
  62. New William Optics GT102 First Impressions
  63. Should I buy a Skywatcher p130?
  64. Why are PST and other solar scopes still so expensive.
  65. Vintage Telescope???
  66. Gskyer telescopes business closed
  67. new kind of telescope
  68. Aw, nice, must be for the women
  69. Removing dust cover from Apertura Dobsonian Telescope
  70. Tal 150K Information needed
  71. It arrived, the SCT Collimation torch but what is the small piece of plastic for ?I??
  72. Looking for a second scope
  73. Just found out that the 120mm scope I bought comes with a losmandy dovetail bar which
  74. Synscan & Nexstar handsets
  75. Help me 12dob and 200mm users
  76. Galileo Telescope Users??
  77. James Webb Space Telescope - Can't come soon enough for me!
  78. Telescope lucky accident. ever dropped your telescope?
  79. Someone wants to donate Meade LX200R 14” to our observatory
  80. Paracorr Type 2
  81. Celestron Omni XLT 120 - good upgrade?
  82. First ... uh.. clouds?
  83. Meade 2x or 3x Barlow?
  84. LX90 with a twist.
  85. Becoming increasingly frustrated with my new WO scope
  86. The really expensive scopes (not the Taks) - are they worth it?
  87. Orion starblast 6: analysis and review
  88. William Optics 2 questions
  89. Eye Piece storage question....
  90. Takahashi FSQ106 or FC100DF?
  91. Tracking Rate for Sun
  92. Vixen R150S
  93. Cheap telescope to see Rings of Saturn
  94. CGX-L or MyT?
  95. Astro-Tech 6" f/9 RC Or The TPO 6" f/9 RC -- Which Do I Choose?
  96. A $3k budget and uncertainty of how best to use it!!
  97. 102/1000 o 120/1000 rifrattore?
  98. Mount for tracking the sun: EQS, Polaris, CG4, or what? Also balancing question.
  99. My dolly for newly acquired MeadeLX200EMC 10"
  100. Dealing with aperture fever -- when to go bigger
  101. Scopes specifications equivalents
  102. Where do I find one of these thingies?
  103. Clouds and rain likely to persist in the Carolinas ...
  104. How Far do You Travel on the Ground to Apparently Cross to the Other Side of a Star?
  105. Telescope purchase for first time beginner recommendations please?
  106. Meade LXD75 mount disassemble to cleanup?
  107. SW skyliner 200p .VS. GSO dobson N 200/1200
  108. Arguments for and against buying a telescope
  109. Primary mirror
  110. Purchase advice for a newb
  111. Coin toss - Used Orion Skyview 8" or New Celestron Omni 6" reflectors...
  112. SkyLine 10" and Zhumell Z10" dobs are now the same price...
  113. Big Sky-watcher USA truss dobs coming.
  114. Jason 311 no sight? (Newb)
  115. What additional eyepieces should i get with Zhumell Z10?
  116. Skywatcher 200P EQ5
  117. What can i expect Mars to look like from a Z10 Dob?
  118. Telescope Differences Question
  119. New to Forum and Gazing
  120. Quandry
  121. Narrowed down to Orion StarSeeker IV 127mm vs Orion XT10i
  122. Will this work as a cheap substitute dew controller?
  123. Best for begginer - Celestron Powerseeker 127EQ or 114EQ?
  124. A new telescope system? This may be really cool for the hobby.
  125. Reqesting Advice on Purchase of Scope for Astrophotography & Viewing
  126. synscan firmware update problem
  127. Astronomer's dream view famous 100" scope
  128. Throwing money at problems (another what to buy thread)
  129. Explore Scientific | First Light
  130. Advice Choosing a Grab and GOTO
  131. GSO RC8" & dust motes
  132. Skywatcher 10" Dobsonian vs Orion Starshoot G3
  133. GSO RC8 & Collimation
  134. Focus problem - Would an electronic focuser help?
  135. Cheshire Collimation. Recommendations?
  136. Hello, I need some insight on which Telescope to choose from.
  137. Orion, why the premium?
  138. Discovery telescopes?
  139. Reflector in a backpack??
  140. Need some help to understand whats needed.
  141. New Scope!
  142. Collimating DS-2130 Bird-Jones. Help
  143. Which PA method to use?
  144. Focal length, and focus spot from primary mirror
  145. WilliamOptics (feedback?)
  146. Help Buying telescope with different brand lenses
  147. Attempt to set up Celestron OAG, a total failure wasting a good imaging night, help!
  148. Quick View for Jupiter
  149. Show us your department-store telescope!
  150. > Celestron C6-S GT XLT Advanced Series 6" Schmidt-Cassegrain or just the mount?
  151. Opinion on 600mm range Refractor
  152. Astro Master 130 EQ
  153. How do you work out backlash
  154. Orion/Synscan
  155. Scratches on primary question
  156. Z10 RACI Finder Scope Alignment Issue
  157. Newbie here looking for planet 9
  158. Tripping over the tripod. Here's my fix for that.
  159. Tso apo65q
  160. Takahashi CCA250
  161. ES127CF focuser housing question
  162. Help identifying and repairing scope
  163. Aldi Telescope Special Buy 26th November
  164. Zhumell Z10?
  165. just bought a used meade lx10 uhtc (really old i think)
  166. 8" Sct vs 8" Dobsonian camparison
  167. Orion Space Probe 130 ST EQ vs Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ
  168. ES 102 on Twilight I: What about the Shakes?
  169. New Scope: Skywatcher Skymax 127T
  170. Celestron 80mm refractor testing
  171. Bresser Spica 130 5" f/5 Carbon Fiber Reflector?
  172. colimention tools
  173. How should I store my SCT?
  174. Scope advice
  175. Upgrading to 10 inch Dobsonian
  176. Need "dust cap" for Celestron Omni XLT 120 - using coffee can lid
  177. RC Focusing Issue/Question
  178. Takahashi FSQ-106EDX III f/5 Astrograph
  179. How Difficult is it to Hypertune a CGEM DX Mount?
  180. How much weight can I put on my CGEM DX mount?
  181. Help Identify small SCT
  182. What is your favorite brand?
  183. Scope finder upgrade
  184. Reflecting telescopes
  185. Advice Please - Newbe Help
  186. Mirror Cleaning and telescope advice needed
  187. Losmandy G-11 21 pound counterweight
  188. New eyepiece from Green Witch.
  189. Managing eq mount counter balance weight position
  190. Adaptive Optics, Amateur optical interferometry
  191. Temperature Sensor for FeatherTouch Focuser
  192. Amp Hours
  193. Telescope Resolution
  194. Would like feedback from imagers on these scopes
  195. Starting to get the itch for something new
  196. Orion vs SkyWatcher 12" GoTo dobs ?
  197. Bresser
  198. Lunt LS50 eyepiece suggestions?
  199. 6"SCT vs. 127mm MCT
  200. SCT vs Newtonian for Astrophotography
  201. New Telescope Curse!
  202. Unitron History Project/Road Trips
  203. Replacing Fork Mount
  204. How many computerized telescopes exist in the world?
  205. MEADE LX90 10" First Light!!
  206. NEW SCOPE!! I bought a
  207. Ritchey–Chrétien telescope, A Question on Optics
  208. Galileo brand telescopes
  209. Orion 10022 StarMax 90mm or Celestron 76LCM Computerized Telescope
  210. Barlow vs Barlow for Newtonian Reflector
  211. Celestron LCM 114 (4.5-inch) GOTO Reflector Telescope Review
  212. Vibration
  213. Update to Rodney Dangerfield of telescopes.
  214. Replacing the center screw holding the secondary
  215. landscape photographer, beginner into astrophotography, budget limit $500
  216. Goto telescope for DSO's ?
  217. Rodney Dangerfield of telescopes....
  218. Telescope problems.
  219. Focal length, does it matter?
  220. Curious mini scopes website
  221. grab and go scope?
  222. Apertura sweetens the deal
  223. Celestron 102 SLT
  224. Using a hand truck for moving an Apertura AD12
  225. 1960 Tasco 60mm f/15 Telescope
  226. Having your cake and eating it?
  227. Quite a Setback
  228. Apertura AD10 Ordered
  229. Polar Alignment Retical Illumination
  230. Vixen SXD2 - A Wonderful Experience
  231. Which losmandy plate for ES102 APO?
  232. Kenko Sky Explorer Series
  233. Need Suggestions on a Guide Scope Package
  234. Just a little rant on a very nice Swarovski AT80-HD
  235. Recommended retailer...
  236. What New Telescope To Get
  237. AT6RC/LXD55 combo from CL
  238. Need some telescope advice.
  239. Dobsonian comparison
  240. How is MEADE's service/support NOW? Has it got better?
  241. Bushnell Reflector Voyager 100MM x 4.5inches advice on Accessories?
  242. Big Thanks and late Birthday wishes to Pitter
  243. Permanently removing corrector/barlow from Bird Jones
  244. Nipon 300X76 Dobsonian scope
  245. New to astrophotography
  246. SynScan rs-232 commands
  247. Help me pick a new telescope
  248. Helped my boss chose a scope for his son
  249. New scope and a few questions.
  250. Takahashi FC-100 vs Takahashi FC-100DF