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  1. CEM40 EC Review - P{art 1
  2. Orion SkyView Pro, Too Stiff?
  3. Lx-70 new mount :)
  4. EQDrive goto system by Astroproservice - help with settings
  5. Anyone Ever Use The Setting Circles ON The Versago II Mount
  6. Apologies to everyone in the midAtlantic
  7. Losmandy az8 alt / az mount
  8. Lx-70 dual axis drives
  9. Actual load capacity of SW EQ3 head only
  10. Tripod for Skywatcher AZ-5
  11. CGX-L RA switch fail
  12. A interesting modification to the Vixen AXJ mount
  13. Meade LX-85 Equatorial mount.
  14. eq8 mount ra dying
  15. Can EQMOD do backlash adjustment for Atlas EQ-G ???
  16. NexStar+ without usb?
  17. cgx-l mount with nexstar+ hand control
  18. AGadget - The SimpleDreamEQ and EQStar upgrade mount kits.
  19. new CEM60 installed in the POD
  20. CGX-L. polar align, camera or scope?
  21. AVX declination backlash - PHD2
  22. G11 quit tracking
  23. New mount ordered
  24. No Joy - Malfunctioning DEC Lock - Meade LX50
  25. Are Encoders Worth The $$$
  26. Scope Buggy with Big Tires...(tyres?) anyone??
  27. Compass directions of iOPtron CEM' 60 polarscope view
  28. 4SE Manual Mount Advice
  29. REVIEW of the equatorial Skywatcher EQM-35 mount
  30. Cone value in AVX.
  31. Seeking advice on getting a budget alt-az mount
  32. Ioptron CEM40 to be Announced at NEAF
  33. Online Mount Comparison Tool
  34. Pan head for tripod?
  35. Would you put a Celestron 8-inch SCT on a Twilight 1 Mount?
  36. Celestron AVX with Nextstar+ (The pre programed align "stars" are not in my view)
  37. Skywatcher eqm-35 pro wall plug
  38. Just got Celestron AVX Mount What Accessories to get started?
  39. Skywatcher Equinox 80mm with Celestron AVX mounting plate?
  40. AVX on Sale
  41. Polar alignment
  42. Stepper motor speed values for Sky Watcher AZ / EQ-6
  43. looking for any help/advice i can get please on purchase for sick child
  44. Trouble with my mount?
  45. Compass problem with mount
  46. Backlash problems on my AVX
  47. AVX tracking the sun
  48. trouble aligning new Meade LX 90
  49. Missing part
  50. iOptron CEM25
  51. Skywatcher az-eq5 play in axis solve
  52. Minimum mount required for DSLR astrophotography
  53. Guide Cam Calibration problem
  54. lx200 8 inch polar aligning with wedge
  55. Simple Leveling Mount for my OneSky AWB 130 Dobsonian
  56. EQ mount for around $500 (USD) for Astrophotagraphy?
  57. Best mount for alt-az observing?
  58. Aligning my Dobsonian
  59. G11 first AP light
  60. What is the actual payload capacity of the AVX mount
  61. DIY Fork mount?
  62. Skywatcher Az-GTI experiences?
  63. EQ mount upgrade
  64. Is this suitable for a heq5
  65. My new mount, the Losmandy G11S
  66. ASPA vs. Drift Alignment
  67. PHD2, OAG, Atlas mount guiding questions
  69. Meade XT8 OTA on CGEM II mount
  70. Mount upgrade
  71. AVX PEC Without Guiding?
  72. Celestron CGX Tripod Question
  73. iOptron Cube Pro or Az Pro?
  74. Sky-Watcher EQ6-R: Any recommendations from current owners?
  75. Skywatcher Synscan hand control V5 & PHD
  76. Interesting new mount on the scene
  77. Help with EQMOD & Atlas EQ-G
  78. iOptron won't align after DST change
  79. Old Meade Starfinder mount worth trying to save?
  80. iOptron, StarryNight and Mac osX
  81. Lubricants?
  82. Newbie repairing a No-Name Mount
  83. Cant All Star Polar Align CGem Southern hemisphere
  84. NEQ6 Adjustment Transformation.
  85. Suggestions for a table top mount
  86. Explore Scientific First Light EXOS-2GT mount for Celestron C-8
  87. AVX polar scope
  88. From the ashes...
  89. Alt az mount
  90. Lack of slo-mo on Stellarvue M2C bothersome?
  91. CGE Pro Cables
  92. Has Anyone Tried This With An AVX Mount?
  93. An expensive mistake and some lessons learned.
  94. Losmandy Titan adapter for Meade Giant Field Tripod Question
  95. Heq5 saddle upgrade
  96. Electric slow motion direction control for manual alt/az??
  97. GoTo Accuracy
  98. Twlight 1....Improved version
  99. Explore scientific 152mm and exos 2gt goto mount how to set up (NOOB)
  100. CGX Mount tracking mode question
  101. What Mount head do I have ?
  102. Is AZ the new EQ?
  103. iEXOS PMC-Eight 100 Equatorial Mount
  104. EQ6R polar scope problem?
  105. Taming the cable monster
  106. HEQ5 use with no power
  107. ETX 125 alternate mount
  108. AZGTi gremlins
  109. Cgem dx problem
  110. Problem with Orion Atlas EQ G mount
  111. My first mount
  112. Vixen Porta Mount and a C6?
  113. QA issues on Skywatcher EQ6-R pro?
  114. Losmandy AZ8 azimuth circle?
  115. Celestron C-8 Classic, early 90s, single RA drive motor ( pre-goto)
  116. 127 SLT tripod verses ETX 125 tripod
  117. StarSeeker IV 3D Printed Parts Upgrades
  118. AVX not remembering tracking mode
  119. First Outing with Starseeker IV
  120. Old wooden leg Super Polaris mount
  121. EQ5 - Sloppy RA setting circle?
  122. My new mount!
  123. Mount choices, iOptron ZEQ25 mount or iOptron smart EQ pro 3200
  124. Re: Skywatcher EQ6 Pro Mount
  125. Refork the old meade
  126. AVX home position
  127. What kind of mount is this?
  128. Short Review Sirius AZ-EQ G (same as SkyWatcher AZ-EQ5)
  129. CEM60 Cable Management
  130. Not enough balance weight? Solution
  131. Universal Vixen Style Dovetail
  132. HELP: Did I ruin my iOptron CEM25P?
  133. Out for delivery.......
  134. Orion Skyview Pro stopped working - help
  135. Slight drift in one direction
  136. Have 5 days to choose between....
  137. Anybody Own The Orion SkyView Pro EQ Mount?
  138. Lock on mount
  139. Decent Very Light AP Mount For Under $1K?
  140. Encoders on a Twilight 1?
  141. CGEMii mount usb control software
  142. EQ5 upgrade
  143. LXD75 is WAYYYYY off suddenly
  144. Polar alignment - tweaking
  145. Power supply
  146. Trust the bubble level? I think not
  147. Mount for Celestron C6 - SE or Omni GC-4?
  148. Permanent mount
  149. Old C8 fork mount.
  150. Skywatcher az/eq5
  151. First time out, RA/DEC slack and cone error
  152. Why is it so hard to pick a mount?
  153. Settings of mount
  154. New telescope and mount
  155. Removing polar scope from my new CEM60
  156. Sleepy Telescopes!
  157. 8" Dobsonian to EQ-G computerized tracking conversion
  158. Reunited with the Orion starseeker IV
  159. Attaching a DSLR directly to a mount
  160. Are there any upgrades to increase mount capacity?
  161. Anyone with a ruler and a Skywatcher EQ5 please!
  162. Anyone Own The Orion Skyview Pro EQ Mount?
  163. CGX or CGEM?
  164. Looking for a new mount?
  165. Polar Iterate align on Ioptron mounts
  166. Should I or not, CEM60?
  167. Bad Vibrations
  168. Setting circles - CG4 vs LX70 vs SVP vs Exos Nano
  169. New Skywatcher mount
  170. Barn Door Tracker
  171. CPC 800 GPS with wedge vs. 8" SCT on CGEM II mount
  172. Opinions On The ES Twilight II
  173. iOptron iEQ45 Pro mount
  174. New AVX “Guidance”
  175. Mounting 70mm travel scope onto 8inch dob?
  176. Piers - Several questions
  177. How to get into transmit mode new Nexstar handcontrol
  178. Picked up an EXOS Nano
  179. a home made auto guiding GES
  180. Who puts more than the magic 50% load on an EQ mount for AP?
  181. What Is The Strongest Alt azimuth Mount With Motor drive?
  182. iOptron iEQ30 Pro
  183. True Payload of the iOptron 30 PRO
  184. AVX mount maintenance
  185. New AVX!
  186. Power requirement Celestron VX
  187. Are there reasons other than payload to purchase a more expensive mount?
  188. Orion Atlas Dec. Balancing is difficult !
  189. IEQ45 pro or Skywatcher Eq6-r
  190. Orion Atlas Pro
  191. Single arm CPC
  192. Vixen SXP mount out of production
  193. I Optron Smart Eq mount.Go To
  194. How do i setup nexstar remote?
  195. The truth about leaving a scope on it's mount
  196. dob-sticksion
  197. Altair astro v2.0 mount god for point wher you want?
  198. Orion Skyview Pro problem
  199. Keeping SW EQ6-R outside year-round
  200. Skywatcher NEQ6 Pro Alignment, ScanInit problems
  201. How to determine if OTA is on east side or west side of mount?
  202. Eq mount madness
  203. iOptron CEM60
  204. Converting Manual into GoTo
  205. A little maintenance on a cloudy weekend
  206. Sky Watcher EQ6-R my new mount
  207. New SW EQ6-R Pro - 2 issues
  208. Early Celestron 8 Nextstar mount problem.
  209. Cg-4 RA drive issues
  210. Help Identifying Mount
  211. CGX Noise
  212. Making a GEM and new to the forum.
  213. In search of a good mount
  214. Sky Watcher EQ6-R power supply
  215. Found used Atlas EQ-G need input
  216. My "most useful" piece of equipment....
  217. Thoughts for using Nylon M3 / M4 / 1/4" Bolts on Aluminum Dovetails
  218. CGX Menu Tree
  219. Star Sense and Orion Skyview Pro
  220. orion eq-1 mount questions.
  221. SW EQ6-R vs CGX - is it worth the extra $600
  222. EQ5 mount height
  223. Losmandy G811GHD vs iOptron 65
  224. Explore Scientific Exos Nano (EQ-3) for de-forked ETX125?
  225. AVX DEC axis frozen solid
  226. CGEM II or EQ6-R
  227. Some thoughts on an old LXD75....
  228. UK Astrofest 2018 - new Vixen AP-Z alt-az mount
  229. UK Astrofest 2018 - Pushto mount with Vixen dovetail clamp
  230. UK Astrofest 2018 - Clockwork StarTracker
  231. Shipping a Used Mount
  232. Interesting times
  233. IEQ30 Pro vs Sirius EQ-G vs AZ-EQ5
  234. Skywatcher star adventurer power options
  235. Celestron CGX on order - sorry for the clouds Florida.
  236. Inexpensive Alt/Az
  237. C8 Fork Mount modification for dovetail clamp?
  238. New cgx-l
  239. ES Exos Nano EQ Mount + Meade Adventure 80
  240. Thinkng about a second mount......
  241. Help-Vixen Polaris Mount and motor Drive
  242. Celestron AVX Maintenance
  243. Upgrading astromaster 130EQMD
  244. Celestron AVX mount.
  245. A little issue..
  246. AZ-EQ5 payload question
  247. Mount for astrophotography with a camera lens
  248. Best mount to upgrade from Orion Atlas?
  249. Adapting a Classic C8 to C90 triangle lock tripod
  250. how to use PEC Tool to do PEC training for an AVX