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  1. Astrograph for near IR
  2. Apogee 152mm Refractor questions
  3. New scope ordered!
  4. Is this 4" f9.8 achro as good a deal as it looks?
  5. 3 of my favorite refractors
  6. Blackening the inside off tube-
  7. Entering front lens Bresser Messier for debris cleaning.
  8. new telescope tuning
  9. Celestron 102GT
  10. Just arrived: 150mm f/5 refractor
  11. 127mm Antares refractor
  12. How to post. Pictures. Of my telescope. In here
  13. Does. Anyone have this. Telescope a Celestron firstscope. C80. Made in japan
  14. Astromaster 130EQ-MD Help Ple
  15. Best way to store a refractor ?
  16. Newby with a questin on Astral Photography
  17. Orion Goscope III 70mm
  18. Is this Takahashi new.
  19. Skywatcher 70/700 az2
  20. Firstscope 70EQ
  21. Celestron NexStar 102 SLT vrs Meade StarNav NG 102 refractors?
  22. 80mm APO versus 120mm Achro
  23. Unitron refractor, 5 inch
  24. how to mount my refractor.
  25. Omegon 90mm?
  26. GSO 2-speed focuser on classic C80 (Vixen)
  27. When will this all end?
  28. Importance of Glass Specifications.
  29. Anyone Try One Of These Telescopes?
  30. Skywatcher StarTravel 120/600, 150/750 visual useability
  31. My E-mail from mr. Vic Maris
  32. Stellarvue Refractor
  33. StellarView SV-102 Access lens type
  34. Questions for Ownwers Of The Celestron 6" F/8 Refractor
  35. Dark site and visual "real" use of my ES102
  36. A new refractor has appeared at NEAF
  37. Clark refractor - every home should have one
  38. Refractor and mount
  39. Travel Scope.
  40. Apochromatic refractors using achromatic glass.
  41. My Swift 839 Has me Baffled
  42. Tecnosky Apochromatic refractor AP 70/350 quadruplet AG OTA
  43. My new C80
  44. Star image without and with a barlow in a F/7.5
  45. New Swarovski spotting scope...
  46. Field Curvature vs. Coma
  47. Now available for shipping to the USA
  48. Finder Scope bracket for Astro-Tech AT72EDII?
  49. "Zerochromat" telescopes
  50. Rotating the achromat lens elements
  51. Comparing the Optics on Two 70mm Refractors
  52. 300mm triplet
  53. New OTA – Meade Polaris 70
  54. Towa variable power/erect image scope
  55. Bresser AR102s 102mm f/4.5 Doublet Refractor Telescope
  56. Baader semi apo filter
  57. William Optics 73z (Visual Astronomy) Any owners able to shed some light
  58. Explore Scientific ED APO 102 mm f/7
  59. Six Inch APO Refractor Shootout
  60. Celestron 100ED Spotting Scope
  61. refractor versus binoculars
  62. Refractor 80ED Skywatcher issue Help
  63. celestron omni xlt 102 refractor
  64. APO Refractor to start out with for DSO imaging
  65. A new refractor is out.
  66. It finally arrived!
  67. ST80, The Moon, and lens cap reduction....
  68. What is my telescope worth?
  69. Adapter help
  70. Meade 130mm series 6000- Merry Christmas to Me!
  71. Highest power for a 1000mm, F8.3, 120mm refractor.
  72. Domestic violence....
  73. A continuation of "A Tale Of Two Refractors"
  74. ES AR127 Focuser
  75. How Do I Put These Lenses Back In correctly?
  76. What is a good refractor under $300 for a beginner?
  77. new telescope new diy
  78. Received my new scope
  79. Cant reach focus
  80. Short Focal Length Refractor
  81. Merry Christmas to Me
  82. Stellarvue product line revamped
  83. Lets sell a refractor or two :D
  84. Eight months with the Meade LX70 R5 refractor
  85. Bresser AR127L
  86. First Light AT 152EDT and CGEM II mount
  87. What Focal Ratio Is Best For Deep Space Objects Using A 152mm Achromatic?
  88. What Is The Average Highest Magnification You Can Get Observing The Planets?
  89. NEW Stellervue model SVX visual/imaging
  90. Nexstar GT
  91. Discombobulated Objective Calculation Groove
  92. New refractor projects
  93. Question about mounting rings on a refractor
  94. SV102T has arrived...
  95. It is very cloudy out...
  96. I'd like to upgrade my refractor
  97. refractor choice for beginner AP
  98. 1st light with Long Perng 110mm f6 APO .
  99. New Reticle View
  100. Quad apos in 80mm
  101. New Celestron offering, 80mm ST
  102. What a deal!!!!
  103. Compare ES80 vs SV80ST
  104. New scope on the way .
  105. ES152 and Baader BBHS- Issues?
  106. Budget scope for terrestrial observation
  107. Questions on making a choise on a refractor and mount
  108. This past Saturday
  109. Takahashi Blink Comparator
  110. Tak FOA60 F8.8 meets AZ-GTi
  111. Adapter/diagonal question
  112. well here's a gift idea
  113. Bresser AR 102s/ 600 focusing problem
  114. Stellarvue Access 80 SV
  115. Refractor - powerful for nebula but mobile?
  116. The best wide field refractor on a $1000 budget
  117. Trouble fitting a replacement focuser into the tube - please help
  118. Questions about the Celestron Omni XLT 120
  119. John Bryne, Telescope maker
  120. 120 mm refractor/EQ mount as a more portable alternative to a dob
  121. Finally A review Of The New Skywatcher/Evostar ProEd 150mm
  122. Orion ED80T CF triplet apo refractor first light
  123. The Orion 80ED, thoughts?
  124. Small question for the 6inch f8 owners
  125. William Optics discontinued GT81 question
  126. My new, old, retro refractor
  127. AR 102 Focuser
  128. Good idea? (AT72ED)
  129. Looking For Refractor For AP
  130. Travel scope: 70/500 vs 80/400 achromat?
  131. A Tale Of Two Refractors
  132. New “Retirement Scope” First Light
  133. Wratten Filters in Fast Achromats?
  134. Ad for scope, must be really good
  135. New telescope
  136. E-S 80 mm Essential ED Mountings
  137. First Light'ish
  138. Finally a clear night
  139. New Yard Cannon
  140. So sorry …
  141. ES 127 ED CF APO vs StellarVue125 Acess Super APO
  142. Little Astrograph – Sky Rover 70SA III review
  143. Sky-Watcher Esprit 150ED triplet F/7 on eBay
  144. Waiting for my William Optics Star71 Refractor
  145. 2" Focuser Upgrade
  146. 6" F/5 Achromatic Refractor Wide Field Eyepiece
  147. Burgess Optical CaF2 refractor
  148. refractor magnification question
  149. New AR152 (to me)
  150. Fast achro...mirror diagonal vs prism??
  151. Orion by Vixen 80mm - a question
  152. The Sky-Watcher ED Doublet 150mm Is Now For Sale
  153. Giving an old 6" refractor the Steampunk treatment
  154. The new small refractors keep coming! New Stellarvue Raptor
  155. New Vixen Refractor
  156. What Is The Best 6 Inch F/8 Achromatic Refactor?
  157. Recommendations for medium price refractor with mount
  158. Magnification in refractor
  159. Question about triplets
  160. Evostar final , ADC test
  161. Collimation question for a refractor
  162. New focuser for powerseeker 80
  163. Anyone personally used this Refractor??
  164. New AP Stowaway!
  165. My 80ED air travel kit
  166. Received a cute lil' Vixen
  167. New Sky-Watcher 120 ProED
  168. Refractors are best for light-polluted skies
  169. Musings on Short Tube Achromats
  170. Newton's Rings in a Celestron C102
  171. Sky Watcher 120x600 Achromatic for first scope
  172. How To Build a Refractor
  173. Is there any usual problems with Hexaf Bresser refractors? buying filter/Barlows etc.
  174. Guide scopes 50,60,80mm?
  175. Which new Refractor Should I get?
  176. My refractor and alligators
  177. Best scope for astrophotography in 2018
  178. What are you using with your ST120?
  179. First Light with Meade Polaris 90EQ
  180. ES 80mm CF APO triplet is on sale this weekend only
  181. Brief report on the Bushnell Sky Chief II - 60mm F/15 'frac
  182. Why Does This Doublet 120mm Semi Apo Cost More Than This 127mm Triplet Apo?
  183. Pics or it Didn't Happen
  184. Omegon Telescope AC 80/400 OTA
  185. The Alure of a Small Frac...
  186. Some Minor Frac Modding...
  187. Attention please!
  188. What do you think about this article? "refractors are no good"
  189. Upgrading to a telescope from a DSLR and lens
  190. Excellent used TAL for sale in GB
  191. Why does lower ratio scope offer more useful magnification?
  192. What Telescope Focal Ratio Offers The Highest Magnification?
  193. 17th century singlet telescopes
  194. 80mm WO Zenithstar
  195. 5 inch refractor arrives early, in the doghouse now!
  196. 6 Inch Achromatic Vs 6 Inch Apochromatic On DSO
  197. Replace focuser_how, with what?
  198. Eyepieces for TOA-130NFB? Extender-ED 1.5X?
  199. Thrift Store Telescope
  200. How Much Aperture Needed For M78 And NGC 2024?
  201. Got a 5 inch refractor, I think I'm in trouble!
  202. What Are The Light Gathering Differences Between 60mm To 150mm Aperture Telescopes?
  203. Anyone have experience with Meade Polaris 90EQ?
  204. New skywatcher pro ED scope
  205. Free focuser mod for old Jason 80mm f/15 .965 to 1.25
  206. Balscope 10
  207. Celestron 150 f5 XLT refractor has arrived...
  208. Choices for grab n go
  209. Zenitprism or zenitmirror in Evostar?
  210. Contemplating my new refractor and accessoires
  211. The SV Arrives
  212. May I join the 'old' club?
  213. Hi family, look what Daddy bought at lunchtime today...
  214. Celestron 150 f5 XLT refractor vs the rest?
  215. How Long Should A Telescope And Diagonal Cool Down?
  216. Ultralight GnG
  217. Skywatcher Evostar-90 (eq2) 90mm f/900 Help.
  218. Maybe an 80 is in my near future
  219. Skywatcher evostar 80ed questions with 290c gpcam
  220. Vixen Eye Piece Code Letters
  221. Vixen a105m achromat
  222. New guidescope
  223. Not something you see every day
  224. TS 6"f5.9 vs SkyWatcher 6"f5 vs iStar 6"f5 R50...
  225. VIEWS comparison b/t celestron c80ed apo vs. zhumell Z8
  226. Considering purchasing Skywatcher evostar 80ed
  227. Distance to fieldflattener
  228. Televu 85 vs takahashi 100 series
  229. My new Onyx 80ED
  230. What refractor to get to go with my gpcam 290c camera
  231. Takahashi fc100df stock focuser--- feathertouch needed?
  232. Skywatcher EQ6 Pro Mount Set Up
  233. Flattener (!!) for FSQ-85 announced
  234. Need advice....takahashi is on my radar
  235. Decision Time
  236. Anyone have 9000€ they do not need?
  237. Winter solstice
  238. The weather and idol time got to me
  239. Long Refractors
  240. Curious about Gskyer telescope
  241. Dew Heaters - Flatteners/Reducers
  242. An apology is in order.
  243. Astro-foren -> Rohr website
  244. Explore Scientific 102 mm f/6.47 FirstLight Refractor - Opinion
  245. dso details
  246. New baffles for a vintage Towa: 1.25" EP use
  247. New RACI on Towa 60mm
  248. That was too close
  249. AR102 as guide scope for AT60ED
  250. The good, the bad, and the ugly.