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  1. Celestron 102GT GoTo on sale at Costco
  2. clear skies tonight in grande prairie
  3. Deal Alert! Pelican style EP case
  4. Closest good observing sight to Mississauga
  5. Nova East 2018
  6. Point Pelee Dark Sky night
  7. Green Laser Regulations Changed - Are You Aware?
  8. Personal Observatory for Canadian Climate
  9. Hello from Mississauga
  10. Hello from Ontario, Canada
  11. Stargazing in the US
  12. Nova Scotians - Kiji Dark Sky Event in September
  13. Amaterus stargazing places/meetings around Montreal
  14. Greater Vancouver/BC Astro Enthusiasts unite!
  15. Montreal South Shore.
  16. Astrophotography locations around Chilliwack, BC area?
  17. Skunked by thin layer of clouds... but got to test CA
  18. First Light... both exciting aaaaannnd a bust.
  19. First scope has arrived!!
  20. New telescope store in Vancouver?
  21. The Forks of the Credit
  22. Nova East star party, July28-30 2017
  23. Lire la Nature Astronomie Plus in Quebec
  24. Bobs' Knobs from a good shop in Canada?
  25. SCT to Refractor
  26. Any Canadian sites offering DSLR astromodding Services?
  27. Any Astro groups/folks in the southern Kottenays?
  28. mirror recoating service in Canada ?
  29. Vancouver Telescope Centre Closing
  30. New Explore Scientific 102mm Refractor
  31. anyone from the Oakville / Mississauga area ?
  32. Great lecture at SFU tonight w/ Dr. Linda Spilker Re: Cassini mission #peoplerock
  33. Frost / Cold
  34. Anyone in Vancouver BC
  35. Montreal,Quebec
  36. Anyone make a purchase from Brandon optical in Burnaby?
  37. ROR Obs north of 60 in Fort Smith NWT
  38. Montreal Region
  39. Canadian Telescopes
  40. What objects should I seek first?
  41. Hi! I am new here and from Edmonton. I have a nexstar se6 that i dont know how to use
  42. Where to buy Green Laser in CANADA?
  43. Help a Beginner buy his 1st telescope
  44. Alberta Winter official maybe lol
  45. shipping from USA to Canada
  46. Stargazing in Winkler/Morden Manitoba
  47. stargazing / Perseid Meteor shower: where around Toronto?
  48. Canadian Dobsonian manufacturer/builder?
  49. Lx 50
  50. Greetings from Winnipeg. Canada Day Sun.
  51. Happy Canada Day
  52. Episode 1 of Star Trails
  53. Astrocats 2016
  54. Dark skies around Edmonton? Where to observe?
  55. Astronomy Day in Brandon, MB
  56. Nova East star party, August 26 - 28, 2016
  57. Seeking to reconnect with astrophotographer from Calgary area?
  58. DSLR modification
  59. Focal Length Clarification
  60. Canadian Pricing
  61. 69 Cent Canadian Dollar and Dropping
  62. Fredericton NB
  63. Kid Friendly Astronomy Events in Summer 2016?
  64. KW Scopes Closed?
  65. Are local "Star Parties" very often in the Halifax - Windsor area?
  66. Celestron 15X70 Binoculars on Sale at Canadian Tire
  67. Calling all Astronomers from Saskatchewan
  68. Greetings from West of Montreal
  69. Brandon and Area Astronomical Society Public Viewing Night
  70. Anyone from Red Deer?
  71. The F5 dilemma
  72. Recommendation for a Prov Park close to Toronto for telescope use?
  73. Moose Jaw observing sites
  74. Edmonton telescope shop
  75. High Park Event this week? - Day known
  76. Montreal area observing sights
  77. RASC General Assembly - Halifax, July 2-5
  78. Kejimkujik National Park
  79. Brandon and Area Astronomical Society First Meeting June 25
  80. Observing Locations around Ontario?
  81. Stargazing Meet up in Toronto?
  82. Interest in starting an Astronomy Club in Brandon, MB
  83. Any astronomers in Whitby, Ontario?
  84. Nova Scotia Astronomers: Nova East 2015
  85. looking for stargazers in amherst ns area
  86. Looking for Edmonton area stargazers
  87. New to forums from NS
  88. Purchasing strategy with a tanking Canadian dollar?
  89. Hi from Montreal!
  90. Dark sky viewing sites near Grimsby
  91. Celestron Binoculars on sale at Canadian Tire
  92. Returning Defective Scope
  93. Eastern / Southern Ontario Dark Sky site - L&A Dark Sky Viewing Area.
  94. Stores in Vancouver?
  95. 10x50 binoculars for $20 at Canadian Tire
  96. GTA astronomy club
  97. Nova East Star Party, anyone going?
  98. Mactaquac, NB Star Party - 18 to 20 Jul 14
  99. Canadian price for Celestron 6" dew shield
  100. Getting Used stuff?
  101. Observing in the winter
  102. Hello fellow Canucks!
  103. Celestron 15x70's on sale at Canadian Tire
  104. hi all- vancouver bc
  105. Nova East star party 2014
  106. Astronomy stores in Kingston
  107. anyone on the coast? salt water cause any problems?
  108. Telescope basics course being held in March in Edmonton AB
  109. Telescope suplies in the Edmonton AB area
  110. telescope basics
  111. Astrocats 2014
  112. New Astronomy Club. The Dufferin Astronomy Association
  113. Alberta Astrophotography Workshops
  114. Dark Skies near Blue Mountain?
  115. Any Canadians need Celestron 15X70 Binos
  116. Kid discovers supernova !
  117. Celestron Nextar or Celestron 90 LCM?
  118. How far can Raccoons jump?
  119. Anyone here close to Swift Current, SK
  120. Need Help with Setup
  121. Star Party Oct 4&5 at the Barrens
  122. Any suggestions for a moon filter
  123. Report: RASC Toronto star party at Long Sault Conservation Area
  124. Any maritimers going to Nova East star party?
  125. Meetup in the east GTA before summer is over?
  126. Celestron 15X70 Binos for sale at CTC
  127. RASC Designates Wood Buffalo National Park as a New Dark Sky Preserve
  128. Illegal use of green laser
  129. uranus and neptune
  130. TAWBAS & WBNP 2nd annual Dark Sky Festival
  131. Any one here from Jasper or Lake Louise
  132. Starfest 2013: who's going?
  133. David Levy speaking tour
  134. Bruce Peninsula National Park Astronomy
  135. Wilderness Astronomy with Peter McMahon
  136. Torrance Barrens Star Party - June 8th
  137. Can one view aurora in mid August
  138. I am the DUNCE of this forum.. Forgive me. I'm not so dumb.
  139. Viewing at Glen Major Forest a bit N/E of GTA
  140. Anyone in St. Catharines, Ontario?
  141. best way to load a 14 inch sct on a tripod by yourself...?
  142. Nova East Star Party?
  143. RASC Algonquin Star Party
  144. AstroCATS trade show
  145. Observing sites north of Toronto.
  146. GTA Newb: Have Facilities, Seeks to Learn
  147. Space Alberta website?
  148. Albion Hills Anyone?
  149. GTA observing
  150. How do you clean the front lens on an SCT 14 Meade properly?
  151. Possibility of Spruce Woods Provincial Park (MB) getting a Dark Sky Preserve
  152. Looking for Edmonton area stargazers
  153. telescope for sale
  154. Anyone buy from Agena Astro?
  155. Greetings from London,Ontario!!!!
  156. equatorial platform for 12" dob - where in Canada can I find one
  157. Transporting Scope
  158. Where can I buy a Lumicon 1.25" UHC Filter?
  159. Dark Sky chart for Nova Scotia?
  160. Anyone else north of 60?
  161. B&H shipping to Canada
  162. Blackout?
  163. Dark-ish sky sites in Etobicoke?
  164. Any one here from Brandon MB?
  165. Used telescope questions
  166. A new dark sky sight for Ontario
  167. Fellow Astronomers in Truro Nova Scotia Area
  168. RASC - Winnipeg
  169. astronomy classifieds
  170. Bancroft, Ontario Area
  171. Problem With My CGE1400
  172. Darkest closet place to Montreal/Laval
  173. Free 10 foot Fiberglass observatory
  174. Looking for an eyepiece case?
  175. Celestron and Orion Authorized Dealer - Canada and Warranty
  176. Orillia Ontario Astronomy Club
  177. Happy canada day!!!
  178. Anyone in Canada using Apertura Dobs?
  179. Hello from London, ON
  180. Another store closing down in Toronto? Sad...
  181. Looking for sky atlas
  182. Clear skies for the GTA
  183. Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Reserve
  184. Zhumell 2 Inch SEE IT ALL Telescope Filter Set
  185. Anyone here from Newfoundland?
  186. Outreach and/or Sidewalk Astronomy
  187. Too much daylight!
  188. Calgary Fireball June 11th 2012?
  189. Samsung SCB 2000 users in Montreal area
  190. Venus Transit Success – Southern Ontario
  191. Telescope works great
  192. Venus Transit GTA Ontario
  193. meade LS zero image shift focuser
  194. seeking Mallincamers in Peel region of Ontario
  195. FYI: Canadian Tire MotoMaster Eliminator 800A Powerbox: $100 Off
  196. Super Moon Madness here in Eastern Ontario
  197. Orion SkyQuest XT8 - Good deal?
  198. Astronomy Day program in toronto
  199. Astronomy Vacation in Ontario
  200. Transit of Venus from Lower Mainland BC
  201. Lac Megantic-need some info
  202. Forks of the Credit - Observing
  203. Northern Ontario
  204. Advice Sky-Watcher 10" SynScan Collapsible Dob
  205. upgrade to a Celestron C11-SGT (CG-5GT)
  206. 2012 Messier Marathon Event
  207. A good plug for Canadian Telescope's service
  208. Dark sites around Langley, B.C
  209. Public Astro-party
  210. places/persons recommended for mount tune-ups or repairs?
  211. JC Saddington Park vs Forks of the Credit?
  212. I just saw a big meteor fall!
  213. Possible Aurora Borealis Sightings in the GTA
  214. Charlottetown, PEI light pollution level?
  215. Out of the cold!!!
  216. KW Telescopes
  217. Salon Cap sur les Étoiles-french only
  218. Visiting Edmonton this week.
  219. Good Deal on a Power Supply?
  220. Getting the scope back inside after cold weather
  221. best telescope stores in/around toronto?
  222. For those in the Greater Toronto Area
  223. anyone else offend the cloud gods??
  224. Looks good in Lower Mainland
  225. SFU Star Party
  226. web pages for sky condition forecasts
  227. How long should it take to order...
  228. 8 SE on its way from All-Star telescope
  229. canadian telescopes 6" dob with collimator
  230. Yu55
  231. Astromechanics
  232. Astrophotography help need for newbie
  233. Accessories?
  234. Newbie Looking For Telescope!!!
  235. un-nova
  236. Anybody else in GTA saw the Northern Lights last night?
  237. Major OMG moment
  238. October 14 weekend Vancouver
  239. The Draconid meteor shower-Montreal
  240. Star Party Oct. 1 SFU
  241. Manitoba Viewing Locations
  242. Lower Mainland stargazing spots
  243. First attempt at orion
  244. Can I leave my scope outside all winter?
  245. RASC Calgary Star Party
  246. anyone use a motomaster power box?
  247. Is Astromechanics Bankrupt?
  248. Hello Edmonton!
  249. 2011 StarFest
  250. Ottawa Amateur Astronomers?