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  1. for ThinkerX
  2. What happens in the Sun's convection zone?
  3. Heating of planets and asteroids
  4. KELT-9 b has atmosphere with rare earth metals (video)
  5. suppressed star formation in early universe
  6. gravitational waves leave marks
  7. Spitzer studies how the universe was lit
  8. ALMA tracks evolution of magnetic fields in star forming complex
  9. protoplanetary disks push super earths close to stars
  10. collapsar accretion disks as heavy element sources
  11. MW starburst 2-3 B yr ago
  12. Extremely rare hydrogen cloaked type 1a supernova spotted.
  13. jets and winds from AGNs share common cause
  14. AAS: 2 new Oumuamua theories
  15. Quanta: water's most common form in nature is black hot ice
  16. jets from the first supernovae
  17. looking at Haumea's ring
  18. Could quantum mechanics explain the existence of space time?
  19. H alpha from SNIa may illuminate origins
  20. AAS: studying the temperature luminosity diagrams of barely resolved galaxies
  21. space based event horizon imaging prospects
  22. SWaB: cosmology's manufactured misunderstandings
  23. AAS: imagery tracking a hole from the Sun
  24. imagery of 'storm in a teacup' quasar
  25. multi wavelength campaign studies flows in young stellar object
  26. Blue SuperGiant gravity waves
  27. SWaB: how the EHT acts as one telescope
  28. AAS: a question of links among FRBs, magnetars, and supernovae
  29. Gravitational waves possibly generated from Black Hole-Neutron star collision
  30. SWaB: the Hubble constant tension as a clue
  31. hubble images ngc 2903
  32. Cosmic high noon?
  33. Hubble Legacy Field Image
  34. Two neutron stars walked into a bar...
  35. tracking Gaia
  36. Quanta: the Sun in gamma rays
  37. AAS: using gravitational waves to measure the Hubble parameter
  38. new supergiant star fast X-ray transient
  39. planet search finds white dwarf
  40. chemically peculiar star hints at dwarf merger with MW
  41. nova remnant discovered in M22
  42. Dark matter exists
  43. Oldest known Chinese observation confirmed.
  44. Debate on Pluto status.
  45. How did our moon form, new theory.
  46. Quanta: Fermi's MW center glow might be DM annihilation after all?
  47. ice feature discovered on Titan
  48. dust grain from a dying star
  49. the BH in V404 Cygni has precessing jets
  50. observing the EGGs in Cygnus
  51. SWaB: Hubble imagery illustrates life cycle of a sunlike star
  52. Event horizon imager. EHI
  53. SWaB: Why Q Field Theory is more fundamental than Q Mechanics
  54. present and future
  55. A theory about what black holes are
  56. LIGO-Virgo possibly detect Black Hole merging with neutron star
  57. Symmetry: falsifiability and physics
  58. astroseismology and stellar structure
  59. SWaB: origin of the proton mass
  60. AAS: Pprepping the tech for interferometry's massive data requirements
  61. Hubble images M75
  62. an article on M87
  63. SWaB: the equivalence principle and the deflection of light
  64. LIGO, new detection.
  65. Princeton IAS folks find 6 new BH mergers in older LIGO Virgo data
  66. New ultra metal-poor star discovered
  67. quasars move on the sky
  68. HST LMC Cepheid observations sharpen disagreement with CMB on Hubble constant
  69. AAS: Hubble finds interstellar medium buckminsterfullerene
  70. Rarest event ever, recorded by dark matter detector.
  71. Rapid destruction of Earth-like atmospheres by young stars
  72. AAS: what we don't know about protoplanetary disks
  73. Do those pesky muons masquerading as gamma rays bother you?
  74. more on the wandering north magnetic pole
  75. 3C 58 is a pulsar wind nebula
  76. on spiral arms
  77. SWaB: cold gas giant planets discovered
  78. AAS: featured image searching for SNRs in NGC 6946
  79. SWaB: (he uses the S word obnoxiously)
  80. AAS: mergers of compact objects illuminated by charges
  81. The EHT image and modified gravity
  82. SA: resolving the neutron lifetime discrepancy
  83. AAS: exploring solar filaments
  84. a nice Emmy Noether article
  85. Hubble 29th anniversary image: the Southern Crab Nebula
  86. a better mouse trap for DM at the LHC
  87. Aeon: the end of the universe video
  88. Quanta: interview with James Gunn
  89. Study finds evidence of planetary accretion as possible origins for some brown dwarfs
  90. Symmetry: what can gravitational waves say about dark matter
  91. SWaB: the colors of quarks
  92. Adam Block on M87 and the EHT image of M87*
  93. insights into molecular gas in the massive spiral galaxy NGC 5908
  94. Observations of Li poor star creates problems for BB nucleosynthesis
  95. Planck finds correlation between quasar luminosity and DM mass
  96. before Oumuamua
  97. 21 Com, a peculiar variable with abundance anomalies
  98. Helium hydride, HeH+ detected in planetary nebula
  99. ECSK gravity and particle physics
  100. AAS: NuSTAR studies SN remnant
  101. SWaB: is QM incompleteness a path to scientific revolution?
  102. Lee Smolin makes the bold claim that QM is wrong!
  103. Symmetry: theorists turn to experiment designs for DM searches
  104. call for public help in gravitational wave analysis
  105. Universe size questions
  106. Another/Better YouTube Video Of The First Image Of A Black Hole
  107. Hubble imagery and M3 results
  108. SWaB: musings on prospects of a scientific revolution
  109. Dimension and Dimensional Reduction in Quantum Gravity
  110. Star formation and material for earth
  111. Researchers observe formation of a magnetar 6.5 billion light years away
  112. SWaB: 10 new lessons from the EHT image
  113. MAXI J1957+032 contains a neutron star
  114. from Nautilus: one link 2 BH articles
  115. Where has the martian methane gone?
  116. New discoveries old data!
  117. While the EHT observed, other wavelengths showed
  118. Quanta: what the EHT image means to a physicist
  119. First Photo Of A Black Hole
  120. brown dwarfs: failed stars or super planets?
  121. physics.org's take on the M87 BH image
  122. SwaB and AAS: M87 BH imagery
  123. NPR: 1st BH image
  124. BH image, will I be disappointed?
  125. Our Experiment: Why does LIGO use Quadruple Pendulums to detect Gravitational Waves?
  126. AAS: Hubble images cosmic horseshoe
  127. AAS: prebiotic nitrogen chemistry in protoplanetary disks
  128. Latest Woit post
  129. SWaB: piles on with BH image anticipation
  130. time reversal violation and the matter-antimatter asymmetry problem
  131. yet more BH image anticipation
  132. ALMA finds gas dynamics in binary protostar system
  133. evidence for planet with 13 Jupiter mass
  134. more BH anticipation
  135. first HiPERCAM results test stellar evolution
  136. more on expectations for the first BH image
  137. AAS: SN, DE and the fate of the universe
  138. SWaB: what is an electron?
  139. cataloguing blazars
  140. rain on the Sun
  141. gravitational waves reveal black holes, DM and particles
  142. SWaB: the fine tuning problem
  143. Sigh. Bad reporting & unethical promotions. Light faster than light? No. Just no.
  144. New technique for observing Exoplanets looks promising
  145. Heavy metal planet fragment survives destruction from dead star
  146. quasi-periodic oscillations in the X-ray binary GX 5-1
  147. Space. The final illusion.
  148. Planet chunk around dead star.
  149. AAS: looking for middle sized BHs
  150. SWaB: precautions on meeting aliens from a different "multiverse"
  151. SWaB: What if it's just us?
  152. first light! Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument images M51
  153. lithium in primitive MW star gives clues about Big Bang
  154. molecular outflow from quasar PDS 456
  155. long GRBs as standard candles?
  156. measuring Hubble constant with gravitational waves
  157. radio imagery of the dusty doughnut around Cyg A's SMBH
  158. measurements of stars reflecting light
  159. Subaru scope rules out small BHs as Dark Matter
  160. New MW mass estimate
  161. SWaB: 6 questions on eve of big announcement of EHT
  162. star formation in galaxy nuclei
  163. dwarf AGN investigation
  164. Hubble imagery of M11
  165. More results on galaxies with no dark matter
  166. NASA: Discovery of a Saturn-sized Planet
  167. Carlo Rovelli answers questions from his fans
  168. AAS: observing a double detonation supernova
  169. Finding open clusters in the Magellanic clouds.
  170. Collective Gravity vs Planet 9
  171. Quanta: quantum scarring
  172. SWaB: what was it like when Mars and Venus became uninhabitable for us?
  173. What happened before the big bang.
  174. Gravity instrument images exo-planet.
  175. post BICEP2: many models for inflation fall by the wayside
  176. Big Bang vs Big Bounce: how to test?
  177. Solving the Jupiter puzzle.
  178. call for volunteers: which galaxy is emitting what light?
  179. Xray galactic center visualization 360 degrees
  180. SWaB: why are there no detections of gravitational waves nearby?
  181. SWaB: four missions, choose one
  182. Recommendations for online masters in astrophysics?
  183. 3 DM searches giving 3 different results.
  184. Symmetry: LHCb finds difference in charmed quark - antiquark behavior
  185. SWaB: quantum tunneling doesn't break light speed limit
  186. the MW's X-ray chimneys
  187. AAS: K dwarfs are the "livelier" alternative
  188. ATLAS observes light scattering by light
  189. SWaB: oxygen nearly wiped out life on Earth
  190. Osiris-REX finds Bennu might be self destroying
  191. puzzling extremely dusty galaxy MACS0416_Y1
  192. Fermi finds speeding pulsar (video)
  193. SA: solar jets cause standing waves in Earth's magnetosphere
  194. Undark: a 'new' contender (not string or M theory) for a quantum gravity
  195. AAS: millisecond pulsar in binary system with 38 minute
  196. optimizing habitable zone searches
  197. carbon monoxide as an indicator of life
  198. LOFAR and Hubble image quasar jet with edgy loss
  199. supergiant X ray transient
  200. Ruh roh
  201. What are Tholins?
  202. AAS: mysteriously missing gamma ray halos around AGNs
  203. The high energy Sun GeV-Tev
  204. ALMA images formation of massive binary star
  205. new Einstein cross not a quasar
  206. Earth - Sun composition comparison aims at exoplanet studies
  207. X ray bright galaxy nuclei
  208. SWaB: 5 space events to destroy humanity
  209. What the Bulge orbits?
  210. SWaB: Cosmic redshift, expanding space vs moving galaxies
  211. Using BHs to reach relativistic speeds (and detect aliens)
  212. JPL has a kitchen for cooking hot Jupiter atmospheres
  213. AAS: giant stars near MW's SMBH
  214. tempest in teacup: SDSS J1430+1339
  215. 3-D map of MW's magnetic field
  216. SWaB: This Is Why The Multiverse Must Exist
  217. via Dr H: an illustrated history of BH imaging
  218. ES's VLT images "The Bat" NGC 1788
  219. quiet magnetar turns on
  220. Gaia positions of AGN confused by jets, corrections feasible
  221. strong magnetic fields necessary for life
  222. ALMA sees formation of planets about DM Tauri
  223. SWaB: can the MW be more massive than M31?
  224. Quantum Time Travel?
  225. 83 SMBHs found in early universe
  226. large area solar flares likely source of mm wave radiation
  227. massive runaway star NOT ejected from MW's SMBH
  228. AAS: the reionization epoch
  229. SKA treaty signed.
  230. Experiment suggests reality isn't objective
  231. rings of dust around the Sun
  232. gamma-ray binary PSR B125963/LS 2883
  233. Magnetic field impacting Europa's ocean
  234. AAS: imaging nurseries for massive stars
  235. new spin 3 charmonium particle discovered
  236. photo binary stars probed
  237. A UV bright star in M13 shows unusual history
  238. SWaB: Happy Birthday Le Verrier, discoverer of Neptune!
  239. "Dirty" neutrinos only...
  240. Galaxies sing a song...
  241. Symmetry: a new DM experiment at the LHC
  242. SWaB: if universe ends in Big Crunch will space recollapse?
  243. research papers online......
  244. mass loss to companions of SN
  245. precision masses for nuclear astrophysics
  246. Hubble imagery of ngc 6052's colliding galaxies
  247. Dr H on the status of inflation
  248. SWaB: The Anthropic Principle ... When Scientists Give Up On Science
  249. Quanta: a solution to the Fermi paradox
  250. Gamma ray telescopes could detect starships powered by black hole