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  1. A refined galactic history - Gaia contributes to mapping stars' paths
  2. solar flare simulation
  3. AAS: fast radio bursts from flaring magnetars (not aliens)
  4. near maximal spinning BH found
  5. SWaB: the galaxy that now for sure has NO Dark Matter
  6. Gamma flare from Blazar BL Lacertae
  7. ALMA finds evidence of IMBH near the MW's SMBH
  8. AAS: The first stars, Supernovae and preferential mixing
  9. is photosynthesis on M dwarf planets impossible?
  10. SWaB: Star Trek Discovery's spore drive
  11. Do universes interact?
  12. double star flips protoplanetary disk into "polar" orbit
  13. AAS: star formation in galaxy wakes (image)
  14. SWaB: things we do and don't know about BHs after LIGO
  15. Order and chaos in BH formation
  16. Supernova 2018byg an He double detonation
  17. AAS 233: Day 4
  18. tidal disruption event shows intermediate mass BH
  19. Why Black Hole Interiors Grow (Almost) Forever
  20. SWaB: how do quantum fields make particles?
  21. Anyone need $25,000?
  22. Quanta: using rocks as DM detectors
  23. more on the Big Bang creating a universe - anti universe pair
  24. debate over "the cow"
  25. more on warm dark matter
  26. interstellar objects (like Oumuamua) likely hit Sun ~ 1/30yr rate
  27. messy details of companion to Type Ia SN uncovered
  28. report on birth of BH or NS
  29. experimenter claims laboratory evidence for MOND
  30. AAS 233: Day 3
  31. magnetars as the source of FRBs (sorry aliens fans)
  32. X-ray pulses from SMBH munching a star near event horizon
  33. Chandra and Hubble image jet ricochet from SMBH in Cygnus A
  34. SWaB: TESS first discoveries
  35. Hubble discovers record-breaking quasar
  36. CHIME detects second repeating fast radio burst
  37. AAS 233: Day 2
  38. Crystalline white dwarfs
  39. Quanta: missing dwarf galaxies are now in excess
  40. citizen scientists find unusual planet in Kepler data
  41. SWaB: "this was the time of Oumuamua's life"
  42. Young planets orbiting red dwarfs may lack ingredients for life
  43. AAS 233: Day 1
  44. Symmetry: Dark Energy Survey completes data collection
  45. are a third of galaxy clusters undiscovered?
  46. Hubble completes M33 mosaic
  47. New sterile neutrino experiment under construction
  48. Gaia finds 3 new OCs near NGC5999
  49. NGC 5643 nuclear torus imaged
  50. Black Hole Solar Mass Requirement
  51. Quanta: Spacetime might be an error correcting code in a quantum computer
  52. SWaB: why can't we find Planet X?
  53. SWaB: the end of the universe
  54. LMC to collide with Milky Way
  55. Universe has antimatter partner running backwards in time from the Big Bang
  56. SWaB: the planets are drifting away from the Sun
  57. RAS: observation of dark matter heating in dwarf galaxies
  58. UT via phys.org
  59. BBC on UT
  60. AAS: "Ultima Thule" is ringless likely
  61. SWaB: global warming
  62. Phosphates, comets and life on earth
  63. Dark Matter 2019!
  64. Ly Alpha and H Alpha in HII region
  65. AAS: EHT gossip
  66. dimensions: from Euclid to Einstein to Kaluza & Klein and string theory
  67. Supernovae not needed for at least some heavy isotopes
  68. Do black holes exist?
  69. How to convert Log(g) vs T_eff coordinates to y vs (v-y)?
  70. SWaB: merging BHs and the BH information paradox
  71. Idea that the universe's DE indicates a bubble embedded in a higher dimension space
  72. a history of BHs
  73. heating galaxies, reducing star formation rates
  74. SWaB: New Horizons at Ultima Thule
  75. If a planet struck the sun, would fragments be blasted out?
  76. Dr H despairs at the end of particle physics
  77. SWaB: the galaxy that challenged dark matter (and failed)
  78. SWaB: what was forming the MW like?
  79. Ultima Thule shows no sign of rotation
  80. SWaB: how does a photon experience the universe?
  81. AAS: discovery of dark galaxies
  82. new implications of the Uranus tilt collision hypothesis
  83. the role of turbulence in heating the solar corona
  84. observing the seeds of giant galaxies in the early universe
  85. SWaB: "we don't need another hero"
  86. The expansion of the universe
  87. getting past black hole and big bang "singularities"
  88. Hubble observations give a new observational handle on dark matter
  89. SWaB: the biggest myth about Black Holes????
  90. Ruby and Sapphire planets
  91. AAS: extragalactic planets discovered by gravitational lensing
  92. NY Times article on plate tectonics
  93. SWaB: what was it like when the cosmic web formed?
  94. Phoebe is an interloper
  95. test of universe's anisotropy comes up null
  96. new most distant ("dwarf") planet announced
  97. Calculating Distance with interstellar extinction
  98. New findings on planet formation from Atacama DSHARP project
  99. SWaB: are gravitational waves affected by gravity?
  100. AAS: A Jet from Neutron Star Merger GW170817
  101. ESO's SPHERE images mass transfer in R Aquarii
  102. Quanta: skeptical criticism of gravitational waves findings at LIGO quashed
  103. COSINE-100 fails to replicate DAMA dark matter signal
  104. Observation refutes claim that old distant galaxies are DM poor
  105. Total number density of galaxies and problematic expression in practise
  106. SWaB: best science story of 2019? imaging of event horizon of MW's SMBH
  107. Quanta: BHs keep growing inside even while the event horizon is constant
  108. Calculating to Near Galaxies Distances by Cepheid Stars
  109. SWaB: how dark energy defeated competing ideas
  110. SWaB: is there really a 4th neutrino flavor?
  111. New theory postulates DE and DM are the same
  112. AAS: waiting for the next glitch of PSR J0537-6910
  113. BH mergers: a new and independent cosmic yardstick
  114. SWaB: 5 surprises from BH mergers
  115. a complication with the SNIa cosmic yardstick
  116. Four more former interstellar interlopers?
  117. We're up to four more BH mergers and counting
  118. the vacuum isn't a nothing
  119. ALMA: formation of binary stars imaged
  120. Quanta: a NEW quantum paradox thought experiment
  121. SWaB: how to make "blue stragglers"
  122. life-span and the solar cycle
  123. Symmetry: gravitational lenses
  124. SWaB: how do massless particles "feel" gravity
  125. NASA’s Fermi Traces the History of Starlight Across the Cosmos
  126. ALMA: images magnetic jets of protostar
  127. SWaB: the largest Kuiper Belt object is Triton
  128. visualization of SMBH doughnut-fountain
  129. ALMA: looks at the Sun
  130. anothe detailed SN observation
  131. SN Ia observed in detail, tests formation ideas
  132. Quark Stars
  133. SWaB: using blazars to measure the universe's starlight
  134. Hubble maps 22k+ globs in Coma Cluster
  135. 3C273 (the first quasar IDed) studied by interferometer
  136. search for the first generation of supergiant stars
  137. Proton Mass Explained
  138. SWaB: what was it like when 1st habitable planets formed?
  139. the search for massive compact galaxies (relics of galaxy formation)
  140. five MW globular clusters discovered
  141. SWaB: are the smallest particles really fundamental?
  142. SWaB: the Sun wouldn't shine without quantum physics
  143. new result in Hubble constant measurement controversy
  144. ALMA: high frequency receiver investigates Cat's Paw
  145. new method aids XMM-Newton finding more Xray pulsars
  146. seeing a Black Hole and news of Event Horizon Telescope
  147. another "Tabby's star" and it ain't no aliens!
  148. Quanta: How quasars turn off quickly
  149. A VR simulation of Sagittarius A*
  150. Homework - A galaxy in the local universe
  151. AAS: home found for a fast radio burst
  152. Stars on a strange death spiral
  153. Extra-Solar Planetary slide-show
  154. SWaB: Are quantum fields real?
  155. SAaB: How many fundamental constants to describe the universe?
  156. SUSY string theories in for a major overhaul
  157. super Earth around Barnard's Star
  158. SN Ic progenitor IDed
  159. Gravitational waves are just noise
  160. China's artificial sun
  161. Spitzer observes (or not) Oumuamua complete with nice vid
  162. gravitational waves from merged neutron star
  163. dark matter hurricane
  164. Gaia: new diffuse dwarf companion found
  165. Surface Brightness Question
  166. SWaB: When do BHs become unstable?
  167. imaging the mutual distortions of the Magellanic Clouds
  168. Puzzle about multiple generations in M11, the Wild Duck Cluster, solved
  169. SWaB: Oumuamua wasn't aliens
  170. SWaB: has a title problem today
  171. AAS: 59 neutron star merger simulations
  172. galaxy fountain imaged
  173. new luminous high redshift quasar found
  174. Quanta: flares at the edge of the MW's SMBH
  175. AAS: Electrons in the ISM
  176. low mass, ancient star found in MW
  177. intermediate mass black hole in galaxy NGC 3319
  178. SWaB: how do BHs evaporate?
  179. Symmetry: physics building boom
  180. Artificial Intelligence bot trained to recognize galaxies
  181. "the pasta in our stars"
  182. NASA probe gets closer to the sun, breaks record
  183. So are there 6, 7, or 8 ways to make a supernova?
  184. Zombie stars - reignition possible?
  185. Unexpected new particle found by LHC?
  186. SWaB: six recipes for supernovae
  187. Saggitarius A SMBH
  188. amateur discovers dwarf galaxy hidden by M31
  189. FRBs not seen at low radio frequencies
  190. SMC in decline
  191. SWaB: what is energy
  192. SWaB: antimatter and antigravity? First experiment.
  193. Gaia: evidence of a past collision between LMC and SMC
  194. Symmetry: neutrinos are "Already Beyond the Standard Model"
  195. And now for something completly different...
  196. DM based Bose - Einstein condensate stars?
  197. SWaB: serious biases in the search for an additional planet
  198. Mass-Loss of 30 Solar Mass star
  199. Symmetry: qubits for axion DM detection
  200. Resources to find Data/Models for Nonradial Pulsations of Variable Stars
  201. Gravitational wave merged neutron stars had 12 km radius
  202. Quantum Many Worlds interpretation has many (conceptual) problems
  203. The five failures of particle physics Standard Model
  204. Physicists Detail the Shape of a Symmetrical Wormhole
  205. Do Time and Space have a start?
  206. high precision test of electron shape: another Standard Model win
  207. "Are We Deceiving Ourselves By Searching For B Modes From Inflation"
  208. AAS: Two explosions with similar quirks
  209. "If You Traveled Far Enough Through Space, Would You Return To Your Starting Point?"
  210. unusual SN gives rise to compact binary neutron stars
  211. Experiment sinks pilot wave QM
  212. Sextans dwarf not to small to be a cannibal
  213. Pulsar in a box simulation
  214. Galaxy NGC 3256 contains substantial amounts of dark matter
  215. next generation gravitational wave observatories
  216. AAS: planet formation is hot
  217. Australian scope doubles number of fast radio bursts
  218. how dust seeds planet formation
  219. Oumuamua questions
  220. LST-1 first Cherenkov telescope opens
  221. citizen scientist folks reclaim 30,000 images of scientific interest
  222. detection of scandium et al at high levels near MW's SMBH were mistaken
  223. "What Was It Like When The Universe Made The Very First Galaxies?"
  224. statistics of exoplanet composition
  225. Earth threatened by centaurs
  226. AAS: what should we assume?
  227. "The Universe Has A Speed Limit, And It Isn't The Speed Of Light"
  228. Europa ice spikes hazardous for landings
  229. Ceres pole wanders
  230. How Titan grew hydrocarbons
  231. "For The Last Time: The LHC Will Not Make An Earth-Swallowing Black Hole"
  232. planetary nebulae reveal motions in M87 halo
  233. XMM-Newton captures galaxy cluster X-rays
  234. ultra metal poor star discovered
  235. flares from MW's central SMBH
  236. RAS: when white and brown dwarfs collide
  237. AAS: reconciliation of universal expansion rates
  238. "Why Is The Black Hole Information Loss Paradox A Problem?"
  239. Ejected ice giant from early solar system
  240. "This Is The Real Reason We Haven't Directly Detected Dark Matter"
  241. new analysis hints at trouble for the standard cosmology
  242. New era in DM search (complete with map of alternatives!)
  243. "orphan" gamma ray burst observed
  244. Quanta: planets larger than protoplanetary disks
  245. ESA's XMM-Newton scope supports the standard cosmology
  246. exomoon sighted
  247. HAWC observatory detects gamma rays from micro quasar
  248. AAS: universe expansion rate debate
  249. "This Is How We Will Successfully Image A Black Hole's Event Horizon"
  250. Blazar LBQS 1319+0039 detected in hard X-rays