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  1. Osiris-REX finds Bennu might be self destroying
  2. puzzling extremely dusty galaxy MACS0416_Y1
  3. Fermi finds speeding pulsar (video)
  4. SA: solar jets cause standing waves in Earth's magnetosphere
  5. Undark: a 'new' contender (not string or M theory) for a quantum gravity
  6. AAS: millisecond pulsar in binary system with 38 minute
  7. optimizing habitable zone searches
  8. carbon monoxide as an indicator of life
  9. LOFAR and Hubble image quasar jet with edgy loss
  10. supergiant X ray transient
  11. Ruh roh
  12. What are Tholins?
  13. AAS: mysteriously missing gamma ray halos around AGNs
  14. The high energy Sun GeV-Tev
  15. ALMA images formation of massive binary star
  16. new Einstein cross not a quasar
  17. Earth - Sun composition comparison aims at exoplanet studies
  18. X ray bright galaxy nuclei
  19. SWaB: 5 space events to destroy humanity
  20. What the Bulge orbits?
  21. SWaB: Cosmic redshift, expanding space vs moving galaxies
  22. Using BHs to reach relativistic speeds (and detect aliens)
  23. JPL has a kitchen for cooking hot Jupiter atmospheres
  24. AAS: giant stars near MW's SMBH
  25. tempest in teacup: SDSS J1430+1339
  26. 3-D map of MW's magnetic field
  27. SWaB: This Is Why The Multiverse Must Exist
  28. via Dr H: an illustrated history of BH imaging
  29. ES's VLT images "The Bat" NGC 1788
  30. quiet magnetar turns on
  31. Gaia positions of AGN confused by jets, corrections feasible
  32. strong magnetic fields necessary for life
  33. ALMA sees formation of planets about DM Tauri
  34. SWaB: can the MW be more massive than M31?
  35. Quantum Time Travel?
  36. 83 SMBHs found in early universe
  37. large area solar flares likely source of mm wave radiation
  38. massive runaway star NOT ejected from MW's SMBH
  39. AAS: the reionization epoch
  40. SKA treaty signed.
  41. Experiment suggests reality isn't objective
  42. rings of dust around the Sun
  43. gamma-ray binary PSR B1259–63/LS 2883
  44. Magnetic field impacting Europa's ocean
  45. AAS: imaging nurseries for massive stars
  46. new spin 3 charmonium particle discovered
  47. photo binary stars probed
  48. A UV bright star in M13 shows unusual history
  49. SWaB: Happy Birthday Le Verrier, discoverer of Neptune!
  50. "Dirty" neutrinos only...
  51. Galaxies sing a song...
  52. Symmetry: a new DM experiment at the LHC
  53. SWaB: if universe ends in Big Crunch will space recollapse?
  54. research papers online......
  55. mass loss to companions of SN
  56. precision masses for nuclear astrophysics
  57. Hubble imagery of ngc 6052's colliding galaxies
  58. Dr H on the status of inflation
  59. SWaB: The Anthropic Principle ... When Scientists Give Up On Science
  60. Quanta: a solution to the Fermi paradox
  61. Gamma ray telescopes could detect starships powered by black hole
  62. Hubble and Gaia accurately weigh the Milky Way
  63. millisecond pulsar has He white dwarf companion
  64. subterranean DM detectors (video)
  65. LISA could detect ultralight bosons if they exist
  66. SWaB: how much DM is in neutrinos?
  67. stellar flybys knocking planets might increase chances for life
  68. Photon mass? WTH?
  69. SA: quantum monism, against multiverses, saving the soul of physics
  70. M82, mass outflow and magnetic field line imagery
  71. Hubble image of Herbig Haro objects
  72. AAS: can local voids remove Hubble constant tension?
  73. uniquely deep long asymmetric occultation observed by Kepler
  74. SWaB: how much of the now unobservable universe might we see?
  75. Tuning Casimir forces
  76. AAS: inflating puffy planets
  77. Quanta: physics hiding in the Higgs
  78. FIRST J141918.9+394036 is an 'orphan' long gamma-ray burst
  79. Asteroids more difficult to destroy
  80. SWaB: why do gravitational waves not weaken with distance like gravity?
  81. stellar flybys knocking planets
  82. SWaB: relativity hiding in plain sight 71 years before Einstein
  83. FRB's, new paper is getting close to explanation.
  84. IMBH found near MW's SMBH
  85. Quanta: a theory for Fast Radio Bursts
  86. DM resonant scattering
  87. Salty Dark Matter Detection
  88. AAS: Hubble observation of the neutron star merger LIGO found
  89. SWaB: measuring the cosmic neutrino background
  90. Ultra diffuse galaxy discovery raises questions about UDG formation
  91. AAS: a SECOND DM deficient galaxy in the NGC 1052 group
  92. SWaB: on the size of the observable universe
  93. AAS: imaging how gas affects galaxy structure
  94. ALMA: old star stellar wind histories reveal companions
  95. reconstructing the history of the Moon
  96. High-resolution observations uncover detailed structure of blazar's jet
  97. Simultaneous X-ray and infrared observations of the galactic center
  98. SwaB: the quiet BH in M51
  99. Symmetry: data challenges of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope
  100. SWaB: what happens when you fall into a black hole?
  101. Move over, Webb
  102. 50 min video of Witten, Salam and Sciama
  103. Internal pressure of the proton
  104. SWaB: the WIMP is dead
  105. SWaB: the jet from the neutron star merger
  106. new DM experiments
  107. Quanta: how a holographic universe would work
  108. new habitable planet finding spectrograph coming on line
  109. LMC S154 is symbiotic recurrent nova
  110. Unexpected XRay emissions from M51
  111. AAS: holding a high velocity cloud together
  112. how dust survives supernovae
  113. SWaB: what was it like when DE took over the universe?
  114. Some reading for the commute home tonight
  115. thousands of galaxies added to bladekeeper's observing list!
  116. SWaB: why the universe expands but we don't
  117. AAS: "Ultima Thule's" embarrassing lack of craters
  118. Is Dr H becoming less interested in MOND?
  119. LMC cluster Hodge 6 hosts multiple generations of stars
  120. radiation environments at exoplanets
  121. M31 repeating nova on path to SN Ia?
  122. cosmic inflation: trick or treat?
  123. many possibilities for axion DM ruled out
  124. Symmetry: KM3NeT a neutrino observatory
  125. Symmetry: can the Higgs help find Dark Matter?
  126. SWaB: how to measure spacetime curvature
  127. time varying Dark Energy
  128. AAS: do magnetic fields help form planetesimals?
  129. discovery of stellar stream in the southern sky
  130. where is the 1/3 of normal baryonic matter? not dark matter....
  131. SWaB: heating cold dark matter
  132. gravitational waves will settle Hubble constant questions
  133. what's a black hole?
  134. SA: magnetar powers super SN (super supernova, yep)
  135. Symmetry: ruling out Dark Energy particles
  136. Matter or AntiMatter
  137. AAS: dwarf galaxy or large globular cluster
  138. Relativity 101
  139. Born rule explained
  140. SWaB: making the heaviest elements
  141. Vatican program resolves contradictions about OC IC 4996
  142. Subaru Telescope's HSC camera maps the history of Dark Matter
  143. AAS: the Lucy mission
  144. Judgement day for inflation?
  145. JCMT discovers flare 10 billion times more powerful than solar flares
  146. SWaB: SUSY as physics greatest failure
  147. If We Saw A Black Dwarf, What Would It Look Like?
  148. Earth not an ocean-world because of massive star in formation neighborhood
  149. SUSY and strings "Not Even Wrong"?
  150. Layman in need of enlightenment
  151. what can the Mass Radius relationship tell us about planets?
  152. SWaB: what will the first image of earth like planet be like?
  153. AAS: citizen discovery of planet in a binary system
  154. SWaB: the matter anti matter asymmetry problem
  155. BH mergers as a detector for new particles and DM
  156. ALMA finds young star to be salty
  157. Gaia data revises MW-M31 collision and Local Group 3D dynamics
  158. Zwicky Transient Facility bags several new SNs per night
  159. on the Sun acoustic waves drive magnetic plasma Alfven waves
  160. SWaB: the only detection of a magnetic monopole
  161. MUSE instrument images colorful bubbles of new stars in LMC
  162. a problem article: axions as new ideas for DM? i'll need to take a deeper look
  163. AAS: tidal disruption, star pair meets BH pair
  164. AAS: binary stars in dwarf galaxies, DM implications
  165. V883 Ori's retreating snow line releases volatile organics
  166. simulations of planetary collisions seek to explain diversity in planets
  167. Hubble finds a jet in the Red Square
  168. SWaB: why not give up on big science?
  169. did Sanduleak -69 202 survive SN1987A?
  170. Quanta: mapping the invisible universe
  171. SA: eta Corvi provides clues to Solar System origins
  172. NGC 1365 gas flow and star formation
  173. Cepheids reveal the MW to be warped
  174. baryon asymmetry explainable by a two Higgs doublet model?
  175. SWaB: galaxy clusters are where galaxies go to die
  176. Is there interest in a detailed dissection of Electric Universe ideas?
  177. Ars Tech.: DAMA\LIBRA DM signal possibly due to helium contamination
  178. SWaB: Help! My hubby's a stationary Earther!
  179. Oumuamua as comet fragment
  180. can motives, periods, and Galois theory save String Theory from multiverses?
  181. How the universe's normal matter evolved
  182. AAS: TESS update
  183. SWaB: how to resolve the conflict in the universe expansion rate
  184. Did a Hyper-Massive Black Hole Cause the Big Bang?
  185. data collection for Dark Energy Survey complete
  186. Image: Hubble discovers new dwarf galaxy behind glob NGC6752
  187. Claim that "Vainshtein screening" does away with Dark Matter
  188. SWaB: dark energy might not be a constant
  189. Ultra Luminous Infrared Galaxy
  190. AAS: search for supermassive primordial stars, birth of quasars
  191. SA: the trouble with the Hubble 'constant'
  192. farewell to eta Carinae's Homunculus Nebula?
  193. SWaB: how global warming causes cold air breakouts
  194. Quanta: the double life of black holes
  195. AAS: traits of accreting galaxies
  196. SWaB: the case for a an accelerator beyond the LHC
  197. Active galaxies and indications of new physics in universe expansion
  198. Earth's near miss 565 million years ago
  199. A new form of strange matter
  200. AAS: Kelt 9b, a planet with no clouds
  201. filling in a link in planetary evolution
  202. AAS: featured image of details in environments birthing planets
  203. Quanta: the troubles with turbulence
  204. SWaB: the 10 largest non planets in the Solar System
  205. Luminous blue variables in NGC 4736
  206. this might be too off topic for the Off Topic Forum so.....
  207. EHT status and what might it look like
  208. SWaB: how can LISA detect gravitational waves
  209. From the POV of fluid dynamics, explosions are instantaneous
  210. Ancient Earth rock found in Apollo 14 moon haul
  211. Expanding Universe Difference from Everyday Explosion
  212. Cygnus X-1 : why is there no clear image of the accretion disk?
  213. iron poor stars in LMC surrounded by iron rich dust
  214. initial COSINE-100 results fail to confirm DAMA/LIBRA WIMP detections
  215. SWaB: how is the Boomerang Nebula colder than space?
  216. life on Earth not possible without the Moon forming collision
  217. better simulation reveals SMBH formation mechanisms (video)
  218. new flip Uranus simulation
  219. Nuclear transient in distant galaxy
  220. A third method for determining Hubble's Constant weighs in
  221. SWaB: Uranus is interesting
  222. The MW's SMBH's jet points in nearly our direction
  223. SWaB: Ultima Thule as typical future comet
  224. here's another idea whose time will never come
  225. analyzing a nice alternative to Planet 9 (sic, I'm with Pluto still)
  226. Saturn’s rings are seismographs and measure the rotation
  227. AAS: can blue stragglers be used as clocks
  228. new gravitational wave detector KAGRA online soon
  229. a puzzle about star formation rates in small galaxies
  230. Galaxy clusters uncomfortable with Emergent Gravity
  231. Asteroid strikes much more common in last 290m years
  232. A refined galactic history - Gaia contributes to mapping stars' paths
  233. solar flare simulation
  234. AAS: fast radio bursts from flaring magnetars (not aliens)
  235. near maximal spinning BH found
  236. SWaB: the galaxy that now for sure has NO Dark Matter
  237. Gamma flare from Blazar BL Lacertae
  238. ALMA finds evidence of IMBH near the MW's SMBH
  239. AAS: The first stars, Supernovae and preferential mixing
  240. is photosynthesis on M dwarf planets impossible?
  241. SWaB: Star Trek Discovery's spore drive
  242. Do universes interact?
  243. double star flips protoplanetary disk into "polar" orbit
  244. AAS: star formation in galaxy wakes (image)
  245. SWaB: things we do and don't know about BHs after LIGO
  246. Order and chaos in BH formation
  247. Supernova 2018byg an He double detonation
  248. AAS 233: Day 4
  249. tidal disruption event shows intermediate mass BH
  250. Why Black Hole Interiors Grow (Almost) Forever