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  1. Happy birthday Voyageur(Mary).
  2. 'First of its kind' ancient Maya tool discovered in lagoon
  3. Aliens
  4. RIP Grumpy Cat
  5. Micro meteorites in your gutter.
  6. Where is j.gardavsky
  7. Whatsapp and intel security hacks.
  8. Tim Conway RIP
  9. Just Thought I would Share This Great Piece Of Cinema
  10. Two New Recent Dinosaur Fossil Finding Stories
  11. Something for my friend bladekeeper (Bryan)
  12. Warning: Astronomy Test
  13. Happy Birthday, Marshall!! (Makuser) !! :)
  14. Amazing Dinosaur Discovery
  15. How to dress like an 18th century astronomer.
  16. BBC rich burial of 6th c Anglo-Saxon prince
  17. Happy Birthday KT4HX (Alan)
  18. Margarita issue
  19. new member with question
  20. Sky & Telescope Woes
  21. Traces of five drugs found on 1000-year-old South American ritual kit
  22. Happy Birthday KenGS (Ken)!!!
  23. Happy Birthday morrbru (Bruce)!!!
  24. Happy Birthday GrandPrixChris (Chris)
  25. origin of Sino Tibetan language group
  26. Guess what I'm going tonight?
  27. Help IDing
  28. Astronomer friend?
  29. Open letter to the site owner
  30. Forum and function
  31. Big ideas in Astronomy, IAU.
  32. Delivery Fail! But first: Goodwill Hunting....
  33. New Justinian Coin with Two Stars
  34. Fires in the Western US may cause increased snow melt leading to more fires
  35. To sleep, perchance to dive
  36. One man's meat is another man's...
  37. I'm Curious to what would happen if...
  38. Lego!!
  39. Getting back into the hobby soon!
  40. Hayabusa2 paper project.
  41. Happy birthday Avid Astronomer(Tom).
  42. Orion
  43. jawbone from Tibetan cave is Denisovan
  44. ancient record of comet impact? FWIW......
  45. sand bubbles
  46. Big Blue in the fossil record
  47. Do attachments really work?
  48. SWaB: GoT as race supremacy
  49. Long Lost Baptistry for Emperors Found
  50. Have we found "Snoopy"?
  51. Was April 2019 the best space month ever?
  52. Mystery Data Breach? Seriously, are you truly surprised at this anymore?
  53. Astrology
  54. a nearly 16k yo human footprint from Chile
  55. Sunny Southern California?
  56. 2001: A Space Odyssey
  57. Between Akhenaten and Tutankhamun.....
  58. A better power law distribution?
  59. My lifetime astronomy plan
  60. Ancient tomb of mysterious man discovered in Egypt
  61. fallout from a continental collision
  62. Home Observatory
  63. Back in Michigan
  64. Happy Birthday HST (Hubble Space Telescope)
  65. message for Kingclinton
  66. Chinese moon base within the next decade.
  67. 1000+ hours image of LMC.
  68. 9,999 likes, just need one more :)
  69. Neil deGrasse Tyson Tomorrow :)
  70. Clouds appreciation trip
  71. 80 Degrees and Happy
  72. Happy Earth Day
  73. Dang Windows update spoils a rare clear night!
  74. SpaceX had an "anomoly"
  75. Happy Easter!
  76. Happy Easter!
  77. Water Pipeline Workers Stumble Across Dozens of Iron Age Skeletons
  78. Unexpected Good News
  79. Happy Birthday Bigzmey (Andrey)
  80. Oooooooo.. Shiny!!!!
  81. This new species of ancient carnivore was bigger than a polar bear
  82. unload the Matrix
  83. 4,500 Egyptian tomb looks in good shape
  84. Tax Season is finally over
  85. Way back machine....
  86. Zoinks! That was close...
  87. tabletop device shows fusion signatures
  88. NASA verifies global warming trends
  89. Schoolkids discover 1,600-year-old gold coin
  90. All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go...
  91. NASA needs you and your cellphone.
  92. Two scopes out the door!
  93. Back from japan!
  94. Owen Garriott, the first Ham in space is a SK
  95. DNA and the origin of the builders of Stonehenge
  96. DaVinci's observations for the birds
  97. Way off Topic
  98. 15 women who changed space exploration.
  99. Three cheers for Oklahoma!
  100. Get out your pitch forks and clubs, mob time!
  101. The Great Music Thread Part 3
  102. The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire
  103. Astronomy Forum for sale ?
  104. bacteria, insects, freezing
  105. Scott Kelly's images taken from the ISS
  106. New Coin of Phillip I and II
  107. Forum security
  108. Celebrating Yuri.
  109. Totally awesome 6 year old.
  110. New fun jokes part 29
  111. Archaeologists Discover a new Profession in an Ancient Egyptian Woman's Teeth
  112. new human species, Homo luzonensis, in Philippines
  113. Mummified birds, mice found in ancient Egyptian tomb
  114. Happy Birthday tkeles (Talat)
  115. Happy Birthday, John (jmfloater) !!
  116. Meet Maria Mitchell
  117. Mathematical limericks
  118. Clouds!!!
  119. Fireball and dark skies
  120. Not secure?
  121. Tax Day Approacheth
  122. Happy birthday Piet le Roux!
  123. Amazing mummy discovery: High priest's 2,500-year-old remains uncovered
  124. Astronomy photographer of the year.
  125. I can see why people like Florida
  126. Smithsonian Channel: Was General Casimir Pulaski female?
  127. Wise advice on the Barska website!
  128. Happy Birthday Benjamin!!!
  129. Boiling and Melting point of Liquids in space.
  130. Future Calendar Display.
  131. Pooch sniffs out prehistoric prize woolly rhino bone
  132. Our nights are getting brighter, and Earth is paying the price
  133. Night vision devices.
  134. Immaculate Roman Gold Coin Discovered in a field in Kent, UK
  135. Clouds!!!
  136. (non elementary) magnetic monopoles found in chiral crystals
  137. Orion Telescopes Sues Ninbo Sunny Seeking $180 Million in Damages
  138. Extraterrestrial Sample Curation and Analysis
  139. Odderons
  140. Mysterious 4,000-year-old lost city discovered
  141. Fast Food Restaurant Unearthed after 2000 Years
  142. Duck-billed Dinosaur Fossil Found in Alaska
  143. Huge fireball over Florida!
  144. History May Have To Be Rewritten
  145. Stellarvue Annual Sale starts 4/1 - one day only
  146. Comparative mental instability....
  147. Hawaii has new rock type! Plastiglomerate.
  148. Wait, what?
  149. The Day the Dinosaurs Died.
  150. Happy Birthday helicon64 (Michael)!!!
  151. Going to Kennedy Space Center for my Birthday!
  152. Lagrange Points: Newton’s Gravity Can Be Weird Too
  153. Monument Offers Clues to Size of Cleopatra’s Unwieldy Ships
  154. Star Positions - Diffraction of Light
  155. This sounds yummy...
  156. Can humans sense magnetic storms?
  157. How do you make a neutrino beam?
  158. A Recipe Thread
  159. There’s this new 4K Falcon 9 video you probably want to watch
  160. 100 Ancient Egyptian Inscriptions Found at Amethyst Mine
  161. Real cute kitty
  162. Sky & Telescope For Sale?
  163. World's biggest Tyrannosaurus rex found by Canadian paleontologists
  164. Recipe - Entering into Marshall's area
  165. Made that hardest decision
  166. I could dance like this...
  167. New research helps solve galactic murders
  168. Now THIS is a proper dome...
  169. What are you currently reading?
  170. Last round coming up
  171. Help name new Jovian moons.
  172. Highly preserved fossils form Cambrian Explosion found in China
  173. Complex societies develop moralizing deities
  174. Flipping a constellation for a tattoo?
  175. 110-million-year-old bird fossil found with egg inside By Chris Ciaccia | Fox News
  176. Ancient clay jar fragment depicting 'grotesque' deity discovered in Jerusalem
  177. Nile shipwreck discovery proves Herodotus right – after 2,469 years
  178. Terminator liquid metal
  179. 1902 clocks stopped and people got sick
  180. Forces
  181. New fun jokes part 28
  182. Live Messier marathon
  183. partial eclipse March 23 - April 11
  184. Too Late
  185. Gah!
  186. Home Galaxy: An original oil painting.
  187. New Coin, Been Awhile
  188. Christchurch attack.
  189. Migrating Butterflies
  190. Surprising DNA Found in Ancient People from Southern Europe
  191. Secret of Pi revealed
  192. 'Enormous' solar storm struck Earth more than 2,600 years ago
  193. interactive map of Earth for the last 0.75 Byr
  194. Mother Nature Throws Us a Curve Ball
  195. Stephen Hawking 'Black Hole' 50p Piece
  196. Woolley Mammoth Cells Brought Back to Life.
  197. Planets -2
  198. Ethiopian Airline
  199. Snow maze
  200. 2 Ancient Shipwrecks Discovered Recently
  201. Standard time VS Daylight savings time
  202. More Astro camping at Calico Ghost Town
  203. What did I Miss?
  204. UFO tv series from the 70's
  205. Gifts of Prometheus
  206. thoughts on mediocre leadership
  207. Japan "interested" but hasn't committed to Int'l Linear Collider
  208. Dark skies here I come!
  209. NASA images shock waves from supersonic T38s
  210. can we blame Aspasia for Socrates?
  211. Google Chrome Zero-Day threat identified
  212. Happy Birthday kingclinton (Clinton)!!!
  213. cell phone choice
  214. Lost Galileo Letter
  215. Another Book
  216. Cloud map.
  217. Here's my money. I want one....
  218. Bite Strength: 7800 lbs
  219. life done differently on Earth: methane metabolism
  220. There’s new evidence for what happened to people who survived Vesuvius
  221. Keith Charles Flint 1969 ~ 2019
  222. Weyl semimetal shows huge photoelectric effect
  223. Giant sloth’s 27,000-year-old fossils reveal conditions before extinction
  224. first Denisovans skull fragments found
  225. Symmetry: the particle physicist personality quiz
  226. [RANT]This was supposed to be New Moon weekend off...
  227. New clues to the lost tomb of Alexander the Great discovered in Egypt
  228. The end of an era in Canada
  229. Some refractor history for Michael (Helicon64)
  230. Victorian Climate Change
  231. Chill time
  232. singing mice can teach us about the origin of language
  233. Hundreds of hospitals punished for lax safety. Here’s how to see if yours is one
  234. Trusty to Xenial
  235. Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!
  236. Do you think we are alone in the Milky Way?
  237. Interesting Data from Cahokia Indian reserachers from Forbes
  238. Flat earther takes flak.
  239. 1,600-year-old estate of a wealthy ancient Samaritan discovered in Israel
  240. Earth's fish are disappearing because of climate change
  241. Stargazing 1700 years ago, predating Inca.
  242. Happy Birthday Don Alvarez (Don)
  243. Ram-Headed Sphinx Abandoned by King Tut's Grandfather found in Egypt
  244. The Periodic Table turns 150 (a visual history)
  245. Reconstruction Suggests that Neanderthals had Balance Posture
  246. A world without clouds?
  247. Happy Birthday, Craig!! (Prowler75)
  248. The astronomical league shutdown.
  249. First Day At The New Job
  250. the cloud gods practice biological warfare