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  1. Scientists Create the First Semi-Synthetic Organism with Non-natural Amino Acids
  2. Any plastic model kit builders around?
  3. New Byzantine coin
  4. CERN's next particle collider
  5. Happy birthday Greg6498 (Greg)
  6. Celestial Navigation
  7. Sensless, Sad.....
  8. Quanta: glass
  9. Antarctic ice melting 6 times faster than 40 years ago
  10. Imaging ever closer to the event horizon
  11. Happy Birthday Raihan!
  12. Moving house hopefully = much more observing
  13. Collimation is good now?
  14. An interesting resource website for a rainy/snowy day.
  15. Snow!
  16. Heavy rainfall events: more than usual?
  17. Classic Dylan song, iconic 60s/70s band, and the greatest banjo picker of all time
  18. Sleeping Cats
  19. why do flat earth folks sail on cruises?
  20. The Ultimate Nanny State
  21. The Earth's Magnetic North Pole is drifting faster than previously thought.
  22. Englanders’ greasy fish and chips blamed for 64-meter-long fatberg
  23. improvement in stabilizing tokamak plasmas
  24. Happy birthday Braingasm! (Steve)
  25. light sources for optical testing
  26. 10 Amazing Acts Of Stellar Chaos
  27. A Heart Thumper...
  28. Woo-Hoo!!!
  29. Awwwww..... Bye Bye Irridium flashes...
  30. Happy Birthday bikerdib (Dennis)
  31. SWaB: blue lava
  32. It's good to get over paranoia.....
  33. Bob's Knobs not fun and almost a disaster with rain
  34. Dumb criminals
  35. Forum database breach? Anyone else?
  36. Happy Birthday, rickg18704 (Rick)
  37. Light polluting neighbours
  38. Peanut profile planetesimal discovered by New Horizons
  39. Roman Period Sarcophagi Found in Egypt
  40. Review of 2018.
  41. Science says your cat’s tongue is ideally suited for grooming fur
  42. Numbers don't lie (Rainfall for 2018 in CT)
  43. Happy new year!
  44. whut
  45. How would a long eclipse work?
  46. astrophysics news is very slow today so.......
  47. Belated stocking stuffer for your Astro Cat
  48. 195 Gigapixel Shanghai
  49. Artist creates trippy 3D illusions on sidewalks that will make you question reality
  50. Fun with Arithmetic
  51. Forum Tech Support volunteers- register here
  52. Geico massage chairs!
  53. Roll Tide
  54. Happy Birthday to "The Keeper" (bladekeeper)
  55. A Small Cat Culture Counter for the Forum
  56. Pluto Safari app for iOS devices available
  57. My Christmas Sky
  58. Testing image upload.
  59. How has been the Astronomy Year 2018
  60. Happy Boxing Day
  61. The visions of sugarplums dancing in my head
  62. Food for Thought
  63. A Very Merry Christmas to All
  64. well, I can at least see more sky
  65. let's get this grumpiness over with so I can enjoy the holidays
  66. Electric Trains
  67. Just shined a flashlight down the OTA of my Z10
  68. Rising Star found a new species—now it wants to find a new way for paleoanthropology
  69. Best dang BBQ evah!
  70. Happy Birthday MartinF (Martin)
  71. Ever shop at Bargain Hunt?
  72. Been a while since gas was this low.
  73. an article on the broader cultural significance of Shinto
  74. Elon Musk's Boring Company Opens 1.14 mile tunnel
  75. Sound familiar to anyone?
  76. Happy birthday Slabs1960(Philip)
  77. Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap
  78. I Can't Catch A Break!
  79. New fun jokes part 26
  80. Happy Holidays
  81. Some holiday fun.
  82. For All the Cat Freaks on AF.net!
  83. Think I'll pass...
  84. Mr. Limcon plays with a Lazer. Yes!
  85. Does it ever get better?
  86. Why is there dust on my telescope?
  87. Untouched 4,400 year old tomb disvovered at Saqqara
  88. 10 Awe-Inspiring Forces That Shape The Cosmos
  89. Happy Birthday pikaia (Alan)!!!
  90. The ____________ is still at it!
  91. Enabling Notifications
  92. How Do You Use AF.net?
  93. Killer Meatballs
  94. What's up with us and other pursuits?
  95. Hey Marshall, check this out!
  96. Maxentius, 306-312 A.D.
  97. More emoticons anyone?
  98. Cash Flow in New Jersey
  99. Flight test for Ion Drive
  100. Really?!?!
  101. Simplicity or The Simple Minded Astronomer :-)
  102. Time to visit Deutschland
  103. Life in Deep Earth
  104. Happy and / or Random Thoughts
  105. Astronomers Discover Giant Relic of Disrupted "Tadpole" Galaxy
  106. a new more interesting fusion reactor design
  107. audible PROOF that Josquin des Prez was an ALIEN!
  108. The Key to Cracking Long Dead Languages?
  109. are SNs the cause of the Pliocene-Pleistocene boundary extinction?
  110. Christmas message from Apollo 8 on 12/24/68
  111. Holy binoculars batman!
  112. Foggy Skies, and Clouds
  113. Five Artificial Intelligence Developments to Watch out for in 2019
  114. Worst Music Video the 80's
  115. Live astronomy on You Tube
  116. Regarding the Thread about writing the Blues
  117. Avs and Profile Images
  118. Viva La Forum !
  119. Amateur Astronomer gets jail time and fine for DOS attack on Astronomy sites
  120. The Craziest Solar System Model EVER!
  121. Telescope Eyepieces with David Nagler
  122. Why You Can't Remember Stuff!
  123. a milestone of sorts 66,666 thanks/likes etc
  124. Can't upload avatar photo....
  125. and now for something completely different
  126. Oh Fun!
  127. What a Game!
  128. Low energy nuclear reactions that aren't cold fusion
  129. Weird Dreams
  130. Happy Birthday mandomom (Susan)!!!
  131. Feynman, Einstein and Darwin memorabilia for auction.
  132. Paleolithic Cave Art May Record Astronomical Knowledge
  133. Back
  134. Astronomy Live Streaming going on now
  135. Eight ancient painted mummies discovered in Egypt
  136. Mariner 4
  137. Get em while there cold!
  138. Union Pacific No. 4014 Big Boy
  139. Sick and tired
  140. will there finally be a decisive game in the World Chess Championship?
  141. Cyber Monday.
  142. a harsh end to a happy Tgiving
  143. Winter astronomical events
  144. Palomar Observatory Stamp
  145. This does NOT sound like a good idea to me!
  146. Father passed away yesterday
  147. Progress launch timelapse seen from space (ISS)
  148. Another tree down!
  149. raindrops keep falling on my head
  150. First Ever Celtic Chariot Burial Found in Wales
  151. Another Thanksgiving tradition.......turkeys away!
  152. A Thanksgiving tradition... Alice's Restaurant
  153. Happy Thanksgiving folks!
  154. A McFly Moment!
  155. Meta-surface corrects for chromatic aberrations across all kinds of lenses
  156. California Wildfire Satellite Shows the Extent of the Damage
  157. Cant find the motivation!
  158. Let's Get Ready To For Thanksgiving!!!
  159. Stuff spilling out of the Canadian Rockies
  160. Forum update
  161. Red LED headlights
  162. 10 Weird Things That Could Exist In Space
  163. New Format
  164. Post a movie you really liked and think others will too
  165. Cant seem to upload attachments!
  166. Not sure I like how the new 'new posts' listing works...
  167. She was steaming!!!
  168. Cool video collage, or, Planes, flying cats, and other bizarre stuff
  169. Congratulations to our newest moderator!
  170. AEON: the moral responsibilities of belief
  171. Cold weather :(
  172. doubts about quantum computing
  173. Ouch!
  174. Meteor in Texas sky
  175. SpaceX ties its record for most launches in a year
  176. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2018/11/spacex-gets-fcc-approval-for-7
  177. “Wolf’s jaw” star cluster may have inspired parts of Ragnarök myth
  178. Still Smoky
  179. Earth's magnetic field measured using artificial stars at 90 kilometers altitude
  180. AIs learn to cheat in creative ways!
  181. Moonlite here at last !
  182. Life's dirty secret, a new supra kingdom
  183. SpaceX seeks to tie its record for most launches in a year on Thursday
  184. Traces of 16th Century Battle found in New Mexico
  185. The Wonky Donkey
  186. So, the sun revolves around the flat earth???
  187. Hiawatha impact - Greenland
  188. Galaxy mergers hide ravenous supermassive black holes
  189. The CEO's Hobby
  190. Russian space leader suggests engineers test spacecraft Stalin’s way
  191. Cats, beetles, other mummified animals found—along with a sealed door
  192. What is going on with California’s horrific fires?
  193. My lucky stars!
  194. oopsy
  195. Mysterious 'creature' spotted in Jupiter's clouds stuns NASA
  196. 2,200 year old "computer" found
  197. Asteroid in my urinary track
  198. RIP Stan Lee
  199. EXOS-2 controller upgrade
  200. HAL 9000 dead at 90
  201. I know a TV star
  202. Just got back from LA
  203. Ancient Egyptian Tombs Yield Rare Tributes to Cats
  204. Veterans Day
  205. Keeping Warm On COLD Nights
  206. What is a light year? (A good read on the subject)
  207. New fun jokes part 25
  208. neutrino tomography of Earth's inner structure
  209. Red Flag Fire Alert
  210. Astronomers confirm Earth has two hidden 'dust bunnies' floating around it
  211. "The Other Side of the Wind"
  212. Solar system for a fantasy setting
  213. The Secret to Viking Success: Tar
  214. Small refractor storage bags!
  215. Chocolate has an even earlier origin than we thought, new study finds
  216. Tent pegs and windows screen frames.
  217. Wanna see something stupider?
  218. Is there a cure for the disease?
  219. Hey! What time is it?
  220. The case of the tampered Halloween candy
  221. Rant: Extended Weekend off, Getting Nothing Done!
  222. So there I was...
  223. Spanish breastplate reveals secrets in Florida shipwreck
  224. Kelper Telescope officially dead
  225. I've Done it Again...
  226. Helium implicated in weird iPhone malfunctions
  227. Hawaiian Supreme Court gives go-ahead to giant telescope
  228. Danish physicists claim to cast doubt on detection of gravitational waves
  229. BOO yall'
  230. 'Great Pyramid' Ramp Discovered
  231. What did you order or recieve today?
  232. Halloween Party
  233. Home at last
  234. 'Painted People' in Scotland Developed Written Language 1,700 years ago.
  235. Move over, Hubble...
  236. The best astronomy pictures of the year
  237. Happy Birthday Ylem (Jeff)!!!
  238. Happy Birthday TheFatKitty (Mark)!!!
  239. But I like Smarties and Necco wafers...
  240. Gusting 4 zero...
  241. Floppotron ~ Thriller Cover
  242. The Fritz Pool
  243. 10 Mind-Blowing Things Black Holes Do
  244. Yes, we flew to Japan to watch someone pour liquid nitrogen on custom Kit Kats
  245. Sounds that take you back in time?
  246. low river levels in Germany
  247. UK astrophotrographer catches meteor exploding
  248. Gonna open up some more sky!
  249. You know you are a complete "Newbie" when-----
  250. New Horizons