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  1. New fun jokes part 28
  2. Live Messier marathon
  3. partial eclipse March 23 - April 11
  4. Too Late
  5. Gah!
  6. Home Galaxy: An original oil painting.
  7. New Coin, Been Awhile
  8. Christchurch attack.
  9. Migrating Butterflies
  10. Surprising DNA Found in Ancient People from Southern Europe
  11. Secret of Pi revealed
  12. 'Enormous' solar storm struck Earth more than 2,600 years ago
  13. interactive map of Earth for the last 0.75 Byr
  14. Mother Nature Throws Us a Curve Ball
  15. Stephen Hawking 'Black Hole' 50p Piece
  16. Woolley Mammoth Cells Brought Back to Life.
  17. Planets -2
  18. Ethiopian Airline
  19. Snow maze
  20. 2 Ancient Shipwrecks Discovered Recently
  21. Standard time VS Daylight savings time
  22. More Astro camping at Calico Ghost Town
  23. What did I Miss?
  24. UFO tv series from the 70's
  25. Gifts of Prometheus
  26. thoughts on mediocre leadership
  27. Japan "interested" but hasn't committed to Int'l Linear Collider
  28. Dark skies here I come!
  29. NASA images shock waves from supersonic T38s
  30. can we blame Aspasia for Socrates?
  31. Google Chrome Zero-Day threat identified
  32. Happy Birthday kingclinton (Clinton)!!!
  33. cell phone choice
  34. Lost Galileo Letter
  35. Another Book
  36. Cloud map.
  37. Here's my money. I want one....
  38. Bite Strength: 7800 lbs
  39. life done differently on Earth: methane metabolism
  40. Thereís new evidence for what happened to people who survived Vesuvius
  41. Keith Charles Flint 1969 ~ 2019
  42. Weyl semimetal shows huge photoelectric effect
  43. Giant slothís 27,000-year-old fossils reveal conditions before extinction
  44. first Denisovans skull fragments found
  45. Symmetry: the particle physicist personality quiz
  46. [RANT]This was supposed to be New Moon weekend off...
  47. New clues to the lost tomb of Alexander the Great discovered in Egypt
  48. The end of an era in Canada
  49. Some refractor history for Michael (Helicon64)
  50. Victorian Climate Change
  51. Chill time
  52. singing mice can teach us about the origin of language
  53. Hundreds of hospitals punished for lax safety. Hereís how to see if yours is one
  54. Trusty to Xenial
  55. Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!
  56. Do you think we are alone in the Milky Way?
  57. Interesting Data from Cahokia Indian reserachers from Forbes
  58. Flat earther takes flak.
  59. 1,600-year-old estate of a wealthy ancient Samaritan discovered in Israel
  60. Earth's fish are disappearing because of climate change
  61. Stargazing 1700 years ago, predating Inca.
  62. Happy Birthday Don Alvarez (Don)
  63. Ram-Headed Sphinx Abandoned by King Tut's Grandfather found in Egypt
  64. The Periodic Table turns 150 (a visual history)
  65. Reconstruction Suggests that Neanderthals had Balance Posture
  66. A world without clouds?
  67. Happy Birthday, Craig!! (Prowler75)
  68. The astronomical league shutdown.
  69. First Day At The New Job
  70. the cloud gods practice biological warfare
  71. Dragon aces final NASA review, now set for test flight on March 2
  72. Meet the Nokia 9: Five cameras bring a different approach to phone photography
  73. Inspiration for our hobby
  74. Astronomy club meeting
  75. Plummeting insect numbers 'threaten collapse of nature'
  76. LightBucket is MIA!
  77. New Glasses - the Heavens have opened up!
  78. Reptile vs. reptile
  79. Citizen science at work.
  80. The REAL reason light "slows down" in a transparent medium.
  81. In celebration of Ludwig Boltzmann's BD
  82. whoooo hoooo
  83. Apollo landing sites-heritage.
  84. Your most beautiful day ?
  85. Ok, I've had enough of this crappy weather
  86. So Cal desert bloom
  87. Mattel's Astrophysicist Barbie
  88. grape plasma
  89. Halley's Pendulum Clock
  90. New Job
  91. 2,000-year-old shipyard discovered in Egyptís Sinai Peninsula
  92. even number idolatry
  93. Stunning Narcissus Fresco Found in Pompeii
  94. Off Forums for a bit
  95. Happy Birthday rtlrp12 (Stan)
  96. Happy Birthday sketrip (Steve)
  97. chimp sign language follows human linguistics rules
  98. Brittany as origin of European megaliths
  99. Valentines Day: if QM and GR were in a relationship
  100. Well so much for 'sunny' Southern California......
  101. Developing "clean" meat
  102. Beer before wine
  103. Second Impact Crater under Greenlands' Ice
  104. Movie with a good and familiar "Ring" to it.
  105. CTA prototype telescope, the Schwarzschild-Couder Telescope, achieves first light
  106. Wedge for SLT / GT
  107. Why so many cat pictures?
  108. Upload Filter Article13 to be adopted by EU Parliament
  109. "Stardust at home"
  110. Watching the "Librarian"
  111. Wreck of the USS Hornet Found
  112. Symmetry: pastry particle physics
  113. After a remarkable resurrection, Firefly may reach space in 2019
  114. Happy Birthday Dave (combat48)!!
  115. Spam City!
  116. A question for Scrabble players....
  117. The Hubble telescope has discovered a 'dark vortex' raging on Neptune
  118. Do you think Tau Ceti e is inhabited?
  119. Spammed to Death
  120. Off Topic is Now On Topic
  121. Here are some great older movies for the cold weekends
  122. outsider insider dynamics in music styles
  123. An amazing connection between Maths and Physics
  124. A Book I Must Recommend
  125. How have you justified your astro purchases to your significant other?
  126. You Can Now Look At The Faces Of Some Of Britain's Earliest Inhabitants
  127. Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire
  128. The CAPTCHA dilemma
  129. music thread pt 2
  130. Amazing mummies discovered south of Cairo
  131. Winter Weather Advisory
  132. Your favorite quotes
  133. Little Ice Age caused by European colonization of America
  134. Fly on the wall question
  135. BBC fun: snow rollers
  136. Snowed-in ditches and more than one rescue :D
  137. Quitting Smoking
  138. Happy Groundhog Day!
  139. Happy Birthday JT!! (jaetea)
  140. Test
  141. Guilty Pleasures - what are yours?
  142. Antarctic Triassic Fossil Reptile
  143. still here :)
  144. Thwaites glacier: the largest risk in sea level rise
  145. Improved dating for Denisovan remains
  146. Translation...... FAIL!!!
  147. Happy Birthday Macrob1 (Bob)
  148. Where are the kids with shovels and sleds?
  149. A levitating glass bead probes the universeís mysteries
  150. To Measure Gravity, Scientists Drop Individual Atoms
  151. What puzzles you about modern life?
  152. Digital or paper?
  153. Archaeologists puzzle over mystery woman in early Christian cemetery
  154. New fun jokes part 27
  155. music thread
  156. The Puzzle of Error
  157. These Are The Most Promising SETI Radio Signals
  158. Have you ever been hopelessly fixated on wanting to buy something?
  159. New stamp. 1893 Columbian
  160. Hot Arctic Summers
  161. What happened or will happen to Apollo equipment left on the moon?
  162. Why creating the perfect cup of coffee really is rocket science
  163. Steve Coe: 1949-2018
  164. Happy Birthday 10538 (Ed)!!!
  165. The Idaho Sky => pretty good
  166. Greta Thunberg.
  167. Siren
  168. Why does???
  169. Anyone own a Great Dane?
  170. Jiminy Cricket !!!!!
  171. Kasparov: Chess as a testbed of reasoning
  172. Knuckleheads on Ebay
  173. Just need to share some thoughts
  174. Government shutdown to affect astronomy
  175. 3,000 year old Tomb of king Tut finally restored
  176. New remains at Neanderthal "Flower burial" site
  177. Blue Origin Rocket update
  178. Thank you!
  179. Training for the Feline Olympics
  180. I would have burned the house down
  181. 37 years ago today
  182. NASA's polar ice-measuring campaign in trouble
  183. Happy Birthday Lowjiber (John)
  184. Dire Straits cover
  185. internet is dead
  186. size matters
  187. And that's Uncle Joe, he's a movin' kinda slow at the junction
  188. Big snowstorm coming
  189. Happy Birthday MikeWest (Mike)
  190. Does anybody else Curiosity Stream?
  191. Troubled US astronomy decadal survey
  192. how to roll a ball up hill
  193. Silicone boat sealant. This stuff gets everywhere.
  194. Well that didn't quite work out.
  195. Happy Birthday Rich (Filterxpert)
  196. New stamps in collection
  197. Scientists Create the First Semi-Synthetic Organism with Non-natural Amino Acids
  198. Any plastic model kit builders around?
  199. New Byzantine coin
  200. CERN's next particle collider
  201. Happy birthday Greg6498 (Greg)
  202. Celestial Navigation
  203. Sensless, Sad.....
  204. Quanta: glass
  205. Antarctic ice melting 6 times faster than 40 years ago
  206. Imaging ever closer to the event horizon
  207. Happy Birthday Raihan!
  208. Moving house hopefully = much more observing
  209. Collimation is good now?
  210. An interesting resource website for a rainy/snowy day.
  211. Snow!
  212. Heavy rainfall events: more than usual?
  213. Classic Dylan song, iconic 60s/70s band, and the greatest banjo picker of all time
  214. Sleeping Cats
  215. why do flat earth folks sail on cruises?
  216. The Ultimate Nanny State
  217. The Earth's Magnetic North Pole is drifting faster than previously thought.
  218. Englandersí greasy fish and chips blamed for 64-meter-long fatberg
  219. improvement in stabilizing tokamak plasmas
  220. Happy birthday Braingasm! (Steve)
  221. light sources for optical testing
  222. 10 Amazing Acts Of Stellar Chaos
  223. A Heart Thumper...
  224. Woo-Hoo!!!
  225. Awwwww..... Bye Bye Irridium flashes...
  226. Happy Birthday bikerdib (Dennis)
  227. SWaB: blue lava
  228. It's good to get over paranoia.....
  229. Bob's Knobs not fun and almost a disaster with rain
  230. Dumb criminals
  231. Forum database breach? Anyone else?
  232. Happy Birthday, rickg18704 (Rick)
  233. Light polluting neighbours
  234. Peanut profile planetesimal discovered by New Horizons
  235. Roman Period Sarcophagi Found in Egypt
  236. Review of 2018.
  237. Science says your catís tongue is ideally suited for grooming fur
  238. Numbers don't lie (Rainfall for 2018 in CT)
  239. Happy new year!
  240. whut
  241. How would a long eclipse work?
  242. astrophysics news is very slow today so.......
  243. Belated stocking stuffer for your Astro Cat
  244. 195 Gigapixel Shanghai
  245. Artist creates trippy 3D illusions on sidewalks that will make you question reality
  246. Fun with Arithmetic
  247. Forum Tech Support volunteers- register here
  248. Geico massage chairs!
  249. Roll Tide
  250. Happy Birthday to "The Keeper" (bladekeeper)