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  1. Nice start to the New Year!
  2. Finally gonna do something about dome automation
  3. Aluminum domes and gps signals
  4. First night in observatory
  5. Pier for home observatory
  6. Home Obseveratory
  7. Roll Off Roof Mechanism
  8. Arduino / Pi for dome control
  9. Observatory Help
  10. does Anyone buy ExploraDomes or sky sheds?
  11. How tall is your pier?
  12. Getting Closer to Full Automation
  13. Taking The Plunge - Building Obsy
  14. How Can I Build A Cheap Observatory?
  15. Giant umbrella thing for grab-n-go?
  16. Portable Light Block Panels: my portable home observatory experience
  17. power supply project
  18. Poured the base for pier.
  19. Home Observatory
  20. DIY Astrophotography laptop display hub
  21. Checking the options...
  22. Roof hatch
  23. Anyone out there with a Dob observatory
  24. Observatory location issues?
  25. My Rural Observatory
  26. diy observatory dome
  27. My pier is finally done (or at least really, really close)
  28. Has anyone ever modified a tent to make a portable observatory?
  29. Moved into the Observatory
  30. My Pier Polar Alignment Plan
  31. Concrete Pier Question
  32. Setting up a new observatory: advice?
  33. DYI post for AZ adjustment on EQ mount
  34. Roll off roof motor help.
  35. Looking for a source of dim amber lights to put in the observatory
  36. $4K Budget (hard limit), what would you get?
  37. Dragonfly Automation
  38. Could you set up a small observatory for 10-15K?
  39. Black Cat Observatory
  40. 3 walls and a roof?
  41. Blowing snow and what to do about it
  42. dome power options
  43. Observatory / Pier questions
  44. Italian Tower Observatory in Colorado Springs
  45. Cable management
  46. Getting ready to pull the Trigger on a NexDome
  47. My backyard observatorie
  48. Scope in a Box
  49. Keeping your electronics, (at least slightly), warm during winter
  50. New Observatory in Nashville, TN
  51. Observatory Automation
  52. Home Observatory Build
  53. Flat panel mount
  54. pier diameter to avoid vibration?
  55. Garden pier project
  56. Roll roof observatory
  57. Home "observatory"
  58. I hate these things!!!
  59. Some "Eye Candy" for Ya...
  60. ANTS - first critters in observatory
  61. My rendition of a backyard Obsy. (It's all the CGX's fault)
  62. I would like to build an observatory. Any advice?
  63. Any experience with Solar Power?
  64. Rethinking dome azimuth control
  65. Roll off observatory considerations
  66. The three two box
  67. Conversion from Roll off to Dome
  68. Observatory Server VM Scientific Linux 7.3
  69. Carpet under my Dobsonian?
  70. Computer got frostbyte
  71. YAOBT - Yet Another Obsy Build Thread
  72. lightning protection
  73. We call it TYL Observatories
  74. Finally finished my home Obs. (Until it rains and I have to fix the leaks)
  75. Part III: The Desert Rock Obsmurfatory
  76. The new SkyShed POD is assembled
  77. A very cheap "observatory" for AP
  78. My new observatory
  79. Portable Observatory. Pros and cons?
  80. Building the Deck for my Observatory
  81. The New Telescope Pier
  82. A Warning for potential SkyShed POD purchasers to consider
  83. The Mount Diablo Observatory Rehab Saga
  84. OSB + siding question
  85. Observing patio
  86. clam shell observatory
  87. Observing Platform
  88. Finally did it
  89. Observatory temps?
  90. Club Obs at Fort Smith
  91. How small can a roll-off shed be?
  92. Upgrades to my observatory
  93. Progress on dome control
  94. A (very) short session.
  95. Looking for a tester for my beta X2 Dome plugin for MaxDome II with TheSkyX Pro OS X
  96. DIY mount pier with minimum budget
  97. Question for pier mounted scope users.
  98. Rubbermaid sliding lid shed
  99. Invicta Observatory (IO) - First Light
  100. Apo Dews up even in Shed will TELEGIZMOS Cover work
  101. Backyard pier
  102. Warm Room - Cabin on Wheels
  103. Introducing the Looking Glass Obervatory
  104. Invicta Observatory (IO)
  105. Patent for zero gravity observing chair with bino mount
  106. Got my own CDS chart
  107. Indoor weather
  108. DIY PVC clips
  109. My observatory
  110. Thinking about mods.
  111. My new observatory
  112. Help me decide!? (Location)
  113. It Starts With A Single Thought And Of Course... Permission!
  114. Observatory Warm Room
  115. My new observatory
  116. AAG Lunatico Weather Sensor
  117. Thoughts about a very different kind of base for a Pier
  118. A few questions about steel pier dimensions
  119. Summer 2015 consrtruction
  120. Attaching mount to top plate. What are the options?
  121. DIY Dome automation?
  122. Need some ideas
  123. Making a "temporary" observatory
  124. Designing a domed Dob-servatory
  125. My wooden pier - how big should it be
  126. Pod Max
  127. Pier Through Wooden Deck 14' High
  128. Observatory Plan and Scale Model
  129. Home observatories
  130. Cold weather affect ???
  131. Debugging Cat5 cable
  132. Obsy - Is 12 X 12 more than I need?
  133. Starting my home observatory platform
  134. How about Observatory-raising parties/events?
  135. Home Observatory - tree cutting - did as much as wife will allow
  136. Remote 12v power switching - Part II
  137. Advice on Observatory over Screened In Patio
  138. Yet another pier construction.
  139. Conduit and concrete piers
  140. Completed observation area
  141. Scopes and frigid temps.
  142. More work on the observatory, including some repairs.
  143. Poisonous creature in observatory
  144. Electrical and data hookups - finally!
  145. Roof terrace pier finally arrived.
  146. Remote power reboot?
  147. Pier construction questions
  148. Any last minute Sky Pod advice?
  149. A Plea for Solar System Advice
  150. A Question for Roll Off Roof owners
  151. Second story observatory
  152. Home observatory preliminary design stage
  153. Trying to Figure Out...........
  154. Celestron AVX Pier Top Plate options?
  155. Questions re Home Observatory in the Desert
  156. Is the middle of a lake really the best location for an observatory?
  157. Dismantling The Observatory for Upgrade
  158. Progress on H2O
  159. Observatory almost finished!
  160. Three summers later...
  161. Pier design questions
  162. Here it is, my Observatory!
  163. Breaking ground for new observatory
  164. thinking about an observatory
  165. Painting concrete piers
  166. My Street Light Screen
  167. Not a real observatory, but AP with a view...
  168. New Observing Tent
  169. Question about security camera again..
  170. New Observatory Taking Shape
  171. Moving my observatory
  172. Maybe just minor issues?
  173. Here we go! Starting the observatory - no name yet
  174. Observatory Upgrades.
  175. Closing Baie Ste Marie Observatory
  176. The clarjo observatory
  177. About Insulation
  178. Questions regarding new obs... Pier location, size, dimensions
  179. New home-made dome controller
  180. Finally starting the observatory!
  181. The End of My Observatory
  182. Observatory automation.
  183. Im getting stoned
  184. My dome controller died
  185. Sky Shed Pods, anyone?
  186. Observatory ( DIY )
  187. The Closet Observatory
  188. Orientation question
  189. Unusual problem with my obsy...
  190. Observatory beginning to sink in to ground
  191. How do you align a remote scope?
  192. portable observatory
  193. observatory for my deck
  194. Looking for ideas!
  195. Elavated platform observatory?
  196. 12V power for observatory?
  197. My home roll off observatory
  198. Simple method of driving a "Dome"
  199. Screw pile for pier base?
  200. Mounting a Losmandy G-11 to a permanent pier?
  201. Double-K Observatory Build Log
  202. Comfortable dome size?
  203. Very small "observatory" to keep stuff cold...
  204. How High are your Observatory Walls?
  205. Help with getting Observatory Tent
  206. Observatory Location
  207. Fuctionality over astectics
  208. Security Camera
  209. Remote Control of your Observatory Wirelessly
  210. observatory acessories
  211. Home Observatories, How do you power your mount?
  212. Getting Precise Level
  213. DIY Observatory
  214. Pier and connector suggestions
  215. Motor that is ascom compliant for opening roll off roof
  216. I'm calling it an observatory
  217. Wooden Pier
  218. carpet for my observatory
  219. Building my personal observatory by the lake
  220. AstroGizmo's-like material for a Pier/Mount Cover
  221. How to build an observatory when you don't know what you're doing - Part 2
  222. my open observatory build
  223. Doghouse Observatory
  224. Planning new home observatory!
  225. DIY Pop-up canopy portable observatory
  226. New electronic protractor (NOT)
  227. Light shroud
  228. Remote Observatory Control Options
  229. To Dew Or Not To Dew
  230. Feasibility study for ExploraDome-based backyard observatory
  231. I present to you; The Brotherhood Observatory
  232. DIY cooling fans for Celestron EdgeHD 800
  233. Free 1933 era Obsevatory
  234. Home Observatory
  235. Just received my Rigrunner 4005
  236. Not exactly a observatory
  237. How to build an observatory when you don't know what you're doing
  238. Need a way to send data back and forth from Obsy which is 225' from control room
  239. Limited southern view
  240. Not Really an Observatory, Yet
  241. Observatory Plans - does this make sense?
  242. How much?
  243. Permanent outdoor mounting in cold climes?
  244. ASIGN Observatory II on TV last night.
  245. Multiple Piers
  246. Pier Plate Design
  247. Observatory security cameras
  248. 12 volt wiring
  249. Geodesic Backyard Observatory
  250. Tridude - Home Observatory